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Talking In His Sleep

Anonymous Person: I couldn't help but cry. How could he do these things to me & not even know he's doing them. I wiped my eyes ready to pack my things. I couldn't handle it. It was too much for me to bare. I quietly went into the closet & packed everything I could. I looked at him one more time before I walked out. I bet your wondering what he did, well its all because of him talking in his sleep.

Anonymous Person 2: I couldn't believe this mothaf***a had the nerve to do what he did! I was pacing back & forth around the holding cell. Yeah that's right I stabbed his ass in the shoulder, I regret it cause I was aiming for his f***ing throat! After everything we've been through I can't stand him. I was his everything & vise versa. This nevee would've happened if he wasn't talking in his sleep.

Anonymous Person 3: I knew exactly what he was up to. I just couldn't find myself to leave him. No I'm not stupid but stupid in love.he was my first at everything. How could he be so dirty & deceiving. Now I'm sitting here hurting myself hoping it will heal my broken heart. Nothing seems to be going right all because he was talking in his sleep.

Authors Note: P.S. they are sisters. Need 3 girls
Somethingyou value
Whats your pet peeve?
Your view on love?


what happened???

I wanna change my guy to Hosea Chanchez and pic: <a href="">CoCo</a> (Julissa Bermudez)

Idk how to add pics but i want it to be keke palmer

<a href=""_blank">Natalie</a>

Forgot I add pic

Name: Corderica aka CoCo
Man: Derrick Rose
Occupation: Trauma Nurse
Personality: very blunt, has no filter, honest, opinionated, loving, caring, funny, dirty minded, down to earth, loves to joke around
Something you value: honesty, trust, communication
Whats your pet peeve? I hate liars with a passion, I hate clingy people, I hate over dramatic people
Your view on love? ehh..haven't seen successful relationships so I'm ify on love

Man:The Game(Jayceon) lol i know i know but hes fine shoot
Occupaation: Physical Therapist
personality: very blunt tells it like it is no sugar coating, loving. very helpful, gives great advice, hates liars and bulls***ters
something i value : TRUST
PET PEEVE: when people lie and i know they lying but i give them a chance to tell the truth and they still
View on LOVE: I LOVE LOVE I LOVE HAPPY COUPLES love being in love hate the trouble u have to go thru to get it and the pain i believe everyone has a soulmate,,and u cant go lookin for love it has to find u

NAME: Natalie
Occupation:Business owner
Personality:real cool and laid back. Like to have fun and hang out with my girls. I tell it like it is but one thing I dont take is people crossing me
Pet peeve: lies
View on love:love sucks...been hurt too many times to know what love is anymore