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Prince Charming

Hey my name is Elise, am 21. 5’4 puerto rican and west indian. i have the worlds coolest chicks to call my family, but enough with the introduction on my life.This the story of how i meet my Prince Charming.


here is the new version of this story. it's called 2 luv birds

Lmao! Streets R Us, that sounds like it would be a real store. I love the mall! I end up looking at one thing and end up buying the whole damn store!
Run it!!!

awww hope you feel better girl!!

Lol streets r us gt to be a store wit sexy clothes in it lol loveing it run it

sorry ihavent posted in awhile, but i broke my hand at work and i wont be able to post for awhile, but keep running it and ill post when i can thank you.
and here is a little post
hugs and kisses Elise

later that week the girls went shopping at the mall

Yaya pov
this is working out perfect we can shop for Teek and use Elise’s date with for and excuse, and while we are at lunch i can tell the girls the good news.
Teek: now all y’all know my nursing job does not pay that much, so am balling on a budget. Why are we in Macy’s
Rissa: Cause i saw this cute Purse and they only have it here
Teek: well am going to streets are us (made up store)
Elise: wait for me i can buy a freak ‘em dress and some heels for my date
yaya: well lets meet up and Huans for lunch cause am starving and i finished all my shopping
e/b: okay, holla
when everyone went their own ways yaya’s phone rings and she rushes to pick it up
Yaya: hey baby how is work are you hungry?
trey: work is all good, just finishing up these case notes for court tomorrow. Did you tell the girls yet?
yaya: naw, i might do it at lunch today. since i told them we going to Huans
trey:if you want we can tell everyone at the party after we cut the cake and stuff with teek
Yaya:idk, let me think about it andf we can talk when i drop off your lunch
trey: okay, i love you pankcake
Yaya: lmao, bye fool

Hell yeah! I got me a country nigga! Go Elise!!! You bet not take her to no Golden f***ing corral! We will f***ing fight!! You hear me Chris? Don't play around! I don't want any touching, kissing, compliments, eyeing, speaking, or sounds! Eat your food and be out! Because all of the things I've listed leads to you being pregnant. Lol.....not joking though.
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ill post the next chapter in a few days, for now run it guys

Run it

Chris: no Kelsi i don't want you it’s been a whole year since you walked out, plus i meet someone new and you need to move
kelsi: but know that am the best thing you ever had
Chris: yeah whatever, look i gotta go
just as Chris turn to walk back downstairs he sees Elise standing in the doorway looking in a daze
Chris: earth to patrick… are you there
Elise:oh yeah, i came to get you. I wanted to tell you a secret
Chris: okay, am all ears for you
Elise: i know friends and everything and i know you care for me and i care for you too, but ti think it’s time i tell you how i feel and i want us to be you know
Chris: (smirks) no i don’t know, just say it pumpkin face
Elise: Chris i like you
Chris: YES!!!!!!!
Elise: are you gonna say it back or leave me here looking stupid?
just then Chris kisses Elise and everyone comes from around the corner awing and stuff.
Lyn: so when you taking this nigga on a real date nigga i dont mean to Golden corral nigga. am talking Carrabba's and s*** lol
e/b: bye fool
Lyn: hey am just saying, i know a nigga struggling but she aint a bottom hoe lol

am adding more later. i think am gonna a aad a sneak ppeek around my lunch break

runnn it

ill post the third one later, i gotta cook dinner for my brothers, but in the mean time run it

am gonna fast foward some to about 4 months later
Rissa and Dru are together trey and yaya are on and off, teek and kenny are togethe, lyn and joe are still single. Chris and Elise are best friends and the girls moved to atl, cause they missed yaya
Chris: short stack where my hug at?
Elise: the same place your manners are sponge bob
Rissa: just give him a hug, don't act like you don't too
elise glares at rissa
Elise: he didnt need to know that
Chris: aw come here patrick
Elise: okay, you win. Now that everyone is here we got to plan Teek birthday party.
Rissa: well i go the decorations
Chris and Dru: we got the music and we got Dj pauly D to come and show out
yaya: i got her to go to the spa with me and to get our hair done
trey: am picking the cake up and i got the drinks
Elise: (pouting) ya’ll set me up
E/b: we don’t know what you talking about
Elise: why i gotta cook
e/b: cause our hands are broken lol
Elise: ya’ll lucky i love yall
there was knock at the door and Chris answered it
Chris: eww it’s you
Teek: who let the dog in the dog in the house (yells) Elise call animal control i think a rabid dog is in your
Elise: play nice or no cheese cake
Teek: ok mommy
Elise: girl am younger than you
Teek: so we will be the same age for two more weeks
Rissa: well lets get this party started cut the music in Boo
Dru: okay, Drake No new Friends
Chris: thats my jam
e/b was dancing and wilding out then they started playing the word game
Rissa: the f*** is word game, i aint never hear that before
Dru: baby it’s simple, we pick one word for the whole night and whenever we hear it we gotta take a shot of tequila or sip of your cup
Elise: so everyone is staying the night i assume
E/b: yea
Elise: iight, the word is nigga
E/b: iight
so after and hour everyone was drunk and Elise: asked the girls to come in the kitchen for a min
Elise: ok, guys i think am gonna tell Chris am feeling him, i mean it’s been two months and i can’t let him go
Rissa: but damn time, pay me my money niggas
e/b: s*** i hate you Rissa (paying ehr $200)
Rissa: love you b****es
Elise: really, aint right betting on my love lol
Rissa: lets go before you change your mind
when they got to the den chris was gone
Elise: where sponge bob go?
Trey: i think he went upstairs
Elise: ok, i’ll be back, dont break my s*** Dru and yaya
dru/yaya: nigga aint nobody stunt you
Elise goes to find chris on the phone yelling, and she hears him yell kelsi Gonzalez
Chris pov
Mane i swear this break-up is killing me
Chris: it’s over you made it clear when you got pregnant by that nigga and i told you i dont support cheaters and liars
M/v: please baby, i love you please come home
Chris: no Kelsi i dont want you it’s been a whole year since you walked out, plus i meet someone new and you need to move

Elise: it damns sure is
Rissa: go say hey and see if his friend is single
Elise: i am not thirsty, if he wants to talk let him come over
Rissa; w/e lets go inside I dont want ,my waffles to get cold.

just as they walked in Elise heard her name being called and she turned around to see chris walking up to her

Rissa: hey ill see you at the booth
Elise: ok.. Hey Handsome
Chris: whats up short stuff
Elise: so you just gonna give me a nickname?
Chris: well i think it suits you
Elise: well you will be the only calling me that :), so who is your friends (she said pointing to the group of guys sitting at the counter
Chris: oh thats my crew trey, Dru, Joe, and Kenny
Elise: well how about you guys come and eat with us, we don’t bite ;)
Chris: iight let me tell them
so after the guys agreed to come over they started to replay the night at the club. and everyone was connecting and having a good time, until Chris phone kept going off
Elise: you should answer that, it could be important
Chris: naw, it can wait til i get home
Teek: so trey let me get this straight, you acutally let them niggas shaved your head
Trey: yeah, i lost the bet and chris had the clippers ready
e/b: ltao, you a lame
Trey: thats iight am ready this time, 2k13 my house now
E/b: let go nigga
Dru: okay, but i might need gas money
Rissa: Dru shut your lame ass up and pass me the napkins
lyn: so Elise you really feeling chris?
Elise: yeah girl, he gives me butterflies and he smells nice lol
Lyn: really, well dont let them float away
yaya: okay lets go, am full and that ass whoopin aint make it self
trey: for a small person, you pushy and s***
Yaya: what can i say, it’s the truth
Trey: iight how about loser takes winner to dinner and the movies
Yaya: okay, i love steak, and i do want to see despicable me 2

hey guys am off today and am gonna post three huge parts today. so run it until then

Sorry for taking so long! I swear I want to just beat Colbi AND Kelsi's ass right now! They was f***ing with the wrong b****! Oh she shy! Lol! Elise you better gone head girl! Show 'em what you working with! Aye! Waffle House is my shizz-ni-it! Lol. Ooooo! He's here! Elise yo ass better speak!
Run it!!!

Run it

Elise: why are we at my sister house? you guys know we don’t really speak unless it’s family
Rissa: well look around girl
Elise: is that Colby’s car? i know he aint here after he said he wasn’t messing with her anymore
end of recap
After contemplating on whether to knock they heard glass being broken and colby running out the door
Kelsi:pendejo i hate your stupid ass, dont come here anymore and i hope Elise finds out about you
Colby: dont say her name
Rissa: nigga you are cold busted your ass is mines
Lyn: naw save me some i wanted to beat him since freshman year
Kelsi: ya’ll needa s*** that s*** off my lawn and don’t come back
Elise: girls don’t do it, because he ain’t worth and i damn sure aint gonna let him see me cry.
Colby: (grabs Elise’s hand) baby look am sor…
he get cut off by Elise sucker punching him
Elise: don’t ever call me or touch me again and you can keep your ring and my sister, because you obviously don’t love me. And you ass aint ready to marry me.
Colby: come one baby don’t leave me i want this to work
Elise: i never left you. i was a;ways there like a fool, and you can keep the house ill be moving out tomrrow
End of flash back

Rissa: mane you should have let me whoop his high yellow ass.
Elise: (laughing) yeah maybe i should have, but i hit him like he stole my money
Rissa: yeah. girl aint that the dude from the club
Elise: it damns sure is
Rissa: go say hey and see if his friend is single
Elise: i am not thirsty, if he wants to talk let him come over
Rissa; w/e lets go inside I dont want ,my waffles to get cold.

i know it's short, but i will post more later. i got called into to work today, so if i make it home by midnight i will post more

hey guy am so sorry i haven't posted in awhile, but i had to visit my little sister, but i will post more in few

uh uh where you at girllll tonight done turned into 2 nights

Smh run it

am gonna try to write and post tonight i promise lyn
run it

Smh stupid niggas can't never just stick to one girl but run it you can't jus leav us hangin like that

Elise: i guess, a little dancing never hurt anyone
Chris: oh yeah (in the kool-aid man vioce) i hope you can keep up little one
so they got to the floor and elise was working Chris.
with the other girls at the bar
Rissa: at our girl, she turnt up on the fine nigga
Lyn: yeah it’s like Kelsi and Colby never happened
Teek:: Now you gotta blow my high, talking bout his lame ass
Lyn: cause it’s true he really turned her world upside down
Yaya: well thats why we her real friends and kelsi is stuck with his aint s*** ass
Rissa: am still gonna hti her with my car when i see her fake ass
Lyn: well while yall are talking i think i see my next twerk victim
e/b: oh lord here we go again
so they all made to the dance floor as booty work by T-pain came on and they grab Elise and started to do their thing and leave everyone speechless and steering
Elise: omg i haven’t danced like that in forever, you guys are a mess
Rissa: Naw i think that dude we scoped you with work that ass over
Elise: you mean Chris? naw he is just a stranger with moves lol
e/b: yeah, so you gonna get his number and see him again
Elise: yeah, you know what drinks on me, cause am not longer Debby downer tonight
E/B: bout damn time
so they partied until the club closed and thye went to waffle house
Yaya: mane this s*** is packed, why couldn’t we go to ihop
Lyn: cause yo ass wanted waffles
Yaya:: o yeah i forgot.
Elise: aye am going to the car i forgot something
Rissa: am going too
outside at the car….
Rissa: girl am so happy you're ready to move on, we all are
Elise: yeah, you said it was over two years ago, and he moved on so why can’t I
Rissa: i know it’s hard though cause you love Colby with all your heart
Elise: girl i remember like it was yesterday and we was dress shopping

Flash back two years ago
Colby: baby why you gotta invite Rissa and Lyn
Elise: cause their are my brides maids and
Colby: but they don’t like me and i dont want negativity around us.
Elise: but you Kelsi can be around and in the wedding
Cobly: it aint even like that, i told me and her are O V E R and it’s been that way since we first meet
Elise: Then is she still calling you
Colby: you know what baby i love you and am marring you not her and i want you to have my babies not her
Elise: okay (kisses his cheek), well am i better get going Rissa can get impatient if am late
Colby pov
i can’t believe i lied to my baby, Elise is my everything and it’s only right that i marry her, but Kelsi is the total opposite she lives life on the edge and she has that idgaf attitude. and i know she is Elise twin sister. i need to end things now before i get caught up. well i guess i better drive to her house before Elise gets back
30 mins later
God i hate driving to Compton, i hate the traffic, but i love the people
Colby: hey baby
Kelsi: what’s up papi
Colby: nothing, why dont you come sit down, we gotta talk about some things
Kelsi: what is there to talk about, you still gonna leave my sister for me right?
Colby: thats the thing, i can’t leave her. i love her too much to keep doing this
Kelsi: so you mean to tell me, that everything you said was a lie. am having your baby not her. ii was your first not her. she doesnt deserve you and i do. I was there when you almost got deported back to Honduras, not her. and am the one that helped you get your shop opened
Colby: i know you’ve done all those things and am thankful, i will always take care of my child but i cant be with you and hurt Elise

Rissa pov
Today is the day we finally bust that aint s*** nigga. Lyn and I have been following that nigga, since Elise told she thinks she is still messing around her, and today is the day we show her the truth
Elise: okay can i take my blindfold off now
Lyn: no, not yet we are almost there
Rissa: okay take my hand and be careful
Elise: can i do it now
Lyn: yeah go ahead
Elise: why are we at my sister house? you guys know we don’t really speak unless it’s family
Rissa: well look around girl
Elise: is that Colby’s car? i know he aint here after he said he wasn’t messing with her anymore

Run it she betta take that dance we aint tryn to be seated all damn nite

Are we gon find out why Elise is so stand off-ish with everybody? like she got some type of background or somethin ? lol hope im not jumpin the gun but runnn

Elise you better loosen that ass up!! We can't have you cramping our style. I'm trying to get me a nigga from the dirty South! Lol! Her ass better say yes!
Run it!!!

after what seemed like forever the girls finally landed in Atl. when they got to the hotel and Elise got a phone call from an unknown number, so she excused herself from the room.
Elise: Hello?
M/v: hey Elise it’s me Disaya
Elise: yaya girl, how are you. it’s been forever since we last talked
Yaya: Yeah, it has but i heard you was in atl with the girls, do you guys wanna meet up and hit the club
Elise: uh…… yeah just text me and ill let the girls know whats up
Yaya: okay, and dress nice it’s a special event
Elise: okay bye!
Elise pov
why does everyone have an issue with how i dress. it’s not like i got a man or anything. Oh well let me fill the crew in, i know there gonna be happy to hear that yaya is still in atl after all this time.

Lyn: so who was that on the phone, we aint good enough to be in your convo lol
Elise: How about no, cause you nosey lol, but it was Yaya and she wants us to go to the club with her and she said dress sexy tonight
Rissa: oh i'm gonna get me a country nigga tonight, so Lyn you might be with teek tonight
Lyn/Teek: umm how you gonna make arrangements for me
Rissa: easy i take your room key from you and now you out of a room bhahahaha
Lyn: oh really nigga, thats why you ratchet
Risaa: well ratchet recognize ratchet
Elise: Lets just go to the club first, i mean yall got me to come here for vacation and s***.
Rissa: okay fine, i still love you Lyn
Lyn: i guess i love you lol

After 2 hours of getting ready they meet up with yaya at the club.
Yaya: Finally, niggas always late. yall luck i know the owner and we get to skip the line.,
e/b: we made that’s all that matters
Yaya: yeah i guess, lets head to the floor i hear my jam
so everyone starts to turn up and Elise is just sitting in the VIP section, just look at her friends having a ball, until a stranger walks up and says
m/v: Do you mind if i sit here miss?
Elise: it’s Elise and no i don’t its a free country
M/V: (laughs) you're funny Elise, am Chris
Elise: uh hi Chris
Chris: So you must not be from the south, cause you got a cute accent
Elise: um is that supposed to be a pick up line?
Chris: if it got your attention then yeah, if not then idk lol
Elise: you’re cute, but your right am not from the south, am from San Juan but i’ve lived in LA most of my life.
Chris: well no wonder your cute, would you like to dance?

what do you guys think should happen next. And what do guys think so far?

Run it

Here are the characters

Rissa:Elise if you don’t get out of that bed before we get over there am gonna open a can of whoop ass on you!
Elise: Fine am up, but why we gotta deal with this today, i don't wanna go.
Rissa: b/c you need to get out the house, it’s been a 2 years since the whole Kelsi and Colby thing.
Elise: ok you win, call me when you get here.

30 mins later

Teek and Lyn: girl hurry yo ass up, time is money and we hungry.
Elise: iight, just let me find my shoes and we can roll out
Rissa: really tho, you gonna wear that to the airport
Elise: what’s wrong with my outfit?
Lyn: just leave her alone we finally got her to go on this trip to Atlanta with us, so baby steps
Rissa: Fine, but i still want the window seat lol

i'll post more later, and i know its a little short, but i had to rearrange something around. and someone tell me how to get the hyperlinks to work on here