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Stolen Joy

my name is <href="">Maliyiah AnnRenee Cash</a> but my friends call me Mac. it is my junior year of high school and I was finally about to be cheer captain. I lived what some would call a high priced life style but to keep me well rounded my parents thought it would be a good idea for me to still attend public schools. they believed it would help me understand where they came from so I would know what surround my life. you see my dad, <a href="">Derron Cash</a> was a big time drug dealer back in his day. they use to call him superman because when it came to catching cases it was like he was invincible because they could never convict him. but it was revealed to me by my dad that all three trials he's had the jury members were always either people he knew that respected him or people he had helped out in the past that owed him a favor. my dad was just that respected in our neighborhood.
then there's my mom, <a href="">Brittani</a> aka the brains behind my daddy's entire empire. she managed the money and because had a masters in accounting she was able to laundry all my dad's money and turn it all into three legit businesses; a nightclub called Lips, a restaurant called Maliyah's, and a daycare center. I have the smartest parents ever and I was glad when my dad finally got out the game for good. my life is perfect and nothing could ruin my happiness....
tell me what yall it or dump it.???


run it

Ummm Chris....let me tell you something right quick. Maliyah hit you one good time....I'M ABOUT TO f*** YO FACE UP! HAVE YO ASS LOOKING LIKE JAIDE!I WANT YO ASS TO HIT HER! DO IT b**** AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS! He needs to have several seats! \_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_ Pick one and don't f***ing stand till you know yo goddamn place! I'm sorry but I almost had a damn aneurism reading that.
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!Her momma was on that stuff?? Oh s***! Umm sorry -pause- this nigga Mr. Tatum is being hella creepy and his ass is thirsty as hell! Nigga have some Gatorade and call yo ass all the way down. You at a 100, you need to bring it down to a -10. I'm surprised he hasn't died of dehydration. -Plays- Damn....that's hard to witness...yo momma BACK on drugs? I feel for you Yaya (my nickname i came up with for her). Just hit my line...I'll be theeerrrrrreeee!
Run it!!!

OMG!!! her mom use to be a druggie?!?!!?

and lance is meeting the fam!!!! Get it boo!!

I hope my character isn't a b**** lol

but i just go in on myself if i am hahaha

anyways runnnn ittt!!!!!

Aww snap Lance meeting the family wonder how thats gonna go?
Run It!!!

Maliyah's Pov
I was kicking and swinging on who ever this was until I finally aught on to the voice.
"LANCE WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU.?" I yelled hitting him again.
"I was only joking babe. I thought it would be funny. im sorry if I scared you." he said trying to hug me.
"were you following me all this time I was in here.?"
"no babe I just got here and seen you walking this way so I hurried and jumped in here and waited for you to get close. why.?" he replied opening the door so we could get out.
"no reason. so what are we doing today.?" I said walking to my car. I just so happen to look up at a window and see mr. tatum staring down at me motioning for me to come back up to his office but I wasn't about to do that.
"baby are you even listening to me." lance asked snapping me out my thoughts.
"oh im sorry babe I zoned out for a minute."
"you've been doing that a lot babe are you sure your ok.?"
"yea im fine. its just that I have a lot on my mind right now."
"well how about this. I can leave my car here and drive you home and run you a nice relaxing bath."
"with lots of bubbles.?" I asked in my baby voice.
"lots and lots of bubbles for my baby."
"otay lets go." I said tossing him the keys and getting in the passenger side. we drove to my house listening to music and he was trying to sing to me. as we walked in the house I could hear my parents talking and from the sounds of the conversation it was bad. I asked lance to wait in the living room and I slowly followed their voices to my dad's den.
"brit you told me you were done with that shyt." I heard my dad say to my mom.
"babe it was just a one time thing. I was overwhelmed with all the books and checking on everything I just needed a little."
"that's not a fuxking little brit.! if your back using a swear to god your getting the fuxk out." using.? my mom's a druggie or use to be a druggie. I shook my head and got closer.
"derron I promise im good."
"yea I hear you. you better go clean up before maliyah gets home." just then my dad opened the door and I was staring at them. I looked over at my mom and she looked a mess. I had never seen her look like this not even when she has a cold.
"what is going on.? momma why do you look like a homeless person.?"
"its alright babygirl your momma just been under a lot of stress lately." my dad stated walking me the other way.
"you wouldn't lie to me would you daddy.?" I questioned.
"naw babygirl not even if I tried."
"was mommy on drugs when she was pregnant with me.?"
"you were listening to our conversation weren't you.?" I nodded my head yes still waiting for his response.
"your momma had a real tough life babygirl. she regrets a lot of the choices she made back then and the people she met."
"daddy please just answer my question."
"in the beginning she did but once she found out she was pregnant she immediately went in to rehab to get better for you. you see your momma was what we called a very functioning drug addict. It seemed like she did everything better high so that's how she passed her test in school and handled all my business within the world I was in. she never went overboard with her shyt and thats why I never use to question her about it."
"but now.?"
"now is something different that I don't want to share with you just yet."
"fine I have someone for you to meet."
"who.?" we walked in the living room and lance was sitting on the couch on his phone.
"daddy I want you to meet lance my boyfriend."
"your what.?"
"my boyfriend."
"babygirl you been in school a week and you already have a boyfriend.?"
"come on daddy its not that big of a deal."
"is that what you think.?"

run it.!

Hahaha that's what his dumb ass get!!
but wait who the hell snatching people up??
OMG it better not be Mr. Tatum ass!!
But back to chris ass, this nigga is real rude lol
What do i see in him?? hahaha i cant wait to find this
s*** out!

Runnnnn itttt!!!!!

lol smh he gon learn one day. I bett its Mr. T thats done snatched her up!!!
Run It!!!

Lol thats wat chris gt smh run it

Rissa's Pov
"man I still cant believe mr. tatum is having us have tryouts this week. I mean we already got our girls aint no need for no more." I said to trey as we were walking in the cafeteria for lunch.
"baby maybe he just wants more girls on the team." he replied putting his arm around me.
"yea or maybe he just wanna have a reason to look at half naked girls." alex added laughing.
we got our lunch and met up at our table with maliyah, corderica, keia, and lance.
"yo what you doing here fam.?" trey asked lance.
"he's here because I want him here if you got a problem then there are other tables around here you can sit." maliyah spoke up saying in lance's defense.
"dang liyah its like that.?" trey asked.
"yes it is. this is my friend and if you cant accept him then that's on you but he is not going anywhere." she replied before taking a bite out of her apple.
"well then there it is." corderica added causing us all to laugh. everyone sat down and we began discussing these tryouts again.
"look this is crazy liyah like what is the point.?" corderica asked.
"honestly I have no clue. when I asked mr. tatum about it he just brushed it off and changed the subject. I really don't wanna waste my time here after school for an extra two and a after hours. wait a minute." maliyah stopped mid sentence like she was thinking on something then jumped up. "yo your three come here now.!" she yelled to me, keia, and corderica. we walked into the hall and she was pacing the floor.
"yo what is going on.?" I asked.
"dude I finally know what is going on." she said kind of upset.
"im so lost whats going on.?" keia asked.
"oh let me fill you in." I started. "mr. tatum has a thing for maliyah. he was checking her out today during the pep rally."
"oh and he kissed me when I went to his office." she admitted still pacing.
"What.!" we all said in union.
"yes and he said one day I will be his. look I think he's gonna use these tryouts to keep me here after hours to make his moves." she added.
"this is crazy yo." keia said shaking her head.
"no this is weird." I said.
"this is bad I just had my first kiss with lance and it was really nice and then he did that and that was so good. UGH!!! this is fuxked up."
"whoa wait a minute you did what.?" keia asked.
"I kissed lance. well lance kissed me."
"I didn't know you have never kissed someone before." corderica said surprised.
"well yea."
"oh wow." I said.
"but wait mr. tatum kissed you too.?" keia asked.
"yea. lance walked me to his office and that's when he kissed me. and then I was in mr. tatum's office and he was saying a lot of stuff I really wasn't paying attention to and then bam he kissed me. I cant even lie i liked it at first but then I started to think about lance so I stopped him." she explained. I just couldn't believe after all this time mr. tatum actually made a move on her. after she calmed down we went back inside and found trey's friend chris sitting at the table. maliyah obviously wasn't paying attention because she ended up sitting right next to him.
"aye look its miss spoiled." chris said looking at maliyah.
"excuse you.?" she looked over to him saying.
"im just saying for a junior in high school you have a nice car." he added smiling.
"how do you even know what car im in.?"
"don't worry about all that."
"you should take your own advice and not worry about me." she said rolling her eyes and looking back at lance.
"bytches forever rude doe." he said looking over and trying to dap trey up but trey looked the other way.
"excuse you.? run that by me again." maliyah said turning her whole chair around to him. i could see by the fact that her left eye brow was up that she was pissed so myself as well as trey, alex, and corderica moved back a little.
"i think i said that loud enough for you." chris said laughing.
"call me another bytch and see what happen."
"aye babe chill." lance said stroking her arm.
"don't touch me lance." she said calmly through clenched teeth. i looked over to lance and motioned for him to slide back and he did as i said.
"yo trey whats up with yo people." chris said still laughing.
"naw nigga you on your own." trey said moving closer to me.
"disrespectful ass nigga really gonna come in my school to my fuxking table and talk shyt to me. so is you mad that my dad can afford a bad ass whip and you cant.? that's your problem not mind but i'll be damn if i just sit here and let you talk to me any kind of way." maliyah continued.
"shawty you better chill."
"or what.? hm.? i wish you would try anything with me today will be the last one you live on this earth."
"bytch you better chill the fuxk out threatening me." as soon as that sentence left his mouth liyah hit him with a clean left to the jaw and as soon as he got up trey and alex grabbed him and took him in the hall.
"damn liyah what i tell you about that." keia said sitting maliyah down.
"man keia you know how i feel about that bytch word."
"i understand that but you cant be putting your hands on people."
"the hell i cant. i expect to be respected and if they don't then that's they ass."
"baby its gonna be alright. with that mean ass left im sure he aint gonna be saying that to you no more." lance said laughing.

Maliyah's Pov
*Day 2 of Tryouts*
surprisingly these tryouts have been going good. the girls were picking up on the routines pretty quickly and mr. tatum stayed out of sight. maybe i was wrong about why he requested these tryouts. rissa and i even found a few girls to be some new flyers and even more all around dancers. there was especially a girl i liked named <a href="">shardonnay</a> that was really showing mad skills. i talked it over with rissa and since it was almost time to go we decided to have the girls run through the cheers one last time.
"alright ladies that's all for today. the results will be posted on monday in the main hall. as you know only five of you will make the cut and to the other 8 of you remember there is always next year. so hit the showers and good luck." rissa said closing out the day. along with <a href="">coach gabrielle</a> rissa, and i picked the new girls we were adding to our squad. as we headed out i got this feeling that someone was following me but every time i looked around i didn't see anything as i got closer to the exit i felt a strong pair of hands pull me into the janitor's office.

run it.!!!

Lance is so cute they go good together as for Mr.T u need to chill bro thats yo student u ready to see bars lol i aint think so chill on that s*** move on that was sum creep s*** u pulled lol but run it

I flipping knew it!! OMFG!!
Mr. T imma need for you to calm
that s*** down lol. Lance is so
sweet and cute I like him!!
Runn itt!!!

run it

aww mane aint that something lol Mr. T you lost your chance. What will happen next???
Run It!!!

I figured that's what he wanted. That is a hard choice Lance or Mr. Tatum...they both fine as hell...can't she just have them both??? lol...but I really don't understand why we gotta have tryouts? What purpose does this serve? Like none...well...ummm...I guess we really don't have a choice, but Mr. Tatum sound like a creeper at the end there...this is interesting...RUN IT

I knew it! I just have one question for Mr. Tatum....How does Lance's lips taste? Cause he sure as hell did just kiss that girl before you! I hope she chooses Lance over Tatum, I really like him for her. You, Mr. Tatum. should be ashamed....for taking so damn long! Whoops! Missed your chance. Lol
Run it!!!

sorry it took so long to update. my computer has been in the shop and I just got it back...

we stood there a moment neither of us speaking a word then I looked back at him one more time and kissed him again. his lips were just so soft I didn't want to stop but then I heard someone clear their throat and when we looked up it was mr. tatum.
"get to class lance. you have two minutes before the late bell rings." mr. tatum said calmly while unlocking his office door.
"yes sir." lance replied stroking my cheek then grabbing his bag to head to class.
I followed mr. tatum in side his office closing it behind me as he requested.
"have a seat ms. cash." he said as he walked further and removed his jacket to hang on the back of his seat.
"lets cut to the chase here mr. tatum. while did you request that we do these tryouts.? I have enough girls that I just spent six weeks in camp with. I don't have time for newbies before football season starts."
"oh you will do the tryouts and the girls will be ready by football season too. look maliyah that's not why I called you in my office today."
"well then what else could you want from me.?" without any warning mr. tatum picked me up and started to kiss me. at first I kind of liked it. I have been dreaming about this day for a long time but then I began to think about lance so I fought to get out of his arms.
"mr. tatum that was so unprofessional." I said moving away.
"don't act like you didn't like it. you were kissing me back maliyah."
"why are you doing this.?"
"maliyah I have wanted you for a very long time. I been trying to hide my feelings and forget you but I just cant. I remember coming here in the summer just to watch you during yalls practices. you just don't know the effect you have on me girl." he said walking towards me and pinning me in the corner.
"mr. tatum that's nice to hear. you don't know how long I been dreaming of you saying those words to me but ive moved on. I like lance."
"come on baby you cant really be thinking about picking lance over me.? he's a kid."
"and so am I but your not complaining."
"maliyah don't do me like this."
"im sorry mr. tatum I have to go."
"I will have you maliyah. we both know it so stop fighting it and give in to me." he said softly rubbing my arms.
"good bye mr. tatum." I walked under his arm and grabbed my bag and headed to the secretary for an excuse back to class and walked out the office. after I got around the corner I touched my lips replaying what just happened with mr. tatum. that man sure could kiss.

run it.!!!

Awwww!!! I really like Lance. He is soo sweet. I don't know why Alex and Trey tripping like they don't like him. If my friend like him they gone have to get over it. Mr. Tatum can get it thou? lol...his fine ahh..hmmm...tryouts thou? okay...let's see how this goes..

run it

sorry about's the <a href="">link</a> again

Ok Mr. Tatum, you don't have to make it that obvious that you like her...damn! I was lying when I said Lance was a cutie, his fine ass! I'm sorry Trey, but I just had to say it. Chris is going to top that s*** right now. Trey yo ass better put his in check before I do! Obviously this nigga doesn't maintain anything higher than a 2.0 average. Ignorant niggas with these stereotypes man...smh.
Run it!!!!

Run it

Awwww that was so sweet of him to walk her there. Mr. T tryna put his bid in lol Chris is a jerk
Run It!!!

oooooo I wonder why mr. tatum called her in the office??

and her first kiss that's so cute!!!!

oh and the link isnt working!!

runnn itt!!!

Chapter 3:
as we all gathered in the locker room I explained the situation to the girls. they were all nervous and to be honest so was I.
"alright yall now look I know this was last minute and all but mr. tatum is counting on us and we gotta make sure this shyt goes hella right. not just for him but because this is our reputation that's at stake here." I said.
"she's right yall. this shyt has to be tight.! I be damned if we go out here and yall embarrass us." rissa added.
"if this is yalls way of given a motivational speech then yall suck." corderica spoke up saying.
"what other motivation do you need.?" I asked. "this shyt is important."
"I guess but seriously we only have twenty minutes." she added.
"look cut the complaints and lets get the fuxking show on the roll. I have an idea for which one to do so lets go." we went over the routine a few times and then it was show time.
as everyone gathered in the gym my stomach got knots. this is my first show as captain and all eyes were on me. for the first time I wasn't excited about it.
"aye right you guys now its time for me to welcome your favorite girls. make some crazy good noise for maliyah and your lovely cheerleaders." mr. tatum announced.
"yo why did he announce us like that.?" rissa asked as we ran out.
"hell if I know but I damn sure aint like that shyt." I replied getting into position.
throughout the <a href="">show</a> I kept looking over and noticing mr. tatum staring at me. it was kind of weird but I couldnt let him distract me and make me mess up. after we finished we walked off and as I was walking past him he gave me that weird smile again.
"aye yall come here." I called out to corderica and rissa pulling them to the side.
"whats up.?" rissa asked still tryna catch her breath.
"mr. tatum was checking me out." I told them.
"yo I noticed that too." corderica confessed.
"girl he tryna get him some." rissa added giggling.
"that's not funny." I replied.
"why not.? you been having a crush on this dude for two years now and he finally noticing you." rissa replied putting her hands on her hips.
"I know but I kind of met somebody." I confessed.
"who.?" they both said in union. we walked out to have a see of the school and when I spotted lance I pointed him out to them and when he noticed me he waved.
"aw he's a cutie." rissa said.
"yea. but I don't think alex and trey like him."
"why you say that.?" corderica asked.
"when we were in class together they called him a lame ass nigga then trey's little jerk of a friend butted in to our conversation."
"what friend.?" rissa asked. I looked around and sure enough there were all three of them a few rows up from lance.
"right there a few rows up from lance."
"oh that must be chris. trey was telling me his childhood friend was coming to school with us this year."
"well friend or not he's an ass and I don't like him." I shout back. as we all began to change I heard mr. tatum call me back out to the floor. I hurried and put my clothes on and ran back out there.
"that was a good show maliyah." he whispered to me. "come to my office after this." he continued then looked back out the crowd. "did yall like that.?" he asked as the school cheered. "well good cuz next week they are holding auditions for new comers." he said then handed me the mic. as soon as he said that I looked at him like he was crazy. but I had to play it off. how could he just say some shyt like that. I was not planning on doing that but now I guess I have to play along.
"that's right ladies.! auditions will be um next Thursday and Friday after school from 3-5. im not about no play and jokes. and their are standards that have to be upheld. for one you have to maintain a 3.0 and above to be eligible to stay on the squad."
"why cheerleaders are known to be dumb." I heard someone say causing the crowd to laugh.
"who said that.?" I questioned the of course it was that dude chris. "it would be you to say some ignorant stuff like that."
"hey im just stating a fact."
"well actually for your information everyone of my girl's has over a 3.0 thank you very much. now if you don't mind sit your ass down, shut your mouth, and let me finish."
"I think we would prefer if you just went away."
"nigga this is my school if you haven't noticed. so how about you go away." I said as the school cheered and I smiled satisfied with their reaction and seeing him get upset and walk out the gym. I finished my announcement then headed back to my girls. and as I got closer I noticed lance was there waiting for me.
"hey beautiful that was a great performance." he said once I got to him.
"thanks." I replied smiling.
we stood there for a minute not saying a word then it was time for everybody to head back to class. I asked lance to walk me to mr. tatum's office and he happily agreed to do so. I was lunch time for us so I told him when I was finished here I would meet up with him. then out of the blue he kissed me and it was so nice and my knees got so weak. that was really nice. and for this to be my first kiss. I liked it.
"wow" was all I could say.

run it.!!!

run it

run it

Awww!! Lance is so sweet. I would've swung on Trey and Alex my damn self. Nigga or not. I like how Chris just butted in the convo like this nigga was invited. Malyah shut his ass all the way down. THAT'S MOTHERf***ING RIGHT LANCE!!! YOU BETTER TELL THEM NIGGAS!!! I'm sorry...inspirational moment. Yes! Mr. Tatum fine ass! Oh God, last minute s***. Don't worry Liyah! You can do it!
Run it!!!

well damn just like that lol Chris is rude and needs to learn how to be nice shoot. Lance is sweet
Run It!!!

oh no...last minute pep rally..this should be interesting..