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Vanish | Chapter 3



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Omg! did ms belle have something to do with her being kidnapped?
this is gooood!
Runnnn ittt!!!

Something's definitely up, I hope they find her. Run it

Run it!!!!!
Loving the story so far

Run it

Run it

Chapter 2 ; B E L L A`s departure/ The arrival.

Bella went missing that very same night. No one knew where she was and where she could be. There were search parties and all, looking for her. "If anyone gets in touch with her, let her know the police is looking for her." Mrs. Belle cried as she shook her head. "Alright ladies." The officer said as he rubbed her back and proceeded on his look out.

"Alright! Everyone back on the bus!" She screamed while we ate our snacks. "Let's go!" We mumbled and moved fast.

Mrs. Belle

I didn't really care where Bella was. She was very disrespectful but yet, she was beautiful. She was a foreign exchange student from Brazil. She spoke perfect American English and was taking up my journalism class to pursue her career in writing. We were headed to an old University to do a project required to complete my journalism class. Although, it was taking far TOO long to get there, I kept calm not knowing what else to do.

Coach Brooks

"Coach, where the hoes at!?" A student of mine called out as the whole crew laughed and dapped each other. We pulled up to the old University and parked. "No one is here but us right now, and no one will come until we're done." I called out. We approached the office as the Dean met us in the front. "Hello, I'm Mr. Reeper, the Dean." "You mean ripper!"

Everyone held their laughter as well as they could. "Fellas, let's be respectful." I said as Mr. Reeper showed us around the gym."I have to get back to my office, so just ring me in if you have any questions." He said before he walked out really fast, looking back after every step."I think he's a booger!" Shad called out. "He might be." I shook my head and made everyone hit the locker rooms to change.

They came back ready and willing to do layups and things of that such. "Mr. Brooks, I need to use the bathroom." My student said. "There's none in here. Go check with Mr. Reeper." "That booger?" He called out walking off as the other team players laughed."

Mrs. Belle

"We are now approaching the University. Everyone please gather your belongings and stand up. Meet me outside the bus, one by one." The students did as I said and I dropped them off to their dorm rooms to complete an assignment and get settled in before everyone else in the University came.

It was 4 in the morning and us, and the dean were the only people here this early.

I went to see Mr. Reeper and talk about some things before I would return to my room.


Dean Reeper

I signed the contracts regarding Mrs. Belle and Coach Brooks' students. They were here for sports/class projects in order to receive their vocational certificates to pursue their dream career.

The contract(s) stated that they were to finish a complete three weeks here in order to fulfill their accomplishments. No one could leave until they spent absolutely all of their hours on their contract here.

It was their second day here and everything seemed to be in tact. I had to leave for my vacation and I would be back on their very last day.

I called Mrs. Belle and Coach Brooks to let them know and then I left.


Run it!!!!!

I'm so liking it so far. Like it makes me picture that scene from jeepers creepers where the students were on the bus for some reason lol run it

get me off this damn bus lol
naw but where the hell are we going you
know i cant go long without my food
and let one of those roaches throw
a paper ball at me im giving everyone
on that bus paper cuts


runnn it!

Lmfao, Bella was ready to get off that bus! I would be too! That slick sounded scary as hell though. I would've smacked one of them b****es for throwing a paper ball at me on some RNS!
Run it!!!!

Chapter 1

Fall was approaching. The weather became cooler as the wind picked up speed.

The road was very quiet with few cars in sight questioning my existence.

"Excuse me!" I called out. "Where the f*** are we?" I said.

Our teacher, Mrs. Belle, held a red pen in her hand, grading papers in her lap. "Language!" She stopped and pointed to me. "Whatever! We've been riding around for hours with no food or water and still we're not at our destination." Everyone cheered and clapped and nodded their head. Mrs. Belle stood up as she fixed her glasses. "Assignment!" She yelled. The class booed her and took out their pen and tablet. "Assignment, 4 pages! Scenery with words. Inspiration, Bella." She smiled and took a seat as everyone threw paper balls at me.

I didn't care if they were mad. I didn't know where we were going to for real and I wasn't staying on this bus to find out.


Both of yall are in it.

No its fine really, I'm gonna read with way :)

Candice i aint see ur post either i wouldnt hav posted if i new all the guys was taken she can use u seens u posted first for drake ima read the story anyway if im nt in it or is in it

It's fine, Teek can have the roll <3

run it!!

yaaayyy!!! run it!!

Yay i cant wa run it