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Stolen Joy

my name is <href="">Maliyiah AnnRenee Cash</a> but my friends call me Mac. it is my junior year of high school and I was finally about to be cheer captain. I lived what some would call a high priced life style but to keep me well rounded my parents thought it would be a good idea for me to still attend public schools. they believed it would help me understand where they came from so I would know what surround my life. you see my dad, <a href="">Derron Cash</a> was a big time drug dealer back in his day. they use to call him superman because when it came to catching cases it was like he was invincible because they could never convict him. but it was revealed to me by my dad that all three trials he's had the jury members were always either people he knew that respected him or people he had helped out in the past that owed him a favor. my dad was just that respected in our neighborhood.
then there's my mom, <a href="">Brittani</a> aka the brains behind my daddy's entire empire. she managed the money and because had a masters in accounting she was able to laundry all my dad's money and turn it all into three legit businesses; a nightclub called Lips, a restaurant called Maliyah's, and a daycare center. I have the smartest parents ever and I was glad when my dad finally got out the game for good. my life is perfect and nothing could ruin my happiness....
tell me what yall it or dump it.???


Run it

Chapter 2:
that kid was not gonna fuxk up my day with his negativity. as I went through my first two periods they were actually pretty cool. I didn't mind not being with any of my people's because I knew if I was my work probably wouldn't get done. but then headed to my third class I saw that I had it with alex, lance, and trey and already I knew this wouldn't be a good thing.
"aye ms. captain.!" alex yelled as I walked in the door. and then sitting next to trey I saw that ass hole from this morning. so I decided to sit as far away from them as possible which happened to be next to lance.
"oh don't be acting like you don't know us maliyah." trey yelled to me. I flipped my hair over my shoulder and turned to lance.
"hey handsome." I said smiling.
"hey beautiful. how were your classes.?"
"pretty good. up until now I had no complaints."
"whats wrong with them now.?"
"those fools over there."
"who are they.?"
"my friend's boyfriends."
"even the dude who knocked you don't this morning.?"
"naw I don't know who he is and frankly I don't care to." just then trey and alex walked over and picked my desk up and moved me over to where they were sitting.
"what the hell is wrong with yall.?" I yelled hitting both of them.
"nothing. we just put you where you belong." alex said sitting down.
"well rude asses I was talking."
"yea I know that's why we moved you. why are you talking to that lame as nigga.?" trey questioned.
"he's not a lame and he's a sweet heart."
"naw that's a weak nigga. if that was my chick being carried away by two niggas I would have got up swinging. I don't care if I get jumped. im fuxking up one of them niggas." rudeness from this morning spoke up saying .
"first of all im not his girl and secondly I don't think anything going on back here has anything to do with you. frankly no one cares what you would do." I said.
"maliyah why you being rude to my homie.?" trey asked.
"because yo homie is a rude ass dude. he knocked me over this morning and didn't apologize or even offer to help me up."
"like I said before your the one who wasn't paying attention so no I wasn't gonna help you up. you got yourself down there and clearly you got yourself back up." he shot back.
"whatever. im out." I got my stuff and moved my chair back over to where lance was just as our teacher was walking in the door.
"im so sorry about that lance." I said to him once I got settled.
"its no problem. everything peole talk negative about me I was think of a phrase my dad use to say to me."
"and whats that.?"
"those same niggas that use to diss you are the same ones that will work for you." he turned to me saying then smiled.
"your smile is so cute." I said.
"and so is yours. I really love your deep dimples."

*Trey's Pov*
once maliyah went back over to ole boy I looked at my homie like he was crazy.
"aye man why you dissing my home girl like that.?" I asked.
"because I know her type. she one of then type of girls that's stuck up for no reason and need to be taking down a peg or two. like fareal we all in the same shool what makes you think you better than anybody up in here.?"
"uh because she is." alex said laughing. "her folks is paid. and I mean close to celebrity paid. she came to school today in a fuxking Bugatti." he added.
"if that's the case why is she here.?"
"this is the school where her parents went to. they think by her going here she'll have a normal childhood and still remember where she came from." I answered quoting maliyah's dad.
"that's stupid." chris said shaking his head.
"I think you like her." alex said.
"who.?" he asked.
"maliyah. I think your lowkey feeling her."
"naw I got me a chick. she been my rider since day 1."
"whats her name.?" I asked.
"does she go here.?" alex asked.
"yea she's a sophomore doe." chris confessed.
"nigga you fuxking with a baby." I said laughing.
"fuxk you man. my bytch bad doe."
"she better be." we joke the whole class period not caring what the teacher was talking about. as I looked over at maliyah I could see her and ole dude getting real friendly. he touching all on her face and moving her hair off her face and shyt it was kinda weird. was maliyah actual about to get a boy friend.?

"Maliyah's Pov*
lance is so sweet and fun to be around. that class period with him was so fun. I feel like I could talk to him about anything which was really great to me. as I was headed to my next class I heard my name being called and when I turned around it was none other than my very handsome principal <a href="">mr. tatum</a> coming my way. I remember my freshman year having the biggest crush on him. I think he knows it because a lot of times I see him he gives the this slick yet sexy smile.
"yes mr. tatum."
"how are you today ms. cash.?"
"im doing pretty good. no complaints yet." I said smiling.
"well good. look I need you and the cheer leaders to get ready for the back to school pep rally."
"what back to school pep rally.?"
"the one that is starting in twenty minutes. get the girls and get ready to put on a show."
"your giving me twenty minutes to get all the girls and think of a cheer for this pep rally that I never knew about.?"
"you can do it maliyah. that's why your captain. now go and get ready."
I couldn't believe him but I did what he said and called the girls down. just hope this doesn't go bad.

run it.!!!

run it!!

update coming night when I get off

Runnnnn itttt!! and DDAAAMMMNNNNN chris ol' rude ass lol

but i like it Runnn ittt!!

damn your bad sweetie im sorry

run it

Awww I thought I was supposed to be the co captain :(....but Damn Derrick did her wrong Is fine self...damn my man fine...yass white chocolate lol run it

Awww I thought I was supposed to be the co captain :(....but Damn Derrick did her wrong Is fine self...damn my man fine...yass white chocolate lol run it

Aye! We looking all was looking cute! Well damn Keia, I feel like a follower now....gosh. Lil, I'm joking. MMMMMMMMM!!! Trey you are so damn FINE! I swear I wanted to jump on him....oh wait I can because he's mine! Ummm, muthaf***a you almost got a size 6.5 shoved up that ass of yours! Don't play nigga! We almost got to fighting! Now try to bump into that douche!
Run it!!!

aww I love it already!!! Derrick you dog (lol) shame shame. Lance is too sweet. What else does today have in store for us???
Run It!!!

Run it

run it

the first thing I did was hop on the phone to call my girl. if I was going in that school shytting on the bytches then I had to have my main bytch with me. and that was none other than my bestie keia and since this will be her first day at my school we had to make the best first impression for her. I called her phone and told her to meet me outside in two minutes because I was down the street. I slowly turned onto her street and when <a href=>she</a> seen that it was me driving the car her smile got so freaking big it was hilarious.
"damn bytch your dad did not let you take the Bugatti today.!" she said getting in.
"yes he did. you already know a bytch was too geeked. when my mom suggested it I thought he would have said no but he didn't and I made sure to leave before he could change his mind." I said laughing.
"so how was cheer camp.?" she asked.
"torture.! but I got through it. how are who and <a href=>derrick</a> doing.?"
"oh bytch I didn't tell you.?"
"tell me what.?"
"me and that bytch aint together no more. he fuxked my cousin and got her pregnant."
"get the fuxk outta here.!" I knew derrick was a player and a cheat but for him to fuxk her fam and get her pregnant was beyond low.
"yea but im good I got me a bytch now."
"you what.?" I asked taken aback.
"yea im a lesbian now. I have a girlfriend and her name is karruche. look here’s <a href=>a picture of her</a> I think you would like her."
"aw she is cute keia. if your happy than so am I."
we pulled up to school and ofcourse all eyes were on us just how it was suppose to be.
as I found somewhere to park I noticed my co captain <a href=>rissa</a> and another cheerleader <a href=>corderica</a> out front waiting for us.
"damn they cant walk in the fuxking school without you." keia asked spotting them as well.
"its not like that bytch. its just what we do. now chill." we walked over to them and I introduced them to keia.
"Omg you’re a <a href=>blonde</a> now. I thought you were joking" I said running my fingers through rissa's hair. she actually looked very pretty as a blonde.
"girl you know I had to change it up on these bytches. they just aint ready for us this year im telling you." she replied swing her hair behind her shoulder.
as we walked in out of no where rissa's boyfriend <a href=http://cdn.necoleb****>tremaine</a> came walking towards us.
"you ladies are looking very beautiful today." he said smiling and giving rissa a kiss.
"thanks." we said in unison.
"hey your a new one. whats your name.?" he said to keia.
"its keia and yours.?"
"im tremaine but I go by trey. nice to meet you."
"like wise."
we all hung out a little longer and were joined by corderica's boyfriend <a href=>alex</a> while we waited for keia to get registered and her schedule made up and then we were off our separate ways. as I was walking in to my class not paying any attention I bumped into a brick wall of a person knocking me on my ass.
"next time watch were your going." <a href="">he</a> before walking around me and starting off down the hallway.
"you fuxking jerk you could have at least helped me up." I shouted back at him getting up and fixing my clothes.
"what you say.?" he turned around looking at me.
"I said you could have helped me up."
"why would I do that.? it was your fault you were down there in the first place."
"you bumped into me to dude."
"it was your fault to so you should have at least offered to help me up."
"naw that aint even my style shawty." he said and began to walk away again. he was a real jerk. how could something that looked so good be so rude. I started to walk in class but I felt a strong tug on my arm causing me to jerk.
"im sorry shawty but I seen what happened and I figured you might need this." <a href="">he</a> said handing me my phone.
"aw thanks that was really sweet of you."
"no problem beautiful. your maliyah right.?"
"yea how did you know my name.?"
"I asked around." he said smiling. "I've kinda had a crush on you for a year now."
"seriously a whole year.? why haven't you approached me.?"
"I was nervous"
"aw well im glad you came now then. whats your name.?"
"oh im lance."
"well it is nice meeting you lance." he wasn't too bad looking himself and to top it off he been checking for me for a minute. suddenly the late bell rung so I quickly took out a pen and wrote my number on his arm and when on in the class room.

ok so by the end of the day if I don't get a character to be chris's ex...well for now current... I will just make one up myself...
run it.!!!!

Run it

this is good so far. run it

Damn, she was prepared to shut s*** down! Lol, I like her outfit. YASS!! Lauren London is beautiful! That car was an ace! Can't wait for school.
Run it!!!

aww shiid they shuttin it down!!!
Run It!!!

Chapter 1:
<a href="http://cdn.necoleb****">I</a> woke up the morning of the first day of school too geeked. it was finally my year and after cheer camp from hell I was so excited to be around my girls in something other than spanks and a exercise bra. I spent about a half an hour in my closet searching until I found the perfect <a href="">outfit</a> for today. by the time I finally finished getting dressed and doing my hair and make up my could hear my parents in the kitchen doing their own morning routine.
I finally went downstairs to them and them both on their cheeks, grabbed a plum out the fruit bowl and sat at up on a stool across from my dad.
"so daddy which car can I take to school today.?" I asked smiling. he had like four and I knew he wasn't gonna let me drive in just any of them.
"which one are you feeling today baby girl.?" he asked without looking up from his phone.
"I don't know based off what im wearing I want to shut that school down and shyt on everybody just like you."
"is that right.?" my mom chimed in smiling.
"yea its my junior year and im cheer captain. I cant go up in that school and somebody have a better car than me."
"now maliyah we all know that could never happen." my dad said finally looking up at me. "why don't you just take the <a href="">Veyron</a> and be done with it." my mom said handing me a plate of eggs, turkey bacon, and french toast.
"there you go case close now eat up and get out. you don't wanna be late on your first day." my dad shouted while hitting the table. I ate a few bites off my plate, grabbed my bag and headed out the door.

ok so im bout to do a cast call for this it.!

Run it