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Lost in the sky

For as long as I could remember I've always had somebody. Whether it was my parents, or a friend I've always had some sort of stability around me. Well now it seems like my world is slowly crumbling. Life is getting a little too hard. I've lost my parents, my first love and my friends are miles a way. I wouldn't say I'm depressed or anything...I'm just sort of lost....... Oh yeah, my name is Skye


Smh her bro is a a**hole man run it

It was my first day working at Fridays and everything was running smoothly. All of my coworkers were mad cool and my managers seemed to be pretty cool too.

I started my training following <a href="">Jennifer</a> as she taught me everything I needed to know. "Having fun yet?" She asked back in the kitchen

"Yeah, it's pretty cool" I replied

"Do you think you can handle taking a table or two now?" I nodded my head "cool cus I'm beat. You can take table 31 they're being seated right now" she said peaking her head out the kitchen door.

"Uhh okay" my voice unsteady

"You're not nervous are you?" I nodded my head "relax and just be yourself. I like you and I don't like anyone so I'm sure they will too" she said honestly

"Okay" I said grabbing some beverage napkins and my note pad.

I went out into the seating area to greet my table and to my surprise <a href="">Avion</a> and my two best friends Lyric and Sierra were sitting at the table.

I big smile spread across my face "omg I can't believe you guys"

"Well believe it cus we in this b**** " <a href="">Sierra</a> said all animated as usual

"And we're ready to order out drinks" <a href="">Lyric</a> smiled sweetly

"Okay" I cleared my voice and put on my best smile "my name is Skye and I'll be your server this evening can I start you guys off with something to drink and an appetizer"

" oh that was good, I actually believed your fake ass" Sierra said causing everyone to laugh

"Your big I practiced in the mirror face ass" Avion chimed in

"Foreal guys what y'all want?"

"Oh I want a mango peach slushie" lyric said "lemonade" Sierra said "and a coke and some buffalo wings" Avion said lastly

"Okay, I'll be right back with your drinks"

After serving her friends Skye had about four more tables. By the end of the night she made about $50 in tips

"Not bad rookie" Jenn said to me "I think tomorrow they'll be putting you in a small section"

"Okay, cool. Thanks Jenn I'll see you tomorrow"

"Bye hunny" she waved as I walked out the door.

When I got in the house is was 2:30. I was exhausted and my feet were aching from standing all day. I took off all of my clothes and climbed into my bed ready to sleep until my phone started ringing.

I reached for the phone and pressed accept call "hello"

"Hey you home yet?" I heard Avion's voice on the other end

"Yeah, just got in the bed"

"Iight, I'm about to come over"

"Okay" I said as he ended the call.

I quickly got up and ran to the bathroom to take a quick shower since I smelled like food. I brushed my teeth and washed my face and then went to throw on a pair of underwear and a random Tshirt. I put my hair in a high ponytail and then unlocked the door so I wouldn't have to get out of the bed once he got there.

I laid in the bed trying not to fall asleep until he got there. Five minutes later my phone rang again


"Open the door stinky" he said chuckling

"It's already open big head and lock the door behind you" I hung up and heard him coming in and making his way to my room

He came in and began to take off his clothes leaving him in his boxers and climbed into my queen sized bed with me wrapping his long arms around me and kissing the side of my face

"I missed you" he said inbetween kisses

"I missed you too" I said blushing

"You tired?" He asked


"Well go to sleep. I'll be here when you wake up" he kissed my forehead as I began to drift into a deep sleep


The next morning I woke up to the smell of bacon and Riley's laughter. I wiped the crust out of my eyes and climbed out the bed. I went straight to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and washed my face.

I soon entered the kitchen to see Avion and Riley cooking breakfast

"What you guys cooking?" I asked as they both looked back at me

"We're making pancakes, eggs, grits, and bacon. It's almost done so sit at the table" Riley said

I did as I was instructed and sat at the table "where's Carter?" I asked

"He left around 11 o'clock last night. I think he said something about a girl" Riley answered as she brought over a plate of pancakes and a bowl of grits.

I just sighed and shook my head. He was always leaving in the middle of the night without a clue of where he was going.

Riley sat down next to me and Avion came over with the bacon and eggs. Riley said grace over the food and we dove in.

"You work today?" Avion asked and I nodded my head

"Yeah, but I don't wanna leave Riley here by herself"

"I can take care of myself" she defended

"But you shouldn't have too" Skye said as the front door swung open with Carter in the door way.

He closed the front door and turned his attention to the dining room table " so y'all playing house now ?" Carter focused in on Avion "Skye what is this nigga doing in my house ?" He said feeling his anger build up. . . .

run it!!!

Run it

"Hey babyyyy" Skye cooed as she looked into the camera to see her long time boo Avion. "When are you coming home ?"

"I'm not telling you" he said with a sly grin "it's gonna be a surprise"

"Why you always tryna surprise me?"

"Because it's fun. Your face is always priceless " He said beginning to laugh "like the last time when you damn near knocked me over"

"I did not !!" Skye said giggling

"Yeah you did, tackling me like a line backer"

"Anyways, guess what happened today?"

"What?" He said getting more comfortable in his bed

"First I aced the f*** outa my final and then I got a job at Fridays" Skye said proudly

"That's whats up. I'm gonna surprise you at your job then" he said smirking

"I can't wait to see you" Skye cooed

"You're just ready for me to tear that ass up with your overly horny ass"

Skye straight faced him "shut up"

" you ain't deny it though" he chuckled "aye babe I gotta go, I gotta go to this last meeting."

"Okay" she pouted

"I'll talk to you tomorrow cus I know you'll be sleep"

Skye blew a kiss and then hung up

Skye laid back in her bed staring up at the ceiling. Letting her thoughts consume her until Riley peaked her head in the door way.

"What's up Rabbit?" Her nick name since she was about 2. Her two front teeth came in first making her look like a little rabbit.

"Nothing can I lay with you I'm bored and Carter is drawing in his room"

"Sure" Skye scooted over making room for her baby sister

They both laid there thinking "what's on your mind ?" Skye asked

"Have you ever been in love?" Skye looked at her confused as to why she would ask that

"Uh, I don't know. I think so...."

"Do you love Avion?"

"Sometimes I think I do but he makes me want to kill him sometimes and I feel like I hate him" I answered truthfully "he just makes things hard sometimes but other times I think how could I meet someone so perfect"

"Is he your boyfriend yet?" She asked curiously as she always did

"No, not yet" She said in a hopeful tone

The girls continued to talk about any and everything that came to mind including Carter's horrible morning breath. Riley eventually fell asleep in Skye's bed. Skye couldn't sleep and decided to make a bowl of cereal.

Skye fixed her bowl and sat on the island counter eating it and watching her brother work on one of his many art pieces. He drew everything by hand with charcoal. He was really quit talented Skye thought to herself as the slow jams filled the room around her.

"Who you drawing this time?" Skye asked

"No one specific, just a face in my head" he continued "why? You don't even care about my art" he said defensively.

"I do care about your art. I just think you need to do something a little more practical for the moment"

"I've never been the practical type" he said as Skye went to put her bowl in the sink

"I know" she mumbled as she walked to her room

Run It !!!

Run it

It's the end of my second semester in college and <a href="">I'm</a> studying for my last final of the day. Surviving off of four hours of sleep and three cups of coffee. But I was sure I was gonna ace this final.


"Can you get some eggs and milk" I read the text sent from my brother

I sighed deeply "sure, need anything else?" I asked knowing he would give me a long list of items

I continued to study until it was time for my final. Just as I began to gather my things my phone vibrated

"Yeah, we need toilet paper, tooth paste, frosted flakes, butter, pop tarts, and juice" I put my phone away and walked out the library irritated

"f***ing Mooch" I mumbled to myself

After my final I got in the car and made my way to TGI Friday's for an interview. School was over and I needed a job especially due to my family's circumstances.

Me, my older brother Carter, and my little sister Riley lived with my father up until a couple months ago. He's in jail now for drug possession and possession of an illegal fire arm. Yup my dad was that guy but he was the best. And my mom.....yeah let's not talk about her.

I walked into the restaurant ready for my interview. The manager came up and shook my hand and lead me to where the restaurant would be held.

"So why do you think I should hire you ?"

What a cliche question I thought

"Ive never worked in a restaurant but I'm a hard worker and a fast learner. I know being a server is hard work and a lot of pressure but I like pressure and a challenge. I think it makes my work ethic better. I feel like you were expecting a cookie cutter response like 'I love people, I'm a people person and I love taking orders' but that's not true. Truth be told sometimes people annoy me but I know how to fake it till I make it so I can get that money" I answered truthfully

The manager nodded his head impressed "when can you start?"


"See you tomorrow Skye" he held out his hand for a hand shake

"Thank you, see you tomorrow Mr. Pollen" I said with a bright smile

I finally walked into the apartment with my arms filled with groceries. Riley and Carter were playing UNO on the coffee table.

"Hey guys!" I greeted them in a cheery mood

"What you so happy for?" <a href="">Carter</a> asked

"I got a job today" I said proudly

"Doing what, selling yourself on the street"

I straight faced him "why you always gotta be so damn negative" I said putting away the groceries "how about you say congrats Skye. Do you think they'll hire me too since I don't have a job either and we're living off our fathers savings"

"I have a job" he said paying no attention to his sister

"Attempting to sell your art is not a job Carter and you know it"

"Can you two stop arguing for five minutes!" <a href="">Riley</a> shouted

"He started it" Skye mumbled

"A 12 year old shouldn't be the voice of reason between a 24 and 18 year old"

"Sorry Riley Rabbit, I said fluffing her hair. Can I play in the next round"

"Sure" Carter said "cus I'm about to win anyway"

"No you're not" Riley said throwing down a reverse card "UNO !" And then slammed her last card down

Carter looked dumbfounded as she just laughed and I began to shuffle the cards for a new game.

run it!!

Run it

Well run it run it!!