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Stolen Joy

my name is <href="">Maliyiah AnnRenee Cash</a> but my friends call me Mac. it is my junior year of high school and I was finally about to be cheer captain. I lived what some would call a high priced life style but to keep me well rounded my parents thought it would be a good idea for me to still attend public schools. they believed it would help me understand where they came from so I would know what surround my life. you see my dad, <a href="">Derron Cash</a> was a big time drug dealer back in his day. they use to call him superman because when it came to catching cases it was like he was invincible because they could never convict him. but it was revealed to me by my dad that all three trials he's had the jury members were always either people he knew that respected him or people he had helped out in the past that owed him a favor. my dad was just that respected in our neighborhood.
then there's my mom, <a href="">Brittani</a> aka the brains behind my daddy's entire empire. she managed the money and because had a masters in accounting she was able to laundry all my dad's money and turn it all into three legit businesses; a nightclub called Lips, a restaurant called Maliyah's, and a daycare center. I have the smartest parents ever and I was glad when my dad finally got out the game for good. my life is perfect and nothing could ruin my happiness....
tell me what yall it or dump it.???


@KRcbreezy I know chris girl hasn't been in here much because she really isn't apart of the crew but within these next few posts you are about to see more of her and you will find out where alex has been as well...
im working on an add now

awww chris likes her...and I'm not mad at you poppa cash lance deserved that!!! run it!!

run it

but chris got a girl! speakin of her ass aint nvr in the story tho
oh my bad new reader
loving all the hype and twists of this story
poppa cash aha hes like maybe i am geting soft well for one u know what its like to have a child so thats why u went back there
payback is a b@#h so rissa an co watch ya back and u better hope that cut don't leave her no ugly ass scar cuz yall faces wont be recognizable
trey and chris the only true homies cuz where was alex?
must suck to have ur 1st bf not believe u and worse to participate in that
run it!

lol yo poppa cash handle that right and yaya know we got her back. Chris feeling her aww mane.
Run It!!!

Run it

sorry for the long wait my internet
was acting up but im back now so
here you ladies go.!!!

Derron's Pov
"sir please let me explain." he cried.
"fuxk is there to explain kid.?"
"look I didn't do anything to maliyah I swear.!”
“were you there.?”
“you heard me lil nigga.! were you there when the shyt happened to her.?”
“it wasn’t suppose to happen like that.”
“so you was there with maliyah and you allowed them to cut her face and her hair.” POW.! I shot his ass right in the thigh and watched as he curled up in pain crying like a little bytch.
“please mr. cash don’t do this.!” he cried.
“did yall stop when maliyah wanted yall to. I told you from the jump not to fuxk her over.” POW I shot him in the other leg. “why didn’t you take my words seriously.?”
“man please don’t kill me.!” lance begged.
“who said I was gonna kill you.?” I said as I walked closer to him and kneeled down next two him. “I want answers and if you don’t tell me what I wanna hear imma start cutting body parts off.” I said pulling out my blade.
“I’ll tell you everything.!”
“good now lets start at the stop. Who organized tat shyt on her.?”
“it was corderica and rissa. Corderica was still bitter about being cut from the team and rissa was upset that maliyah said she was better than everyone in the school even though maliyah excluded her and keia she still felt like maliyah needed to be taken down a peg.”
“so this shyt was on some envious type shyt.?”
“pretty much.”
“so why the hell didn’t you as maliyah’s boyfriend tell her what was going on.?”
“because I was still mad at her.”
“about what.?”
“she took me to the police station to press charges on mr. tatum for rape and I got salty because everybody knew but me and then after she brought me back home that night I hit up corderica and she told me the rape didn’t happen and I put two and two together and came to the conclusion that she fuxked that nigga. why else wouldn’t she tell me.”
Hearing him speak pissed me off more so I took my index and middle finger and dung them in his left leg where I shot him at.
“you fuxking idiot do you really think my daughter would fuxk a teacher at school.? How fuxking dare you assume some shyt like that.?”
“well she said she been head over heels in love with him since freshmen year and he finally taking a liking to her maybe she got caught up.”
“you’re an idoit. Me and my daughter talk about everything.” I said doing it again. “she thought she was falling for you so she gave up her little crush and wanted to focus on yall but that sick fuxk didn’t like that so he fuxking raped her in his office.”
“please stop.!” He said clearly not listening to shyt I said.
“imma let you sit here and think about the fuxked up decisions you made that costed you your legs.” I got up and began to grab all the keys I found lying around. “oh and if you get any ideas about calling the police on me just know I will be back to finish what I started this time no talking and now that I got yo keys you might wanna be on your p’s and q’s bytch cuz im always watching.”
“please take me to a hospital.?” He cried out.
“not just yet. Imma be back though.” Without another word I left out the door and went to the hospital to check on my baby girl but sadly halfway down the street from lance’s house I felt some type of way so I went back and took him to the hospital too. Damn maybe I am getting soft.

Maliyah's POV
I woke up in the hospital bed my and instantly I felt the pain in my face. I looked over to my left to see chris asleep with his head resting on the side of the bed. I cant believe he's even here. I really thought he couldn't stand the sight of me but he's been very nice to me since this shyt started. I tapped him lightly and he shuffled a bit but shot up fast scaring me a little.
"hey its ok chris it was just me." I said rubbing his arm.
"how is this possible.?" was all he said looking up at me.
"what are you talking about." I questioned.
"how is it that your attempting to soothe me when your the one in a hospital bed.?"
"I don't know. that's just me. you looked kinda scared waking up." I replied causing him to chuckle.
"yo liyah you are something else." he said leaning forward to me then out of no where he kissed me softly on my lips and as we looked in each others eyes I was stuck and speechless. "um my bad I don't know what came over me. let me go get your parents I know they would be happy to know your up." he said getting up and leaving out. a few minutes later my dad walked in.
"hey princess." he said coming over and kissing my forehead.
"hey daddy. where's my mom.?"
"she's talking to the doctor setting up when we can take you home."
"how long have I been here.?"
"a few hours. you lost a lot of blood and they had to do a quick blood transfusion."
"oh wow." just then my mom and keia walked in and keia ran right to me and hugged me tight.
"yo don't ever scare me like that again."
"well im sorry I have hating ass bytches around me that went to such levels to prove a point."
"fuxk that im talking about you flat lining on me." she replied as my mom smacked her on the arm.
"I did what.? it was just a cut on my face."
"baby that cut went through two layers of skin and look how long it took you to get help after it happened." my mom said.
"and I died.?"
"it was only for a few seconds baby girl."
"maliyah calm down." my dad demanded.
"naw cuz now im bout to kill them."
"who.?" my mom asked.
"rissa and corderica. if I had to die then so do they."
"baby girl that's not the answer." my mom replied.
before I could respond trey walked in.
"aye did yall know lance is in here down the hall.?" he asked then we all looked over at my dad.
"why yall look at me.?"
"derron." my mom said folding her arm.
"what.?" my dad said smiling.
"poppa cash I know you aint fuxk him up without me." keia said standing next to my mom and folding her arms as well.
"you had to be with maliyah."
"daddy what did you do.?" I questioned.
"don't worry I aint kill the boy or even try to."
"what did you do." my mom questioned
"lets just say the lil nigga might have to learn to walk again." my dad said and out of no where trey and keia start to laugh.
"that's whats up poppa cash." keia yelled out.
all I could do was shake my head at them as they dapped my dad up and my dad told them what he did.
the next day it was time for me to go and as I was being wheeled out I was going passed lance's room
"wait.!." I said and rolled in to his room. I sat by his bed and just looked at him. how could someone that looked and use to be so sweet do what he did to me.
as I was about to leave out he woke up.
"maliyah.?" he called out to me.

RUN IT.!!!

*gasp* s*** is getting beyond real! niggas gon die today lol

Runnnn ittt!!

*gasp* s*** is getting beyond real! niggas gon die today lol

Runnnn ittt!!

run it

Run it

run it

oh shizzy, it's. about. to. get. real.

Get him poppa cash!!! Mane they f***ed my nigga up I hope she good. Chris and Trey put in work on that ass lol
Run It!!!

Chris Pov
me and trey was beating ass in this bytch.! I couldn't believe what these niggas just did to maliyah in here. I looked overand saw that nigga lance getting up off the floor and I just charged at me and started banging his shyt.
"you suppose to be her nigga and you in here too.!" I yelled punching him in his shyt.
"man fuxk her.! she a hoe and she lied to me." he yelled back spitting out blood and knocking me off him so he can get up.
"fuxk you talking about.?"
"man she fuxked mr. tatum and really had me go in that station with her talking about he raped her."
"he did rape her dumb ass.!" I said hitting him again.
"how you know.? was you there.?"
"I saw her right after it happened and you did too later that night. do you really think if she just fuxked him she would have been acting like that.? you cant be that dumb nigga."
"all I know is it took her two weeks to tell me so I don't know what to believe."
"but you in here and watched all this shyt happen to her. looks to me like you know what you believe and you a fuxked up person." I said then hit him again and knocked him out. just then there were police sirens and everybody scrambled around to get out. I found trey and we got in the car and sped to maliyah's place.

Maliyah's pov
I was still in shock as I drove home. I couldn't believe that of all people rissa and lance would do me like this. I pulled in the driveway and as I got out I fell to the ground and keia rushed to me and helped me up.
"you losing too much blood mamma come on and let me take you to the hospital."
"naw fuxk that I just need my mommy." I said and she helped me in the house and yelled my mom's name.
"whats going on.? she asked before seeing me ad instantly began to cry. "what happened to her.! DERRON GET IN A TOWEL AND COME HERE NOW." she yelled out to my dad. they laid me on the couch and my mom kneeled by me and began stroking my head.
"what you need a towel for.?" my dad asked walking in. my mom was blocking me and still crying so she didn't respond.
"poppa cash look what these bastards did to her." keia said calling him over. he rushed over to me and when he saw my face he instantly got pissed.
"what the fuxk happened keia.?"
"I don't know. the kids at school were talking about this bonfire tonight so I went with chris and trey to drinks and shyt and when we got there they had her in the air and that bytch rissa was cutting her hair and corderica did this to her face." she explained.
"they got me fuxked up.! britt take her to the hospital now.!" my dad yelled and then went back to his den. my mom and keia helped me up and put me in the car and keia held the towel to my face as we drove to the ER.

Derron's Pov
these muthaf***as at this school are really starting to piss me the fuxk off fareal.! like they really have lost they minds doing this shyt to MY babygirl like fareal do they not know what I can do to them.? they must think a nigga done went soft or something. yea that's got to be it because clearly they slipping.
after britt left and took liyah to the hospital I got my shyt and headed out to go to that nigaa lance house. as I was getting in my car some lil light skinned niggas pulled up.
"fuxk yall want.?" I questioned.
"hi mr. cash we car friends of maliyah's we just wanted to come make sure she alright." the lighter one said.
"how yall know her.?"
"mr. cash we were here a couple weeks ago when that shyt happened with mr. tatum. please sir we just wanna see how she is."
"she ant here her momma took her to the ER."i told them and they began to walk back to the car.
"aye let me find out yall had anything to do with what happened to her today and I promise you that's yalls asses."
"naw mr. cash we aint even like that. she like a sister to me." the darker one responded.
"I aint tryna hear that shyt. clearly yall lil niggas and bytches don't know shyt about loyalty no more. but im telling you right now. this shyt bringing back the old me and yall don't want to be on my bad side at no time."
"never that sir." they said and drove off. I got in my car and sped off to that niggas house. when I got there and knocked his ass answered the door.
"OH SHYT.!" he said and tried to shut the door but I was too quick and knocked him on his ass with the door walking inside.
"what you thought I wasn't gonna come for your ass.? nigga I told you don't fuxk her over but clearly you thought I was joking." he laid there not saying a word as I pulled my gun out and aimed it straight at his head.

run it.!!!

im working on the next add now.!!!!

I'm at a lost for words.....nevermind I just found them lol! WTF just happened ? These hoes ain't worth s***! I would have killed a b**** that night! Like rissa need to get her ass whipped and cordecia oh hatin ass I mean TF!!!!! And lance you no good son of a b****! All imma say is poppa cash need to handle all these niggas !
Smh I'm so mad lol
Runnn ittt

Run it!!!! I cant believe rissa and lance how could they do that to her

Smh run it

smh, wow. run it

see I prewarned you that this add would be pissing yall off...don't kill me sweetie

chris and trey need to f*** Lance punk a** up and thats real messed up how the did Maliyah. have all they a**** locked up. Ppl cant be trusted these days is what this is tellin us. I dont play wen it come to my bestie mane frfr
Run It!!!

HELL NO!!! I am mad at you for this add lol...WHY IN THE HELL AM I PSYCHO??? Like is getting kicked off the squad that serious? I'm a crazy ass b*tch...I hope I get arrested that's crazy as hell..

Maliyah's Pov
the whole weekend I stayed home and had my phone turned off. I felt like shyt and I had this feeling in my gut that just like corderica lance didn't believe me and that hurt so bad. my dad was still upset that I went to the police instead of letting him handle it like he wanted to. he let me know that they had one month and if the shyt wasn't done right he was taking matters into his own hands. too be honest I didn't care because if mr. tatum gets away with this I probably would have been the one to kill him myself.
that Monday I walked in the school and all eyes were on me. there were people whispering shyt and it was kinda pissing me off. as I got close to my locker I saw rissa, keia, and trey standing there talking but as I got closer they stopped whatever conversation they were having.
"whats going on around here.?" I asked once I got to them.
"uhh sweetie I don't know how your gonna take this." keia said placing her hand on my shoulder.
"take what.? come on just tell me whats up."
"we cant just tell you." rissa said.
"and why not.?"
"because you have to see it." she finished grabbing me by the hand and taking me to the girls bathroom. I walked in and my heart dropped. there were so many hateful things written on the wall about me:
<strong>Maliyah's a dirty b****.!</strong>
<strong>FOR A GOOD TIME CALL ON MALIYAH.!</strong>
<strong>That lying b**** maliyah thinks she can get away with anything.!</strong>
<strong>Maliyah is the biggest slut of this school.!</strong>
I couldn't even read anymore I just ran out into the hall that had completely filled up once I went in there.
"who wrote that shyt.?" I demanded answers. I looked around at all the people around me but no one said anything. "aw now yall bytches got stage fright I said who the fuxk wrote that shyt."
"come on ma just forget it these muthafuxkas aint gonna tell you shyt." keia said walking out by my side trying to pull me away from the crowd but I snatched away.
"naw keia I cant forget about it. that's my name on that wall and the bytch or bytches responsible for putting that shyt up there will get they asses beat today."
"awww did little ms. perfect get her feelings hurt." I heard corderica say but I couldn't see her.
"I shoulda known your dumb ass had something to do with this shyt." I said as she finally got through the crowd into my face.
"hey what can I say, all it took was one little post for this school to go crazy on how much they hate you." she said with a smile.
"you think I give two fuxks about what these people in this school think of me.? bytch my outfit not including my jewels cost more than half these people's cars and probably the car they parents are driving too. I couldn't give a damn what they think because I know im the shyt."
"so you think your better than everybody.?" rissa asked.
"you know what in a way yes I do. the fact that im the realest bytch to walk the halls makes me better. you bytches smile in my face every fuxking day and then after one ignorant bytch who just mad she got kicked off the team and got broke her nose decides to write something on the wall yall all quick to add your two sense. so yes I am better than you bytches and so are my two bytches behind to me." with that I walked away and went on back to my locker.
as if right on time detective stabler and benson walked in the school and came straight to me.
"hey maliyah how are you feeling.?" stabler asked.
"like shyt.! these people in this school are ruining my life."
"why do you say that.?" benson asked.
"they are writing things on the bathroom wall about me because of this."
"show me." benson requested nudging my shoulder to lead her to the bathroom.
we walked in and she looked at everything that was posted and even took a few pictures then we walked back out.
"ok can I have everyone's attention.?" she requested holding up her badge. "whoever is responsible for the words on this wall please step forward." everyone just looked at each then kept doing whatever it was they were doing.
"did you really think that would work.?" I asked her.
"I got this." she replied to me then turned her attention back to everyone else. "you all do realize that the parties responsible for whats on this wall can be expelled from school and even face charges."
"yea right." someone yelled out.
"actually it is true. this is a form of bullying and it is not tolerated so just know if this is still up by the end of the day and no one has stepped forward with information we can get a warrant for the cameras in this school and find out who it was and arrest all parties. have a nice day all." with that she walked away and I followed behind her.
"was all that fareal.?" I asked once we were away from everyone.
"partially. now back to why we are here. where did you say the assault took place.?"
"in his office."
"ok now I may have some form of good news for you." benson continued.
"ok im all ears."
"if we can get a search warrant to check his office and we find dna we will have probable cause to bring him in for questioning."
"that's it.? just for questioning not to actually arrest him for raping me."
"well no because you see we have no for sure proof that whatever dna of his we find in there is from when he attacked you. he could just say it was from consensual sex with someone else."
"this is so messed up." I said then walked away on to my class.
I got through most of the day by just staying to myself. during lunch it was said that mr. tatum was taken out in handcuffs which actually brought a smile to my face. it felt good that this was the first step to him being locked away for raping me. its crazy though because after that no one, including teachers were talking to me. I almost felt like I couldn't trust anyone anymore. as I was leaving out I saw rissa standing by my car waiting for me.
"hey yaya where you headed.?"
"home." I responded putting my stuff in the back of my car.
"yaya why do I feel like your mad at me.?"
"I could never be mad at you rissa. im just not feeling what went down today like im really thinking about transferring schools."
"your joking right.?"
"no im serious. to hell with this place and the fake ass people in it."
"wow yaya that's deep. well look the crew is going to this bonfire down by the lake you should come."
"I don't think so."
"please yaya." she pouted grabbing my arm. "you know it aint gonna be shyt without you." she continued batting her eyes at me.
"uhhhhhhh fine." I agreed reluctantly. "just let me go home and change."
"ooohh can I come.?" she asked.
"sure you can help me pick an outfit." we got in the car and drove on home and went straight to my closet. and somehow she talked me into wear this <a href="">outfit</a> out there.
I told my parents where we were going and of course my dad made me switch to his old ass <a href="">car</a> because he wanted the Bugatti for himself today.
I pouted all the way out the door hoping he would change his mind but he didn't so I got in and pulled off.
as we got to where rissa said the bonfire would be I realized there was something off about the situation.
"yo rissa where is everybody.?"
"shyt I don't know I guess we are the first ones here." she replied getting out and heading into the cabin near by. I slowly followed behind her but when I got in there it was completely dark.
"RISSA COME ON YOU KNOW I HATE BEING IN THE FUXKING DARK." I yelled trying to find my way around the place. then I heard the door slam shut and looked and suddenly a whole bunch of people with rat masks on came out of no where and began pushing and hitting me.
"GET THAT LYING ASS BYTCH.!" I heard someone yell. about four guys picked me up and held me by my arms and legs.
"This bytch really thought she was gonna get away with saying she was better than us today." I heard what I think was corderica's voice.
"stupid hoe." I heard a girl yell.
"what should we do with her.?" corderica asked.
"cut that bytch." a dude yelled out handing her a blade. she looked down at me and took her mask off.
"I want you to see me when I do this shyt bytch. I told you wouldn't no getting away with kicking me off the squad."
"bytch don't let me catch you on the streets." I yelled attempting to shake loose but these niggas had a strong grip. she slowly inched towards me and began to cut the left side of my cheek from the middle of my lips all the way up to my ear. after she finished everyone began to cheer and laugh.
"what nexted.?" she asked.
"lets cut her hair." I heard and saw rissa walking towards me saying.
"rissa why are you doing this.? I thought you were my friend."
"I was but that shyt you said today was beyond fuxked up and im just sick of your snobby ass attitude." she said reaching my side. she began to take my hair down and began to cut a it throwing the strands in my face after each snip. I was beyond hurt and disgusted with them all. just then I heard thedoor open and I looked back to see trey, keia, and chris at the door with bags.
"what the fuxk is going on here.?" trey asked.
"we're just having a little fun with maliyah." corderica responded. with out a thought I saw keia charge at her an began beating her ass then rissa dropped the scissors and went after keia but try grabbed her in midair and threw her to the ground. then him and chris began bopping the niggas that had me and I fell and charged at rissa myself. then I looked over as one of the dudes masks came off to find that the guy was lance. I slowly got up and began walking towards him and tears began to fill my eyes.
"you son of a bytch." I said once I reached him and kicked him in his dicc then grabbed keia and ran out the cabin.
I was so done with this shyt and I needed to get my face looked at.

run it.!!!

Run it

Wow I wonder why she just now telling him??? Let's see how this go.
Run It!!!

Ion think Lance believe her either. I hope this goes well..or not...RUN IT

Maliyah's Pov*
the whole day went on as usual. I made the call to my dad and let him know what I was about to do when school let out and he flipped his lid. he hated the police and the whole justice system in general but he wasn't talking me out of my decision and by the end of the conversation he realized that. I also informed ms. gabrielle of my actions regarding corderica and sadly she told me corderica had to cheer at the game tonight based on the formations that were chosen bur after the game she was out. I didn't like that so I chose to not perform at all and rissa was gonna take my spot for the night since for practice that's where she has been. I saw no signs of mr. tatum which was actually strange because he was always everywhere I went. as I sat down and got comfortable in to my last class which I now shared with chris I actually felt a since of relief because I made it through the day.
"aye maliyah come let me holla at you for a minute." chris yelled to me from the doorway of the room. what could this boy want.? I got up and went to him.
"what is it.?" I asked in a sassy tone.
"whats with the hostility." he asked with a smile.
"cut the bullshyt and tell me what you want."
"I just wanted to make sure you were iight girl damn."
"like you care."
"I do care. that shoulda been clear when I told everybody to come check on you that day and the fact that I came too."
"im good." I walked back over to my seat just as the teacher came in and began the lesson for today.
after school I decided that I wanted lance to be there with me. even though he didn't know what happened I figured now would be the time to tell him. I didn't tell him where we were going I just told him i'll follow him home and he can ride with me to the place.
we pulled up to the police station and I saw the confusion all over his face.
"what are we doing here.?" he asked.
"you'll see." I parked and we got out and went inside. I could tell I interrupted something based off of how <a href="">they looked</a> at me.
"how can we help you." the lady asked.
"I uhh...I ummm." I stuttered.
"come on spit it out." the white guy stated.
"I wanna report a rape." as soon as I said that lance looked at me so quick I thought he cracked his neck.
"and who was the victim.?" the lady asked.
"me." I said looking down. they all looked at each other and then the white guy lead me and lance to an interrogation room.
"ok before we get started let me first introduce myself. my name detective <a href="">elliot stabler</a> and this is my partner detective <a href="">olivia benson</a> and we will be the ones working your case." he said as they sat across from us.
"lets start this off with your name and who the accused rapist is." detective benson said getting out a pen and paper.
"ok. my name is maliyah and," I began before getting cut off.
"we need your full name and can you spell that for me." benson stated.
"its maliyah cash, M, A, L, I, Y, A, H. cash do you need me to spell that for you too." I said kind of getting smart with her. I could sense she didn't want to be here and frankly I don't care. bytch you get paid to listen to my fuxking story so act like you give a fuxk.
"that wont be necessary thank you." she said not looking up at me.
"continue please." detective stabler chimed in saying.
"ok. um two weeks ago I was raped at school after lunch by my principal mr. tatum." I said frankly. I felt lance's hand tighten around mine. I could tell he was upset.
"why didn't you tell me.?" he asked slowly turning his head to me.
"I didn't know how but I knew I needed you here with me today."
"im sorry who is this.?" stabler asked pointing to lance.
"my boyfriend."
"oh ok well we are going to need details of everything that happened so are you sure you can handle him being in the room while your explaining this to us.?" he continued.
"I am."
"alright. now son are you capable of composing yourself where she tells this story.?" he asked lance.
"yea man im good."
"ok maliyah tell us what happened." benson stated looking to me.
I began to tell the story from beginning to end. I even told about the ways he acted in the days leading up to the rape. lance was beyond pissed so he excused himself from the room and the detectives continued to question me.
"so why didn't you come sooner.?" stabler asked.
"I was scared. this is my principal for Christ sake I never thought he would do this to me."
"you liked him didn't you.?" benson asked.
"I did have a crush on him but I never acted on it in anyway shape or form. its like when I started school this year though he was all over me. it freaked me out. he was even jealous of my boyfriend."
"ok well you do realize this is going to be a hard case to prove seeing as you wait so long so theres no dna so even attempt to make a case with. this is going to be a his word against yours type of case. so my question is will there be anything from your past that he can use against you to damage your credibility.?" stabler asked.
"no sir. I was a virgin before this and my boyfriend was my first kiss. I am a very good student. never been in trouble, I get good grades im head cheerleader and I already have a academic scholarship to georgia tech."
"well ok. that will be all for today. we will be in touch." he said as we all got up to leave.
the whole ride back to lance's house was quite. he didn't even look my direction. when i pulled up to his house he got out and still said nothing so i got out and followed him.
"please talk to me." i said once i reached him and turned him to face me.
"what is there to say.? you been lying to me and keeping secrets from me. why maliyah.? im suppose to be your man yet you felt like you couldn't tell me this.?"
"lance you have to understand where im coming from."
"well i don't. i bet everybody in yo fuxking click know what happened to you don't they.?" i looked down and nodded my head yes. "see but im the only one left in the dark. that's fuxked up maliyah."
"i thought you would look at me differently."
"why would i do that.?"
"because at first i wasn't going to tell. i just wanted to forget it ever happened but then corderica began to say i was lying and that i went after him when that's not the case. i just don't want anybody to doubt me or look at me different that's why i went to the police. and your like my backbone and i knew i couldn't do this without you."
"yea i hear you babe. i'll see you tomorrow." he said then kissed my cheek and went in the house. after that i kinda felt like maybe he didn't believe me either and that hurts. i dried the tears in my eyes and walked back to my car. i got in and sat there a second processing all of the days events then drove off home. i don't know why but i have this strange feeling that this case will bring out the worst in everyone i know.

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run it.!!!!
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Run it!!!

run it