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All My Readers!!!!

I started my college classes and because imma Medical Major it's going to require a lot of studying and hard work for me.
with that being said I have good news and bad news.

Bad news: I won't be able to continue ALL of my stories.
Good News: I can continue ONE!

I know all of you don't all read each one of my stories but I'm letting y'all pick which one y'all want me to finish. The most popular one will be the one I keep updating on my free time the others will have to be pushed to the background FOR RIGHT NOW.

Please let me know which story you guys want. I want to make sure I have readers on the story I continue.


One Lucky Fan

oh fasho
and dont trip if u cant get it today we know u doin hw
good luck with em :)
run it!

2 people say Hate Sleeping alone 3 say one Lucky Fan
idk where all my other readers are but imma have to go with the majority and keep running One Lucky Fan.

I will probably be able to run the other stories EVERY NOW AND THEN but you will DEFINITELY be ale to get a One Lucky Fan add every day, if not every other day. Hopefully starting tonight or tomorrow.

Writing TWO 2Page essays for class bare with me :)

tough one! i love all of ur stories! but if i had to choose .... one lucky fan
you still gonna do the others one when u got time like during break ? or are they gona be discontinued forever?

One lucky fan

One lucjy fan

One lucky fan

Hate sleeping alone...

Or one lucky fan

Do hate sleeping alone