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Stolen Joy

my name is <href="">Maliyiah AnnRenee Cash</a> but my friends call me Mac. it is my junior year of high school and I was finally about to be cheer captain. I lived what some would call a high priced life style but to keep me well rounded my parents thought it would be a good idea for me to still attend public schools. they believed it would help me understand where they came from so I would know what surround my life. you see my dad, <a href="">Derron Cash</a> was a big time drug dealer back in his day. they use to call him superman because when it came to catching cases it was like he was invincible because they could never convict him. but it was revealed to me by my dad that all three trials he's had the jury members were always either people he knew that respected him or people he had helped out in the past that owed him a favor. my dad was just that respected in our neighborhood.
then there's my mom, <a href="">Brittani</a> aka the brains behind my daddy's entire empire. she managed the money and because had a masters in accounting she was able to laundry all my dad's money and turn it all into three legit businesses; a nightclub called Lips, a restaurant called Maliyah's, and a daycare center. I have the smartest parents ever and I was glad when my dad finally got out the game for good. my life is perfect and nothing could ruin my happiness....
tell me what yall it or dump it.???


Ohhh because this hoe done lost her damn mind!!
This is getting serious!!
run itt!!!

I disagree with this add lol..that is totally not my character at all to do that to a friend.

That trick done lost her mind!!! Maliyah shoulda let me bust her head right along with that busted nose she just got. I wanna know wth is going on with ha to think that shiid???
Run It!!!

Run it

Rissa's Pov
this note couldn't have came from her. she is aint n grimmey bytch like that and not towards us for that matter. I looked over to maliyah who was staring right at me. I could tell we were thinking the same name and I could see the hurt in her eyes because of it. if this did come from her shyt is about to get real fuxking ugly.
"alex reread the note and tell me who you know that writes like this." I said handing him the note. he read the note over and over then his eyes got big as if he figured it out.
"hell naw where is she at." he yelled crumbling the note in his hands.
"wait a minute im lost." trey said.
"that wont last long lets go." I said and we all headed to the breakfast room to find her.
we stood in the doorway surveying the place and then maliyah spotted her in the line buying an orange juice. we all walked over and as soon as she saw us her face dropped.
"what the fuxk corderica how could you write liyah something like this." alex asked throwing the note in her face.
"because she's a liar that's why." she said back not caring that we all were around her.
"fuxk you corderica you don't know what your talking about." maliyah said getting in her face.
"oh really.? how do you explain the fact that out of all the years mr. tatum has been here he has never done that to anyone else.? or the face that you had no marks but mr. tatum had a black eye.? you see what I think is that you were so obsessed with him that you went up there and tried to fuxk him and he turned you down and you hit him." after she let that last word leave her mouth maliyah c**ked back and hit her dead in the nose. you could hear the bytch crack.
"how fuxking dare you try to play me like some thirsty desperate as bytch. I thought you were my friend but you really gonna try and say im lying about what he did to me. fuxk you corderica and now for that your off the fuxking squad. turn in your shyt when school is out." maliyah said leaning down in her face.
"you cant kicked me off the team." she cried out still holding her nose.
"i think i just did. either your with me or against me and since you doubted us your no longer on it with us."
"you wont get away with this maliyah." she said getting up. "alex do something." she turned to him saying but he just shook his head at her. "so your no gonna defend me.?"
"right is right wrong is wrong and what you did was fuxked up. this is suppose to be your best friend what if the shoe was on the other foot and she did you like that.?" he asked holding his arms and walking towards her.
"that's not fair." she said with tears forming in her eyes.
"look all I know is yall got about five seconds to get me away from this bytch before I unleash on her ass." keia spoke up saying. i was so focus on corderica that i didn't even notice she had taken out her earrings and dropped her bag ready to fight.
"look all i know is you just wrote a check yo ass cant cash so you better watch yo self." i said blocking keia from getting to her.
"i cant wait to be the one to say i told you so when all this is said and done." she said as she eyed each and everyone of just.
"bytch just walk away." keia yelled over me.
corderica shook her head and walked away.
maliyah took a moment eyeing her until she was out of sight then she turned back to us. i think im ready to do it now." she said with a slight grin on her face.
"what is that.?" i asked.
"im bout to file charges against mr. tatum.

run it.!!!


run it

Run it

Yooo who wrote the note??

Poppa cash finna go the f*** in on some people!

I think she should tell Lance though!

Anywayssss, runnnn itttt!!!!

Mane who wrote it!!! I wanna know and frfr pops need to let me go with him. Imma handle who eva write that cuz she aint did nun to him he did this!!! Well at least Chris was honest.
Run It!!!

Rissa's Pov
we all, minus maliyah, were gathered at my <href="">house</a> still talking about what happened to her today.
"im too pissed that mr. tatum did that shyt to liyah like fareal she did deserve that at all." corderica said walking in the <a href="">livingroom</a> and sitting on alex's lap.
"man I know that shyt is too crazy. I know poppa cash is about to go nuts. he don't play when it comes to her" keia added.
"I wanted to be there fareal because I want to go in on his ass too." I said still salty.
"man who you telling." chris said agreeing with me causing us all to look at him.
"nigga you don't even like her. why are you even here.?" keia stated standing up.
"for one I never said I didn't like her and for too even if I didn't right is right and wrong is wrong and that bytch was hella wrong for doing that to her. I wouldn't wish that on any female." chris shot back.
"coulda fooled me. everytime you around her your constantly talking shyt." corderica added.
"man that's just who I am. I talk shyt that's just what I do. but fareal yall all cool peoples." he said looking around at us all.

Maliyah's Pov
two weeks later
I hadn't been to school since that horribly terrible day but I couldn't sit in this house anymore, I had to get back to my life. it was the day of the first game and I wasn't missing it for anything. I got <a href="">dressed</a> and headed straight to keia's house.
I walked in her house and went straight to her room to see her putting on her make up. her <a href="">outfit</a> was hot.
"hey boo." I said laying on her bed.
"hey momma how are you.?" she replied as she looked up in her mirror at me.
"im good."
"are you sure your ready for this.?" she asked.
"of course. the game is today im not missing this."
"are you sure.?"
"alright." she grabbed her bag and we headed out the door to school.
"so have you told lance what happened yet.?" she asked.
"I don't know how to yet. daddy told me I shouldn't because he's gonna handle it real soon."
"I hope poppa cash let me go with him because I would love to handle that bytch with him." keia said as we got out the car and headed in the building.
"you already know that's not gonna happen." I said laughed opening my locker and a note fell out. I picked it up and couldn't believe what it said.
"what is that.?" keia asked. I didn't reply I just handed it to her.
"you lying little bytch I cant believe you would do that to mr. tatum." she read the note aloud. "who the fuxk would write this to you.?" she questioned as trey, rissa, alex, and chris walked up.
"hey, glad your back." trey said hugging me.
"yea them bytches were working my nerves in practice these past two weeks." rissa said hugging me as well.
"yo whats wrong.?" chris asked noticing mine and keia's faces.
"look what someone left in maliyah's locker." keia said handing the note to rissa and everyone gathered around her to read it.
"that's fuxking crazy." alex said shaking his head.
"wait a minute I know this hand writing." rissa said and everyone looked right at her including me and I wondered if we had the same name in mind.

run it.!!!!

Yaya don't blame that f***ing s*** on yourself! That is a grown ass man and he knew what the f*** he was doing! I hope Pops takes me to ride on that nigga because either way I'mma beat that b**** ass! Aww man...Lance doesn't even know what happened? He's gonna blow when he finds out...I already see it happening.
Run it!!!

Damn run it

I cant belive mr. tatum did raped her!!! I wanna beat his a** i hope her dad does something about this run it!!!

UGGGHHH I CANT WITH THIS RIGHT NOW!!! LIKE WHO GONNA TAKE HIS ASS OUT!! IM READY FOR SOMEBODY TO DO IT! Im glad everybody was there for her. That was so sweet. And lance is so cute and the fact that he wasnt pressuring her is even better. I know poppa cash finna set it the f*** off!!!! I can't wait !

Runnnnnnnnn ittttt!!!!

sn: that dream was cray!!

Awww mane we ready for whatever!!! just let me get a combo in on that foo!and trey is silly!!! Mane pops finna kill ol dude frfr. I wanna be there too.
Run It!!!

I. HOPE. HE. BUST. A. CAP. IN. THAT. ASS. Poppa Cash ain't playing no games. He about to do some damage to Mr. Tatum...I'm glad I was there for her, but uhh...ain't no way I would be that calm. I would have ran out that house so fast and found Mr. Tatum and handled that business for him. Fux all that! I don't play about the ones I love. I'm glad Lance not pressuring her but just being there for her. That's a good boyfriend. But Mal need to stop blaming herself because regardless he is a grown ass man, she is a minor he should have known better, so there fore I hope his ass pay...smh..RUN IT NOW lol

run it

Chris's Pov
after lunch I had a free period so i was planning on heading into trey and alex's class since they teacher is cool as fuxk about me coming in there. as I walked through the hall I got a text from nae asking for me to wait for her after school so she could come over. as I was replying someone bumped into me and when I looked down sure as shyt it was maliyah's ass again.
"here you go again not paying attention." i said looking down at her laughing. but she looked up at me with tears in her eyes and i could tell something was wrong and i kinda felt bad.
"yo whats wrong.?" i said truly concerned.
"leave me alone." she said getting up slowly like her body was hurting.
"naw maliyah tell me what happened." i asked grabbing ahold of her arms so she wouldn't run away.
"DONT TOUCH ME.!" she yelled franticly like i was about to hurt her then before i could say anything else she ran out the door. something wasn't right and i knew it. i was about to chase after her but then trey called out my name.
i went in the class and saw one of her friends in there and went straight to her.
"aye ma you maliyah's girl right.?" i asked tapping her shoulder.
"dude i sit at that lunch table with yall everyday what you think.?" she snapped.
"look im just asking cuz she ran out this school spazzing just now."
"what.? when.?" she asked getting up.
"just now. i think something is really wrong with her."
"what you mean.?" trey cut in asking.
"she was crying and looked like something happened to her."
"keia you should go check on her." trey suggested.
"you think i wasn't." keia said gathering her stuff and walking out the class ignoring the teacher's request for her to come back.
"yo man after this class we going over there too." trey said sitting down. i really hope maliyah is ok doe fareal.
after class trey and alex got rissa and corderica and we all got in our cars and headed to maliyah's crib.

Maliyah's Pov
"wait a minute babygirl what did you just say." keia asked turning the water off, grabbing my towel, and helping me out the shower.
"he raped me." i repeated still crying.
"who lance.? i will kill that bastard.!" she said getting hype.
"NO NO NO.!" i cried out.
"then who.?" i sat quiet wiping my face on the towel. "liyah you better tell me right now."
"mr. tatum." i said in a low tone.
"the principal.?" i nodded my head yes. "oh hell naw that shyt aint cool. where is poppa cash at we bout to handle this shyt now." she said heading out my door.
"keia wait.!" i yelled out grabbing her by the arm.
"fuxk you mean wait liyah.? this man just raped you and you telling me to wait.? fuxk that.!"
"but keia its my own fault." i said crying again.
"what are you talking about.?"
"this is what happens when you flirt with an older man and try not to give the goods. look how i dress keia. it was bound to happen."
"maliyah annrenee cash shut that stupid shyt up right the fuxk now.! it is not your fault that sick fuxk did what he did."
"isn't it.?" just then i looked up and was rissa and corderica coming up the hall. i saw the boys behind then i quickly went and got my robe and put it on.
"what happened yaya.?" rissa asked coming in and hugging me. she only called me that when either of us were said or sick or when she was mad at me.
"how did yall know i left." i questioned and then i saw chris. "what are you doing here.?" i asked him.
"i was worried so i told everybody and we rushed over."
"yall left school for me.?" i questioned and they nodded their heads causing me to cry all over again. i loved that i had true friends like them but i hate the situation i put myself in.
"what happened.?" trey asked.
"that no good ass hole raped her." keia yelled.
"lance.?" trey, alex, and chris asked.
"no that bytch ass principal." keia corrected them.
"not mr. tatum." rissa said looking at me.
"when.?" corderica asked.
i went and began to tell the story detail by detail. it was so hard but i got through it without crying.
"where the fuxk is your dad we bout to handle his bytch ass right now." alex said getting up with trey and keia right behind him.
"he's not here." i told them.
"that's what im saying cuz she pissing me off blaming herself for this shyt." keia said.
"why would you do that yaya.?" rissa asked.
"you know how i was when i use to see him. i wore certain outfits just so he would notice me. and that's the main thing he talked about before he did what he did." i explained.
"that's still no reason you should blame yourself liyah. he knew exactly what he was planning on doing and it had nothing to do with shyt you wear." alex said trying to make me feel better.
"man down for whatever fareal. and to think you had a crush on this man all this time and he would violate you like this." corderica said coming over and hugging me.
"wait a minute. your still a virgin aint you.?" rissa asked.
"i was." i said bluntly.
"aw hell naw that just made it even worst for me." trey said and surprisingly chris dapped him up nodding in agreement.
"wait a minute, where's lance.?" i said. they all looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. "good because i don't want him seeing me like this." just then there was a door closed and i heard my dad's voice they all ran out my room to him before i could get them to stop.
they all began yelling about beating ass and for my dad to be ready for war and i could tell by the look on his face he had no clue what they were talking about.
"AYE AYE AYE CHILL THE FUXK OUT AND STOP YELLING IN MY DAMN FACE.!" my dad shouted causing them to all shut up. "no what the help is going on.?"
"maliyah got raped.!" they all said in union.
"what the fuxk by who.?"
"the principal." keia shouted.
"poppa cash im ready to beat some ass right along with you. you know i treat her like she my little sis and i be damned if i let him get away with that." trey said stepping up to my dad.
"where's maliyah at.?" i heard my dad say as he looked up the steps and saw me standing there. "is this true.?" he asked. i nodded my head yeah. he walked up the steps to me and pulled me into a deep embrace and i couldn't help but begin to sob into his chest.
"its ok babygirl you know daddy is gonna take care of this. aye yall head on home." i could hear the seriousness in my dad's voice and they said their goodbyes and they all left out.
my daddy held me at those steps for what seemed like forever. i looked up at him and i could see that he had let a few tears fall himself. this was the first time i had ever saw him cry. he carried me to my room and had me tell him what happened and i did so. as i told him the story i could see the vein in his neck pulsating so i knew he was getting angrier by the minute. he laid there with me for a while then eventually i fell asleep.

**Maliyah's Dream**
<cite>i was putting the final touches on the homecoming float for the game the next day. ms. gabrielle just left out to pull the trailer around that the float would be connected to when i felt a strong pair of hands grab my shoulders. i turned to see mr. tatum there completely nude.
"get away from me." i yelled backing away from him.
"aw maliyah don't be like that. i miss you. i miss those lips, i miss those tits, and i for damn for miss that puccy. come on let me get another taste." he said walking to me. i began to run but clearly i wasn't fast enough because he caught me. i began to scream and swing my arms trying to fight him but then i heard his voice</cite>
**Dream Over**

"baby please calm down its me." i heard lance say holding my arms.
"lance i was so scared." i said embracing him.
"yea i could tell. you hit me in the jaw pretty damn good." he chuckled holding his face.
"im sorry." i said rubbing it for him and kissing him.
"whats going on maliyah i looked for you forever after school and nobody knew where you or your crew went." he said in a serious tone.
"i came home after lunch."
"why what happened.?" he asked.
"i cant." i said putting my head down.
"come on maliyah tell me."
"i just cant right now babe please don't make me." i said as tears began to form in my eyes.
"fine i wont pressure you."
"please just lay with me." i begged. he shook his head and did as i asked holding me tight in his arms and i slowly drifted back off to sleep.

run it.!!!

Run it!!!

well damn, bold is he? she need to get her dad on that asap. smh. run it

updating when I get out if class

Soooo uhhhh, who gon take his ass out?? lol
Like that was crazy!! I can't believe that son of b**** did that s***. Like omg somebody needs to whoop his ass!! I mean f*** him up!! I'm so mad right now. Whoop his ass keia! Then chris ass tried to be an a**hole again. I'm glad to see he has a soft side.


Runnn ittt!!

And Keia went to kill him!!! That no good snake. Chris is soften up. I think he told the group. I wonder how Lance is going to take this??? Best friend to the rescue!!!
Run It!!!

YOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I officially hate Mr. Tatum!! Like why in the hell would he do that? Rape her like that, in his office, in his school? I hope he gets life in prison and somebody rapes his ass. Poor Mal...she didn't deserve that at all! I hope she snitch and he get arrested in school. Lance is soo sweet sticking up for his boo. I'm all over the place with this add..child run this

Derron's Pov
I could not believe my babygirl was talking like this to me. a boyfriend.? what the hell was this.?
"come on daddy I have never even thought about a boy until now. im 16 please stop treating me like a baby." she whined.
"are you pouting.?" I asked trying not to laugh at her.
"yes." she said poking her bottom lip out a folding her arms.
"and your wondering why I still treat you like a baby. lance is it.?" I said turning my attention to him.
"yes sir." he said finally standing up.
"nice to meet you." I extended my hand to shake his. "nice grip you have there." I stated.
"yea its something I picked up from my dad. he always said a firm grip lets a man know your about business."
"wise father you have there."
"yea he was the best."
"was.?" I questioned noticing the slight change of his facial expression.
"yea he was murdered a few years back."
"im sorry to hear that."
"its cool. I have my days."
"as you should. its hard to lose a parent at a young age. I lost my mom when I was 15."
"wow I don't know what I would do if I lost my mom. she's my world."
"so I know you'll treat my babygirl how you expect people to treat your mom am I right.?"
"no doubt."
"well that's all I need to hear. look maliyah I have to make I few runs I be back later."
"ok daddy." I kissed her check and headed out. I had to go to see my other accountant who said there was some unordinary withdraws in a few of my accounts. I hope brit aint been fuxking up my money because I would hate for things between us to get ugly.

Maliyah's Pov
as I watched my dad pull out the driveway I thought back over what happened between him and my mom. I really hope everything is ok.
"so you ready for that bath babe.?" lance asked breaking me from my thoughts.
"you have no idea."
"well then lead the way." he said coming following me up to my <a href="">room</a> holding my waist. as we got to my door I heard my mom call out to me.
"who is this.?" she asked looking to have just taken a shower.
"oh this is lance."
"well hello lance." she smiled. "whats he doing here.?"
"he's my boyfriend mommy."
"oh is he now.?"
"yes daddy just gave me his blessing."
"oh did he now.?"
"yes you can call him if you like." I said grabbing lance's hand and going in my room and locking the door.
"what was that about.?" lance questioned.
"are you sure.?"
"yes babe im fine now you owe me a loyal bath."
"your right give me ten minutes." he said walking in my bathroom and closing the door.
i wanted to tell lance what was going on but i just couldn't. im too ashamed to even believe it myself. my mom a druggie. it was too surreal.
the ten minutes went by and right when i was about to say something lance walked out and lead me in.
"would you like me to help you undress.?" he asked smiling.
"no goofy i got this." i slowly began to take off my s=clothes and when i got down to my bra and panties i stopped and made him leave out. after a good forty minutes of soaking i finally got out, dried off, lotioned myself up and just threw on my robe. i was at home and i knew sooner or later i would be asleep and i hated sleeping with clothes on.
lance and i sat up for most of the night just talking and laughing together. then when my dad got back it was time for him to go so i asked my dad to take him back to his car.

**The Next Day at lunch**
"today has to be the craziest day ever. after the cheer results were posted i had people coming up to me nonstop questioning my they didn't make it." i said to my crew as lance and i sat down.
"who you telling the thirst to be a cheerleader is crazy." corderica added.
"that for sure but them you girls were really hot so im glad we chose who we did." rissa stated.
"yea especially shardonnay."
"my girl is a cheerleader.?" chris asked.
"your what.?" i asked amazed any chick would even think to go with him.
"nae is my girlfriend."
"get outta here." rissa said shocked.
"why you say it like that.?" he asked.
"im surprised anybody would date a self-centered a**hole like ya self." she bluntly stated.
"yo trey wats up with the females of your table.?" he said pointing at us.
"clearly its not the females that are the problem." lance spoke up saying.
"excuse you.?"
"i think you heard what i said. you have no respect for any of these ladies at this table especially my lad and enough is enough my dude." lance said standing up. before anything could get started shardonnay ran up and grabbed ahold of chris.
"baby i made the team." she yelled in excitement.
"i just heard." he said kissing her. "congrats babe."
"thanks. oh hey maliyah, rissa, and corderica." she said once she turned and noticed we were sitting here.
"hey newbie. dont forget to pick up you uniform before you leave school today." i said smiling and getting up to throw my food away. as i walked to the trash can i got a note to report to mr. tatum's office. i knew it couldn't be good but i said my see you laters to everyone and headed up there. when i got there the whole office was empty.
"hello.?" i called out.
"come on in maliyah." i heard mr. tatum say.
"i walked in his room and he was sitting at his desk filling out papers.
"you wanted to see me.?"
"come in and close the door." i did as i was told and shut the door and sat down.
"maliyah why do you insist on [laying with my emotions." he questioned calmly.
"what are you talking about."
"your constantly teasing me. coming in here wearing these tiny clothes and doing those provocative cheers. you must want this dicc huh.?" he said sliding his chair back.
"mr. tatum i dont know what your talking about but your really starting to freak me out." i said getting up.
"SIT DOWN.!" he yelled scaring me. he stood up and began to walk towards me. when i looked at him i saw that he wasn't wearing any pants or draws.
"mr. tatum what are you doing.?" i questioned as he stood behind me rubbing my shoulders.
"shhh im about to enjoy this." he said then picked me up and slammed me against the wall.
"mr. tatum please dont do this." i began to cry trying to get out of his grip.
"just relax maliyah. i know this is what you want." he began to kiss me all over my face and neck. i tried to push him off but was unsuccessful so i did what i knew best i c**ked back and pushed him in his face causing him to stubble back. he grabbed his jaw amazed that i hit him. as i began to head to the door he grabbed me by my hair and threw me to the ground.
"your not going anywhere until i get what i want." he said climbing on top of me and ripping my shirt open. i continued to fight him but he grabbed my hands and pulled them over my head.
"just stop fighting whats real." he said kicking my legs open. this moment i regretted wearing this damn skirt today. he held both my arms with one and with his other he moved my panties to the side and slide his dicc in me. i screamed out in pain and he quickly covered my mouth.
"damn baby your so tight." he moaned between thrusts. i laid there still screaming and crying in his hand. my first time and it wasn't by my own choice. how could he do this to me. i felt like nothing. this was not how my year was suppose to go. why me.? after he was done he pulled out and came on my inner thigh.
"damn you were a virgin.?" he said noticing the blood on his shaft. i didn't say a word i slowly got up and attempted to fix my clothes. he laid there out of breath and as i looked at him i began disgusted and without another word punched him again and ran out the office and straight to my locker to get my keys to leave. as i was running out looking back to see if mr. tatum was coming i ended up bumping into someone.
"here you go again not paying attention." i heard chris say.
i looked up at him with tears still in my eyes and i could see his expression change.
"yo whats wrong.?" he asked almost like he was concerned.
"leave me alone." i said getting up slowly trying to mask my pain.
"naw maliyah tell me what happened." he said grabbing ahold of my arms.
"DONT TOUCH ME.!" i yelled then ran out the school got in my car and drove home. as son as i got in the house i ran straight to my room and tore off the clothes i had on and got in the shower. scrubbing my body until it turned red. the images of what happened with mr. tatum replaying in my head over and over. i was not suppose to be the type of girl who this type of thing happened to. so did it have to happen.? i slide down on the floor and cried in the shower for what seemed like hours. then suddenly someone came in and when the door opened i saw <a href="">keia</a> and immediately threw myself in her arms and cried harder.
"what happen momma.?" he asked holding me tight.
"" i managed to say between sobs.

run it.!!!

run it

so why Mr. Tatum being a creeper thou? Like he fine can he mess with someone his one age? I mean like damn you wanna go to jail for messing with a minor? Anyway..I love Lancey and Maliyah!! They're so cute. But wait pause...he just gone run her some bath water with her parents there? They ain't gone say nothing too them? Shiiiiiii I need me some parents like that lol...Chris yo hating wanna be smashing Maliyah ass! I wasn't feeling the b word neither. I'm glad Mal hit him...because I surely would have jumped across that table to smack some sense into him. I get upset with that word. I with Rissa on that!...anyway awww her mama was on drugs? Then she had to get a little hit today? Something must be up...what's stressing her? I got a lot of questions...RUN THIS?

sidenote: curious...I wonder who the first couple gone have sex? lmfao...yes that's what I think about when I read stories...DONT JUDGE ME

hahaha now you know im bout to add that nickname in the story just for you lol

run it