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cast call

hey guys, i've decided to write a story (am working on a title now lol) and i need at least 6 six girls.


yae cant wait

22 usually laid back and calm but i will turn into fire cracker with a short fuse if you spark it im goofy and i like to have fun probably the most honest person youll meet,,im loyal the girl everybody loves and if you dont your simply a hater lol!!!
Pic:<a href="">Dylan Gonzales</a>

Aww.... but! If you need anybody else. I'll be in it!

Smart, funny, unreadable, fighter, weird, cool a'f, outspoken to most, nice to some, crazy as hell, don't f*** with me or mines or you will regret that s***, athletic, lazy, and I joke around a lot, maybe too much, and it pisses some people off. Especially my boyfriend.
Pic: Kayla Devechelle

sounds good i think the 6 girls would have been alot of back n forth lol but cant wait run it!

Cant wait to see wats it about

hey guys i have decided to cut the amount of girls short for main characters. am just gonna use you guys and the title is Prince Charming

Name:Joycelyn(not pronounced like Joseline from love n hip hop lol but Joy-sal-lyn) or Lyn(for short)


description:kind of shy and quiet at first, Very blunt doesnt sugar coat nothing tells it like it is, believes right is right and wrong is wrong no matter what, loving,loyal, helpful, always there to listen, loves music dancing

pic:keke palmer


Age: 23

Description: shy honest loveing caring faithful aggressive a lil silly love listen to music im jus a nice person all around wen u get to no me

Pic: kelly rowland

Name: Disaya aka yaya
Age: 24
Description: shy,easy going,0 loves to dance and sing,free spirit
Pic: India Love