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Trained (revamped)

“Hello I’m here on an appointment for doctor Neverson” the beautiful white lady gave me a pleasant smile before turning her full attention to the computer screen “Alright and can I have a last name please” “Carter, Toni Carter” “of course Ms. Carter if you go through those doors right to your left you will hit an elevator head on, take that right on up to floor 6 and a receptionist on that floor should lead you right to his room” “Thanks”. I spoke before following her directions fully making it up to the 6th floor then stopping at another beautiful young lady sitting behind a desk. “Hello, Ms. Carter right” nodding my head politely she quickly stood from behind her desk and motioned me to follow her. “Alright if you just want to go ahead and take a seat inside Dr. Neverson will be right with you” again placing a gracious grin to my face I opened the door and made my way into the spacious office.

It was a very dark office, his desk was the color of dark chestnut wood and a smooth black leather chair sat behind it. The floor was of black marble with sliver specks that made the room a lot bigger than it naturally was. A few African American statues and mask were tastefully placed around the room with little to no pictures. Just a naked dark amber wall color, a long black one armed couch sat alongside the longest wall, I take it that was my seat. Taking my seat on the soft furniture my mind began to race off to the two beauties I had saw earlier. If they were to be working here on a regular I would definitely be in trouble.

“Good Afternoon” quickly my head snapped toward the door. The figure that walked in was gorgeous; he stood about the height of 6’3 muscular build with a chiseled chest that stretched through his black button up. He was the color of caramel, beautiful skin with not a blemish or acne mark to show off his adolescent years. And his shoes Stacey Adams, great taste and the size had to be…

“Hello… I’m Toni Carter we uhm we spoke on the phone earlier this week” “But of course how are we doing today Ms. Carter” “Please just call me Toni” “Alright then I guess I should allow you to call me Tremaine and Trey, which ever feels easier coming off of the tongue” he said with a smirk showing off that beautiful grin and flush dimples. I could feel the water beginning to flow from my legs, damn.
He grabbed a chair sitting on the side of the room then placed it inches in front of the couch I was sitting on, grabbing a pencil and paper he sat in front of me staring not saying anything just looking as if he was reading me, which made me even hornier. Just the stern look on his face made me want to hop on top of him but that would only contradict why I was here in the first place.

“So where do we start” he asked in a deep raspy tone “I’m not sure you’re the dr. right” “Well yea but why don’t you start off by telling me why you are here today” “Isn’t in your records” I didn’t mean to come off rude but as many doctors and shrinks that I have seen I’m pretty sure by now I have a record with all physiologist, sociologist and priest. “I know what it says Toni but I want to hear it from you what is it that you have a problem with” I almost zoned out of his whole question when I heard the way he said Toni but I soon drug myself back to reality, “Well uhmm I have a slight addiction” “A slight addiction” “Yea meaning I’m not about to slit my wrist and jump off a bridge if I don’t get it but I do at some point need to fulfill it” “And what is this addiction may I ask” “Come on now I know they have this written down” “The only way we can grow comfortable with each other is if we are able to clear the elephant in the room now tell me Toni what is the addiction”.

I paused for a brief second looking out passed him at the horizon of buildings that showed almost like a picture outside his window. “Sex” “And when did you realize you had this addiction” “about two years ago, I mean I have been having sex since I was 17 but it wasn’t until recently when I lost my mother that I realized I developed a problem” I never looked at him as fine as he was the way he stared hard at me was no longer sexy it was more like he was judging me, I hated the feeling. “I’m sorry about your lost, I too have lost a huge factor in my life, my father, recently actually, but I never turned to a substance or in your cause an act of a drug for support, what comes behind that Toni” “For a while It seemed like sex was the only thing I had control of, I lost my job, house, car and my mind but sex I control what happens”

“If you don’t mind Toni I would like to start from the beginning when did this all take place for you” “Like the beginning virginity beginning or me tricking for change beginning” “Take me back to where you felt sex was your go to method tell me everything you feel comfortable with” he said while shifting his weight in the chair never taking his eyes off of me.

“Ok well it started off I think for me when I had just graduated from high school, I was 17 years old and ready to take on the world” “Did you have plans on a school or future job” “Oh yea I wanted to go to FAMU I would party it up my freshman year then get serious by my second year while majoring in Business administration and minor in Communications” “And what were you going to do with those degrees” “Be the social rep for huge celebrities like Chris Brown, Drake, Rihanna, travel and make huge bread” “What happened with that plan” “Life” silence sprung over the room as he quickly wrote a few things down on his notepad then gave me that same serious gaze. “So it was after graduation tell me more about that situation” “ok, so me and my best friend Kayla have always been popular girls just off of how cool we were so we had gotten word that there was going to be a college party tonight at the convention center hosted by some local kids that we knew so of course we in there…

“Damn if that is what you are wearing tonight I guess I need to go change” Kayla said through laughter as I came out of her bathroom ready to cause a scene. We had to get ready at her house since her folks were never at home, and I knew my mom would trip if she saw what I had on. “Girl please all that ass in that skirt I might be a little jealous” “Just a little” “Whatever you ready to roll out” I asked grabbing my keys and driver’s license “yeah let’s make moves”

“So you made a quick statement of your mother not letting you dress a certain, was she a strict parent” “No she was just a parent I had on small vintage shorts with a cut off top she being a mom never wants to see her daughter out their like that so she would flip you know” “Ok understandable so continue” “alright so we make it to the party and already it was live….

“Ayyyyeeee” I danced to the music while walking through the crowd it hadn’t been five minutes in the party and already I was feeling myself “This s*** more live then a little bit” Kayla said while checking out some dudes who had walked passed us purposely trying to grab our attention. “Hell yea”

“We were at the convention center so of course liquor couldn’t be passed around but somehow the s*** got in, idk how but all I remember is a whole bunch of water bottles being passed around with everything but water in it” “Liquor… does that give you more courage to act out” “doesn’t it always”

“Ah dude I’m like seriously drunk I think it is time for us to go” I said to Kayla as we stumbled around the party neither one of us being able to control our movements. “Damn little momma yall s*** faced” some dude spoke up but I was too f***ed up to be rude so I let Kayla do the talking. “Duh dumbass now can you move so we can go” “I know you’re not planning on driving like that I mean I would hate for two fine ass ladies to drive home under this state and I just let it happened” “Excuse me but who are you” I asked finally able to find my voice “Damn I’m rude, my name is Marcus me and my homie here Derek throwing this party” “So your willing to leave your party to help out to random broads you don’t even know” I asked while leaning on Kayla for support “Honestly yea I mean it is starting to get dry as f*** in this b**** anyways”

“So here you are two sloppy drunk teens talking to completely sober college students know nothing about them and willing to take up their offer on taking you home” Trey spoke while clutching his palm to his chin in a thinking matter. “Well yea and in a way I’m glad we did” “Why is that” “If I hadn’t there is no telling where I would be right now… we were that drunk” “So what happened after you left with the guys” “Well we began to become even more intoxicated…

“Yall smoke” Marcus asked while lighting up a blunt “Is that a question or you passing” Kayla said back to him, she sat in the passenger seat while Marcus sat in the front with her, I sat in the back with Derek who focused on his phone more than he did on me “That must be a very important text message” I said to him on the low while Marcus and Kayla smoked their lives away, I wasn’t much of a smoker but us being in a car with all windows up increased my high. Derek finally put his phone away then wrapped his arm around me pulling me close to him. “All you had to do was tell me you was feeling unwanted” “It’s not like that I was just saying” I tried to keep a understandable conversation with him but it was hard with all my words being scrambled in my mind “Naw you wanted my attention now you got it babe so what’s up” a drunken smile spread across my face as I soon heard sucking noises coming from the front of the car, Kayla was now in the driver’s seat on top of Marcus hip grinding and kissing as if they would die without each other. No lie the s*** turned me all the way on.

“So after you saw the two of them kissing in the front seat what did you do” “I did what made the situation less awkward I made out with Derek” “And then what happened” “Let’s just say Kayla and I both got laid out in the same car, her in the front me in the back then dropped off at her house like nothing happened” “Have you ever seen those guys after that” I froze in thought then looked at Trey as his eyes remained serious, “No we never got a number text MySpace request nothing it was over after that” silence again sprung out over the room before trey placed the notepad on the ground then cuffed his hands together and rested them on his knees pulling his face close behind his knuckles “Was that your first time”

A timer soon went off indicated today session was over, a slight bit of relief fell over me as I grabbed my purse from beside me and stood up along with trey. “Uhmm so tomorrow doctor” “Sure thing Toni”, and without any other sound I quickly stepped from in front of him and rushed out of the door.

(this post goes back and forth through time please do not get confused)


awkward! u know dam well simione was enjoying their exchanged
that aggression tho whew mighty hot '
welp that convo was bound to happen
make it right trey
run it

Damn trey did dat got me all hot n s*** that add was off the chain s*** had me thinkn i was her for a min lol but um trey get it together u cnt hav yo cake n eat it to u betta
put a title on it f***n her like dat and s*** f*** around and make a baby lol run it loven this story even more

that scene thou. Gosh that aggression Lawd Geezus !!!!!!!! My mind can't process anything else at this moment, but Trey knew a title talk was coming soon. He need to get it together before Toni dip, but i doubt that D too good lmfao

I had woken up to my stomach rumbling I leaned up and noticed it was still light outside but quickly getting dark. “Tell your stomach to shut up” Trey mumbled while turning over and covering his head with a pillow. “Damn like for real” he snatched the pillow from his head then looked at me. “What time is it” I glanced at the clock on the dresser “7:30” “damn how did a nap turn into a full out sleep” “well that is what happens when you are in over drive Mr. Neverson” “jokes Ms. Carter” Trey sat up completely stretched than reached for his phone. “You want to order out, we can eat it on the beach” “sounds cool to me” “you want you ghetto ass cat fish” he said with a serious face that turned into a laugh “while you laughing I do want that cat fish, it was way past fire now” I joked back getting out of the bed and walking to the bathroom. I flipped the switch and glanced in the mirror turned slightly then forced my face back to the mirror

“Tremaine whatever your middle name is Neverson I will kill you bury you dig you up and kill you again” I yelled pushing my hair into a ponytail to get a better view of the man whole sized love mark on the side of my neck that still held teeth marks. Trey quickly hung up with the delivery guy than made his way to the bathroom already with a smile of his face. “Damn shorty hell kind of birth mark is that” he joked while I swatted at his chest. “It isn’t a birth mark you ass, look what you did to my beautiful skin” I spoke while dramatically clutching my neck causing Trey to laugh harder. He soon came behind me and clutched my waist pulling himself closer to me in that way that I have grown to love more than life itself. “I think it’s sexy” “I’m sure you would” “We can put one on the other side to make you even and set a fashion trend” he slowly kissed the back of my neck swaying our bodies back and forth. “No that is ok thanks though” I muttered slipping out of his grasp and sitting on the bathroom counter while he opened up the shower and started the water. It was then that I noticed he wasn’t wearing any clothes.

“Shower” he asked pointing to the heated water “nothing more” I stated pointing my finger at him as he flung his hands in the air in surrender. “Besides the deliver guy is coming and quickies aren’t my thing baby” he spoke in my ear while helping off of the counter and into the water. I grabbed my sponge and began to lather it up while he stood under the water letting small drops slowly fall down his skin. “Hey” he said splashing me out of my thoughts. “Stop molesting me with your eyes” “huh, oh I’m sorry” I said turning my back to him rubbing the soap up my arms. I felt his hands wrap around me pulling me into his chest “why does this feel so comfortable” he asked in a whisper “maybe because it was meant to be… wait” I said stopping myself and turning to him, “Trey what is this, I mean lately my guard has been down way down and I can’t lie and say I don’t like it but I just need to know what we calling this” I said pointing between the two of us. “Toni I am as confused as you are” “so what do we call it” “can we just…uh” he froze and wiped the water from his face. I could tell he was seriously stuck it pissed me off but I wouldn’t show it. “Trey I won’t push you into anything I would just feel better if we had a title” “Toni, please I just…” before he could finish a knock came to the door indicating our food had come. Trey quickly hopped out grabbed his towel and made it to the door.

I soon followed wrapping a towel around myself and stepping out just as he closed the door. “You ready to head out” “I think I will take my dinner in here thank you” “really Toni, seriously” “as a heart attack” I grabbed the food from Trey and walked into the kitchen as I heard him make a heavy sigh. Fine be frustrated like I give a damn.

“AHHH Trey” I yelled out to the ceiling as he pleasured my pussy with his tongue on the couch. Our session didn’t last long before somehow my legs had become open, and while playing with myself during our meeting Trey became hard himself. Throwing his notepad to the side and placing his tongue in my new favorite hideout I became lost. “What won’t you do ever again Toni” he spoke taking his lips a second away from my pearl then placing it back. “Pla..ahh play with myself” “why” “Trey” “why Toni” he inserted a finger while flicking his tongue faster “because it doesn’t belong to me, this is your pussy” “uh hmm” he muttered causing vibration to drift from the tip of his tongue to the center of my pussy. My body began to shake and I felt my stomach cave in. “FUUCCKKKK” I screamed as Trey cleaned up the mess, “You have a potty mouth Ms. Carter. I think…” but before he could finish his phone began to ring, damn.

“Neverson…uh huh…oh ok great…That sounds great man…yea I will do that …alright thank you..” I stayed in my spot as Trey turned back to me licking his lips then turning away. “We have to get dressed Ms. Carter” “what” I muttered, it was too late for me to hide the dislike in my voice, which caused him to laugh. Slowly he moved to me something I noticed he did a lot and closed my legs placing kisses from my neck to my lips and staying there for a minute. “As much as I would love to stay her and explore your body until we both cannot stand it we have a stop to make” “uhh…ok” I disapproved getting up and heading to the bathroom. “Mind telling me where we are going” “I have to meet up with a few business men about my new office lay out” he said not looking at me “and” “and…Simone might be there as a rep for our company” my teeth grabbed the inside of my cheek and tugged until I swore I felt blood. “Trey I will behave myself” “it isn’t you I am worried about” I watched as his face became darker and darker the more we spoke and I wanted to end that feeling and fast. “Well I have recently learned a tongue trick that makes you smile so if it gets to heated I’ll just throw you on the table and lick you” I said making the motion with my tongue causing a bright smile to reach his face, boy do I love that smile. “Sounds good to me, now go get in the shower and hurry up” “yes daddy” “keep it up Toni…I’ll have you spread out in that tub” “that is what I was going for” Trey took a look at me again than began to run my way causing me to yelp and quickly run into the bathroom. “That is what I thought” he yelled out making me laugh.

As we pulled into the parking space that led us to the building Simone’s jeep pulled in right beside us. I sat in my seat as Trey came around and opened the door for me. As I got out she was now in front of us with that artificial smile. “Tremaine…Toni” she said my name a little deeper which made me clutch Trey’s hand, and he caught on quick pulling me closer to him he gave a slight nod to Simone then led the way into the building. We all sat around the table waiting for the other men to show up. Simone wasn’t slick the way she sat on the other side of Trey a little closer than I had liked but I promised him I wouldn’t act up… so I won’t. “Trey, I was thinking maybe a studio in New York, let’s move out of Miami the clientele would be much stronger” she said clearly throwing shade, I sat back further in my seat. “No we are just here to make add space on to the building Simone” “Trey can I see your phone” I asked as he handed me his phone. I quickly turned on candy crush and toned her annoying ass out.


I side eyed Simone then focused on Toni who seemed to really be into the game she was playing on my phone. I felt bad that she had to be here right now I mean Toni can handle herself but even being in the same room as Simone can make a sane person crazy. Right before Simone could speak any longer the door swung open and in walked The Waters men, some of the best construction team in the business. I stood to my feet along with Simone and greeted them both “Nice to see you again, Clyde…Tone, boy you look more and more like your pops everyday” I said shaking his hand as his attention left me and landed on Toni. “Oh I’m sorry this is…” I froze I didn’t know what to call her but luckily Toni caught on. As she placed my phone down her smile soon dropped then came back again. “Toni Carter a friend of Trey’s” “Lovely girl…Nice to meet you Ms. Carter” Clyde spoke as Tone kept his eyes on her. “So we meet again Ms. Peach” Tone spoke causing Toni’s face to become pale then a rose pink color. “Looks that way huh” “You two know each other” Simone spoke bluntly clearly stating the obvious “We have meet before, actually” he spoke giving Toni a look that made her squirm under his gaze. I had enough and slightly pinched her knee under the table causing her to jump.

I didn’t say anything I just focused my eyes to her with a fake smile, she knew what that meant. “Let’s get down to business shall we” I said cutting my eyes from her and turning to a smiling Simone and a staring Tone. “Let’s” Clyde spoke clearing out of his element as well.
As the meeting came to an end I was the first out of my seat thanked the two gentlemen than grabbed Toni’s hand as she walked out eyeing Tone then placing her head down. “So I’ll email you the chart tonight and we can discuss the view plan” Simone spoke pulling the keys out for her car. I opened the door for Toni than made sure her seat belt was fastened before closing it. “Not tonight Simone, I have other business to tend to” “other business such as” “the other business that when it concerns you I will give you a call goodnight Ms. Davis” and with that I climbed into my car and speed off. “Trey what is wrong” Toni spoke but I wasn’t going to talk about this right now, so I just drove until we got back home. I unsnapped my seat belt and hopped out not stopping to get Toni from her side like I had earlier. “Trey” she screamed getting out on her own “what did I do”.

I opened the door and walked in first allowing Toni to come in and then closing and locking the door. “Trey” “strip” “what… wait talk to me first” “strip before I yank your f***ing clothes off myself” she quickly slipped out of her sundress and underwear “place your hands on the wall Toni” “Trey listen to me” I had heard enough moving toward her I turned her back to me and pushed her up against the wall slid my hands down her sides then pulled her butt toward my pelvis putting an arch in her back. “Stay just like this, don’t move don’t look at me” I waited for her to back talk me but when she didn’t I stepped back and slipped out of my clothes. Standing bare behind her naked body I clutched her waist in my hands again roaming her body. “Damn you Toni” I huffed sliding my hands to her pussy and massaging her clit getting her whole area wet. “Lick this s*** clean” I demanded holding my soaking wet finger in her face as she caught them with her mouth as I slowly grinded my d*** on her ass. “Suck that s*** harder Toni, get it clean” I grinded harder than slapped her ass causing her to let go of my finger and yelp. Sliding my now moist fingers down her stomach I played with her pearl again making her body go in a circular motion with mine. One by one I placed my ring and middle finger inside of her making a come here motion while stabbing in and out. “I hate being the last to know s*** Toni” “TREY” she screamed as my palm slapped her harden clit and my fingers dug deeper. “Shut up” I slapped her ass again and slipped my hand out “Touch your Toes” she did just that I rubbed my d*** up and down her swollen pussy until I felt it had lubricated it enough. And without warning I entered her roughly. Clawing at her sides I dug deep reaching as far as I could while stabbing her s***. She began to clutch the wall trying to make some strength for her limp body but I stopped her by slapping her ass harder. “Did I tell you to move” “AHHH” she screamed holding her ankles while I speed up. I quickly slipped out of her and turned her my way not giving her much time to move I picked her up and placed myself back inside slowly tearing down her walls as he grabbed my shoulders for support making her mouth go into that perfect ‘O’ placing my hands under her knee caps I spread her even wider and grinded my hips making circles in her wet space I couldn’t lie and say I didn’t want to come but I had to prove a point to her.

Putting her feet back to the floor I still moved in and out of her, “You gon ride me till you come baby” “TREY” “I don’t believe that is a yes” biting down on her neck I sucked and nibbled until I knew I left a huge love mark. She squirmed in my arms as I knew she was reaching her peek. “Nope not yet, hold that s***” picking her limp body up I raced to the bed an fell back as she sat un top trying to readjust herself to the new position, but I wouldn’t give her the chance. Grabbing her arms with one of my hands I held then behind her back and started pumping up into her roughly. “Ride me Toni” “Trey please” she begged to allow me to let her come but I refused slapping her ass with my free hand I bounced underneath her faster making our bodies clap together. “TREYYY” “the next time I better be in the know or I will kill your s***” she slightly nodded her head as I let her hands go and watch as she clutched my chest quickly for support. “Come Toni” and without any other word she came hard on my d*** making her whole body shake until she passed out on the side. I quickly pulled out and came on the sheets beside us. Falling next to her I pulled her to me breathing just as hard as she was.

It had been a good hour before either one of us spoke. I knew she wasn’t sleep just by the rhythm of her breathing. Turning slightly I kissed the top of her head as she pulled me closer to her. “Trey I didn’t mean for that meeting to go as it did” “how did you know him” she took a minute to answer then leaned up looking me directly in the eye. The light coming from outside helped with me being able to see her facial expression. “Hey was my dinner date I spoke of the other day… I had just met him I swear and…” “shhh” I said placing my finger to her lip. “I can’t be mad at you because I mean we weren’t an item back then or whatever. I guess I was just jealous at the way he looked at you, and felt out of ‘the know’” I said rubbing my thumb against her cheek as her face folded into my palm perfectly. “The next time you get an opportunity like that just remember… well keep in mind” I froze again, what were we. “Keep in mind what we just shared” Toni answered with a slight smile on her face “how could I forget” I smiled and kissed her lips while placing her back on my chest.

haha dam trey u smooth af
im with @Team.Breezy4Lyfe ima need that number asap
but i like how trey can be about business and pleasure like he is pleasuring her to get to the bottom of her problem so I'm looking forward to their session
i wonder what else will be discovered
run it!

O s*** see thats wat im talkn bout trey baby show her the difference lol that was smooth as hell woke her up to breakfast then talkn bout class but she pulln yo card now lol yo ass aint even bout to be payn attention to ask nun lol game on baby run it

Damn...Trey put it got the number for his services? shoot, I need a therapist if that's how we do it now lol. Although she ain't have to stand up Tone like that. She could have at least called and told him no. That was rude on her part, but hell the way Trey put it down, who cares? lol Lawd, I hope she don't become pregnant thou. RUN IT


I barely got my answer out but I know he heard me; slowly he took his lips off of my body and stood to his feet helping me up at the same time. Grabbing my hand he led me inside and sat me down on the bed. He looked at for what seemed like forever as if he was studying my body I felt my skin begin to blush as I leaned my head to the side fighting to look at his strong gaze any longer. I heard a slight chuckle leave his lips as he kneeled down onto his knees spreading my legs wide. I began to pull at the strings on the side of my swim suit but was stopped me “allow me” his smooth hands brushed up my thighs as he untied my strings one after the other, peeling my wet swim suit from my body. “Wow” Trey said staring at me pearl, my breath began to quicken but I didn’t move. His hand brushed over my side then down to my pussy. Taken his middle finger he made light strokes on my clit allowing my juices to begin to spread. I felt my body jerk forward, “Trey” “shh” he whispered while moving his face closer while blowing on my swollen glistening clit. I closed my eyes tight and let my head fall back when I felt the connection. Slowly his tongue began to make circles on my clit driving me crazy. It was like he knew my spots and attacked them, without being rough with it. Painfully slow he flicked his tongue up and down my walls pulling my thighs closer to him making me feel the tingle and vibration of his every move “AHHHH” I screamed as he flattened his tongue and started to hum, my legs trembled and my stomach began to cave in, grabbing the sheets behind me I tried to pull myself from being so close on his face, but he only grabbed my legs tighter. Flicking his tongue faster digging inside of my hole, “Trey, I’m going to come” I whispered fighting to get the words out, but he heard me. Flicking faster I felt him writing cursive I couldn’t make out what he wrote but I knew the later T was capitalized.

“TREY” I yelled out one more time before clutching the back of his head pushing him deeper, while exploding on his face. Juice began to squirt upward as shock and ecstasy escaped me. I had never done that before. “wha…t in the” I tried to get out but couldn’t.

Smirking and licking his lips Trey stood back on his feet and that was when I grabbed him. Sliding his pants down quickly once again I heard him chuckle and take a step back. “Slow down, I’m not going anywhere” “come here please” I begged which only made him smile wider. “Slow down Toni” he spoke as if he was demanding me, and I like an obedient child nodded my head. He smoothly walked back in front of me as I sat up and kissed down his smooth stomach. He had a beautiful body. I had gotten to the brim on his Calvin Klein boxers and began to peel them down. My heart raced at a thousand miles per minute, I was anxious to see. Pulling them down past the shaft his man hood sprung up and caught nothing but my utmost attention. He was huge. Bigger than any guy I had ever been with and that spoke a lot, in a sense I was almost afraid of him. “Touch it Toni” slowly I grabbed the head and watched as pre-cum slipped out rubbing my thumb against it I felt his body tick but he stayed stock still. I began to move my head forward but he stepped back again. “No” I quickly looked up to him as he looked down at me, leaning forward so that I could move back. “I only want these lips to pleasure my d*** you understand” he said messaging my clit with his index finger “and I want these lips to kiss me” he spoke once more pressing his lips to mine kissing me with so much passion I had never felt before. I knew my body was coming to its peek again but he wouldn’t let my lips go to tell him that. Placing my clit between his thumb and index finger he began to flick over and over again making my head shoot back. “f***” “that’s right get it wet for me Toni” I grabbed his shoulders for support as he attacked my neck and breast leaving love marks on every part of my skin. “f*** me please” I spoke but he quickly stopped.

“I will not f*** you Toni” confused and horny I felt my face drop. Disappointment probably reeked through me “Allow me to make love to you…please” I felt the glow come back as I nodded yes to him. A small smile reached his face as he grabbed his man hood and pressed it against my opening, I moved a slight bit. “I promise to pull out of you” he said which made me feel a little better but still uncomfortable.

As he pushed himself all the way in I had to adjust to the size, I hadn’t had sex in months from all of the therapy classes I was taking plus Trey was way passed developed. “You feel lovely Ms. Carter” his hissed pressing his face in the crock of my neck moving in and out of me slowly. Hitting my spot over and over almost teasingly “Shiittt” “Normally I would have your ass in every position I could possibly think of until you screamed bloody murder” he spoke, hitting my spot harder as I dug my nails into his back trying to muffle my moans and move my hips to help calm the sensation. “but tonight I want you just like this, I want to get to know all of this pussy…you hear me” I couldn’t speak one word at that moment. With a smug look he lifted my right leg higher on his back hitting me at an angle causing my body to jerk a way it never had before. “You hear me baby” he dug his nails into my thigh making him go deeper with each thrust as his hips made an 8. “YES” “that’s my baby… hold me close Toni” and I did exactly that, holding onto him as if my life depended on it as he wore my body out, causing me to come numerous times, each shaken my body and causing me to squirt out like a squeaky faucet, that whole night we made love, until he came in the sheets beside us.

I had never made love before, I had never oozed when I came, and I had never been so tired from just missionary, but then again I had never been with a man like him before. I tried to fight my sleep as Trey wrapped clean sheets over our naked body but once my head hit his chest I allowed his heart beat to put me to sleep, another first.

I woke up that next morning to the smell of breakfast but I didn’t want to move, my body was sore and the lights from outside killed my eyesight. “Good morning beautiful” Trey spoke kissing all over my face “morning I said” getting up and finally opening my eyes, I turned to my nightstand to see a lovely breakfast of eggs, bacon and waffles. Smiling to myself I turned to him and saw that he was wearing all black again, with a notepad in his hands. “What” I asked as he stared at me. “I believe we had class today don’t you remember” he spoke with a smirk but you could tell he tried to remain as serious as possible. “Class really” “yes Ms. Carter, let us not forget why we took this trip in the first place… now please come” he now wore a smile from his play on words, but two could play at this game. Slowly I took a sip of my apple juice beside my plate and grabbed a piece of bacon. Sliding the covers off of my naked body I made my way over to him taking a seat right in front of him. “Ok let’s begin” I spoke matching the same smirk that he wore

I sat in the bed and held the pillow which still held Trey’s scent. Why did I give a damn about what he thought? I knew if I came here things would get complicated but I didn’t think it would be this bad. I stared at the card which held the number Tone gave me and reached for the phone that sat on the night stand. “Nothing personal” I said into the phone as it dialed the number.

“Hey, I don’t want to go out, how about you come over…so we could talk” I waited for his response which seemed to have taken forever since this was such a random call. “Yea ok” he spoke back. “Oh and Trey” “yea” “I’m sorry” “I’ll see you when I get there Toni” and with that he hung up. I stared at the phone for a good second then placed it back on the hook. Slipped on my swimsuit and unlocked the door. By the time I had gotten to the pool Trey walked in.
“I’m not getting in the pool Toni” he said not looking at me with much attitude in his voice “Then sit on the side” I said back to him while diving in. As I shot up for air he was sitting on the side with his feet in the water. “So why didn’t you go” “I didn’t want to” I swam close by him only to have him look passed me. “Look Trey no matter what was said earlier today…” “I don’t want to talk about that” “ok” I said making light waves around me. “What is your favorite color Toni” “uhh… purple” I was confused to where this conversation was going, but if it was a way for him to start talking to me again, I was going along with it. “Yours” “black” “why did I have a feeling you were going to say that” that was when his eyes looked at me for the first time “really” “yea I mean when I first came into your office you had a black couch black marble floor black people on your wall” I said laughing “and you only wore black” I then placed my attention to his clothes. “I never seen you wear color before well until now” “my father always wore black in his work place” “so you followed him” “yea”. I began to swim back and forth as his eyes stayed close on me. “Favorite food” I had to think for a second then began to laugh “nuggets” “what” “I love nuggets like I never want chicken I feel I have been feed chicken way to much as a child” “but you want nuggets, that sounds dumb” “it makes since to me” I said still laughing at his reaction. “What about you” “uhmm mac and cheese” that was when I stopped and looked at him as a childish like grin reached his face “are you serious” “dead ass when I was little I never wanted to eat what everyone else ate at the table, so my mother just made mac for me”.

“And you talk about me” “at least mine isn’t I like chicken without liking chicken. “Shut up” I shouted splashing him with water forgetting that he had on his clothes. “Damn Toni” “my fault I forgot” slowly he began to lift his shirt, causing my throat to tighten. “Don’t even think about it friend” Trey joked while throwing his wet shirt to the side. “You’re an ass you know that” “I kind of figured” “so what was up with you not going out tonight, you seemed geeked about it earlier” “I was honestly until we had our disagreement” “hmm” “for real I mean you know some things about me, so I guess I would consider you a close friend, so seeing you upset like that really threw me off” Trey slowly nodded his head then gave me a deep stare “was Kayla your only friend” “yea, I mean we had people we were cool with just because they gave us s*** like weed and free liquor but she was the only one who knew about all of my secrets” “is it because she was there with you through them all” “mostly yea, and also because she didn’t judge I mean she had dirt too but she could have easy looked at a story I told her and been like damn you dirty, nasty whatever and that would have been that but she never did” again Trey nodded his head. “Where are all of your friends” “I don’t have any” he said with a serious face then started to smile “naw uhmm I moved away from them” “where are you from” “Chicago” I scrunched my face

“You got a problem with Chicago people” he said mocking my stank face “no its just I would have never placed you there” “oh yea and where exactly would you place me Ms. Carter” “I don’t know just not there”. I slowly climbed out of the water and sat next to him on the side resting my head on his shoulder as we looked toward the sky “I don’t think friends sit like this Ms. Carter” “shut up and just go with the flow” I said laughing at him “just go with the flow” he said to himself then chuckled slightly. “Toni” “hmm” I said lifting my head only to be hit with the soft feel of his lips “Trey… I...” “shh just go with the flow” he whispered on my lips while leaning me closer and closer to the cement ground under us. “Can I take you to the bed Toni, please” he spoke in my ear slowly with deep lust in my ear. I held his face in my hands and stared into his eyes one good time before I made my decision.

I had to be walking in circles by now, I had no idea where I was and I could tell I was no longer in the tourist section of the city. I was now closer to some of the more impoverished neighborhoods. It was just a beautiful as the strip with the hotels if not prettier, kids ran around playing with the little toys they had huts and shacks built by hand held beautiful drawings on the side of their native flag and random things. It truly was an eye opener. “Fruit” I looked to the side of me and saw the prettiest little girl with gorgeous hazel eyes stand behind a fruit stand that held fresh fruit that all looked delicious, or maybe I was just hungry. “Sure, how much” “75 coins” picking up the biggest peach on the stand I took a bite and fell in love. “Here sweet heart, keep the change” I said handing her a 5 and continuing my walk.

“You sure make that peach look good” once again I was stopped but this time by a guy standing by a construction site. He didn’t have an accent like the rest of the islanders in fact it was more so American. “Well that is because it is” I said back wiping my mouth of any extra juice I may have. “<a href="">Tone Waters</a>” I began to laugh as he stuck his hand out to me “do I amuse you” he spoke while dropping his hand and looking at me with confusion. I quickly got myself together than stuck my hand out “Toni Carter” he then placed a humorous grin to his face. “How ironic, well Toni, you don’t seem to know much about this area. I had to have seen you walk in about 12 circles since I’ve stopped to take my break” “that is because I am lost, well not really lost but…uhmm” “lost” he finished in a joke “yea, well Mr. Tone you don’t have an accent yourself what are you doing here” “I’m an architect from Boston. Trade Village” “who they are killing the construction world” “yea so I’ve heard” he said gloating then finished “naw but we love to give back every once in a while so when we come across an opportunity and donations we try to help out as best we can” “that is amazing” I said truly in aww “you don’t hear about too many companies helping out others once they get to the top” “well we aren’t most companies, anyway Miss Toni what brings you to the beach” “oh…uhmm I came with a friend and well that is that story” I was now making eye contact with everything but him. “I see well would this friend be upset if I maybe ask to take you out tonight you know just to have two old Americans chat with one another” I wanted to scream to hell with my friend I’ll see you at 8 but I had to play it cool “That sounds fine, but just so you know I don’t really just go out with strange people I meet” “strange people huh” uh huh” “I don’t believe I’m strange” “how am I supposed to know that” “well strange is something that is unknown or odd to you, do I look odd” I felt my cheeks blush “no” “and you do know my name so I guess I am not unknown either” “you’re a smooth dude I see, have to keep my eye out on you” he playfully held his hands up “here is my number” he placed a business card in the my hand “call me, or text when you finally find your way to your room” “will do” I said as I took another bite from my peach and slowly turned away from him. Lord, help my find my way to that hotel I got things to do.

I had finally packed up all of my things and was just about to head out when I heard the door jingle. Toni walked in with the most radiant smile and sun kissed skin, that all seemed to get darker once she noticed me. “Hey” “hey” “Well I got our rooms separated this one will remain yours and I will be just across the hall, you know if you need me” “thanks” “no problem, so hey I was thinking we should go out tonight you now grab a bite to eat hit the night life see what’s going down in Barbados… just as friends” her face soon became even more pale as if that could be possible. “I would love too but I kind of already made plans” “plans, ok what did you have in mind” she sat in the bed and began playing with my suitcase zipper. “By plans I mean I’m going out with this guy I met not too long ago and he…” “Are you stupid a guy you met not too long ago Toni, you know nothing about this place. He could be crazy or worse” I watched as Trey began to grow heated “honestly Trey what is worse than crazy” I said trying to lighting the mood but clearly it wasn’t helping “Look it is only a small dinner date plus he is an American too so…” “So that means you can trust him” “why are you getting mad right now” “cause you are being dumb” “no dumb was coming here and being your damn test subject that was dumb” I was now to my boiling point but for some reason the look that Trey gave me after I said that made all my anger go away.

Quickly he grabbed all of his things and rushed to the door. “Trey…Trey” I ran right in front of him just before he could open the door. “Look at me… look at me” I said snatching his face to me “we are just friends, who allowed little things to cloud the real reason we came here, please don’t be mad at me, but I am going out tonight with or without your permission and as a friend I was hoping you would understand” I watched his face drop after every word I spoke “hey maybe you can go out to catch you something to play with…Trey please just under…” “I understand Toni. Tomorrow at 9 I will be over here to discuss your problem and only that” “wait my problem, since when were we calling it a problem” “good night Ms. Carter”

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“Trey…Trey…Dr. Neverson” “I am not sleep Ms. Carter” “Then why weren’t you answering me” “because it hurts to even think at this point let alone answer you” “damn grumpy” I said setting the Advil and water on the side table “I’m sorry, I just feel like s***” “I can tell you why” I said sitting on the bed next to him. “Do I even want to know” “probably not, but I will tell you anyway. After you left me you headed over Simone’s house then I guess headed to a bar, and came back here SLAPPED” “damn” he groaned “yup I almost beat your ass with a back scrubber, you broke the glass table by the door and was laid out flat on your face” “double damn well other than going to see Simone and driving drunk did I do anything thing else stupid” the first thing that popped into my mind was the kiss we shared that could have led to other things “no that was all” “I’m sorry Toni you probably think I am highly unprofessional” I slightly chuckled at his statement “Trey I thought you were unprofessional the day you pinned me up on your wall” that made him finally smile that gorgeous smile that I had grown to love. “Here take this then wash up and meet me by the pool” “Toni, I really don’t think that will be right we should continue this trip strictly professional doctor patient limits only”

“I have all day to tell you why I like to f*** but right now I really want to know what happened, you know between the two of you” “why” “well one I need to make sure that I won’t be scraping your ass up every time you go and see her, and two I can’t have a defective doctor” he nodded in understanding “give me 15, by the pool” “by the pool”

I watched as his frame gracefully walked out of the room and to the pool area. He truly was a beautiful man. “Got room for one more” I slowly slid over and he stepped in. “So” “so” “Toni look I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable on this trip” “it is not a matter of feeling uncomfortable I just … Trey what happened to y’all” “Like with” “how did y’all meet why did you break up... what happened with your son” “Toni” I placed my hand up to stop him “you can give me as much or as little information as you feel I need to know” a slow sigh left his beautiful heart shaped lips. Here we go.

“It was the 4th year me and Simone had been together she was my heart my everything, before I met her I was out there in the streets doing what the f*** I felt like. I wasn’t on any dope boy s*** but I hung with them so a lot of people placed me under that category” “y’all was together for 4 years” “6 really I met her my freshman year we dated all through high school and continued for some time in college” “dang, that’s crazy” “yup but yea it was the 4th year and we had just graduated I had gotten excepted to NYU and she was going to try her chances at Columbia, but god had another plan for us. She had gotten pregnant with my child so I turned down my chance to leave off and go to school” “why didn’t you still go just work out a schedule” “I wanted to put my energy into work, so my family would never want for anything” I nodded my head understanding

“well the first couple months after she had my son” I stopped him “wait what was his name” “T.J.” “Oh” “yea a few months after she had him he started to develop early signs of under development. They said it might have been a stage they missed during the process of Simone being in labor so the hospital took him in to do some test” at this time trey’s eyes were the color of jet black and he stared at me never blinking almost like if he did he knew a tear would fall, so I moved closer to him. “What happened when they ran test on him” “he had a harsh blood clot in his brain that was messing up the nerves they said the only way to fix him was to drain the blood and have a donor do a blood transfusion on him, a simple surgery that could be handled in two to three days” that was his breaking point a small tear finally fell but he still didn’t blink.

“Trey we don’t have to finish if you don’t want to” “No you wanted to hear the story so you’re going to hear it” he wiped away the few run away tears that clouded his vision then looked toward the sky. “His mother didn’t have the same type of blood that he need so they knew I had to be a match since I was his dad, so the ball was now in my court. I was a proud father then, I was about to save my boys life and all I had to do was sit back and draw blood” trey started to smile but I knew it wasn’t a happy moment for him he was losing it. “So yea they placed me right next to my boy and I held his small hand into mine as he sat there breathing out of a tube eyes closed waiting on daddy to save his life. As they drew my blood the doctors walked out of the room for a while, and then called Simone out of the room” a slight pause came in between his story.

“They quickly pulled the IV’s out of my arm and wheeled my boy away, I was confused you know throwing a fit like what the hell is going on” he was now demonstrating his rant on the water and I couldn’t lie and say I wasn’t afraid. “Trey what happened next” “Comes to find out, I wasn’t the match either” “what” “my blood wasn’t the same type as his and mixing such as that was messing up the cells in his body” “That doesn’t make sense if Simone wasn’t the blood type and she was the mother the only other option is the father the only way you wouldn’t match s if…oh” I quickly stopped myself and that is when his head quickly snapped to me “Toni I know what you are thinking and don’t that was my child, I KNOW IT WAS MY SON” he lost it and like a snapped twig trey broke down crying hard.

I didn’t know what to do the only person I ever had to console was my best friend Kayla and she broke down every other blue moon. “Trey, please don’t cry” I slowly walked toward him and held him in my arms as he broke down on my shoulder. “That was my child wasn’t it Toni” I didn’t want to be the one to tell him no “Yes Trey, that…that was your son, god just wanted him for another purpose” he moved at a snail’s paste out of my arms then looked at me strong and hard. “Trey I know this might be the wrong time but, you skipped how you an Simone met” he slowly shook his head, “she was out there a sex addict... ever since her father raped her at a young age she was turning her body to sex at the age of 14 to feel that satisfactory for that moment”

I quickly backed away from him, she was a sex addict…she was me “I had gotten with her and did small practices with her i read online and in books to uhmm try and help her, but they didn’t seem to work so my last resort was…” I stopped him “to get her pregnant, Trey did you treat her just like you treat me” “yea, well no I have gotten a degree in this since then I am a professional now Toni the things I do to you are” “the SAME s*** YOU DID WITH HER” that is when it hit me “trey are you… are you trying to get me pregnant to make up for your loss” “Toni that is a low blow, and you know I would never do you like that” he tried to walk toward me in the water but I stepped back even more. “How do I know trey she was a sex addict, so am I. She had a troubled past so do I, she couldn’t give you what you wanted so now you try and take it from me”

“Toni please do not take it this way” “Trey I think it be best if we share separate rooms and take a second off from this so called ‘treatment’” once again he stepped forward but I had, had enough you were not about to treat me like number two climbing out of the pool I began my way to the door but didn’t feel his presence behind me. “I won’t give up on you Ms. Carter” “I just need some time Dr. Neverson, I’m going out into town, by the time I come back please have separate rooms ready”

“Toni… Toni… TONI” by the time he was yelling my name I had already grabbed my swim wrap and my purse and was out of the door.

The whole day trey and I walked up in down random shops in the down town areas. It was beautiful; no one has ever done things like this for me, we shopped well I shopped while he bought all of the things I even hallway had my eyes on. I told him I was starting to feel bad about taken his money like this but fro some reason he just kept insisting that I get what I like.

“Eat it” he laughed trying to shove an oyster in my face “Nooo” I screamed as trey was now on his second oyster at this cute little hole in the wall dinner. “How are you going to come on the beach and not try new things” “I go some cat fish” I said laughing at the face that he made “you can get that from Publix…here I swear you will like it” “Trey that thing is slimy” he smirked eating it again this time making sucking noises “Maybe that is why I like it” “You disgust me” “really” he wore a shocked humorous face that made me blush. “Yea really” “If you try it I’ll be your best friend” “I don’t need my doctor to be my best friend” “Ouch I’m your doctor now” “You always were” I said picking at my food “was I your doctor last night” I felt my cheeks burn from his intense gaze “Try it” I slowly touched the shell that rested in his hand and jumped back in fear “It’s so nasty” “come on girl” this time trey moved his chair closer to me “here I’ll hold it, just tilt your head back” I slightly licked my lips and did as he said “Open wide, and don’t chew it just savor the taste then swallow” “Trey are you turning this into porn” I said smiling with my head still tilted back.

As if in slow motion I closed my eyes and waited for trey, the cold shell touched my bottom lip as he tilted his wrist causing the slimy bit to slide into my mouth. A salty lemony favor danced on my tongue as I let it slip down my throat, delicious. I hadn’t realized my eyes were still closed and head still tilted back until trey spoke up again “want another one” “yes” and again he fed me another slowly feeding it to me causing the muscles in my body to tense up. “That was delicious” “see I told you, stick with me kid I’ll turn you on to new things” I quickly shot my head up and gave him a death glare that made him crack up. “So I hate to be the party pooper at tables but what do you and Ms. Simone have planned tonight” “always eager to be in the know Ms. Carter” “just felt that I should be in loop being that you are leaving me tonight” “damn make you come one time and already I can’t leave the house” he side sipping his beer. I couldn’t help but burst into laughter “Naw but for real she said she just wants to speak, saying it was awkward for her to be here working while…” “While” I questioned trying to get him to finish “while you are here” “what why” “well all of a sudden she has these mystery feelings that popped up” “what do you think” I said now fully into the story “I think she is jealous” “why would she be I mean, she was beautiful and I’m…” “If you are about to down grade yourself I would just stop right there” “I’m just saying” “well don’t I’m just going to talk to her, explain that I can no longer be a part of this play with here and I have other things to focus my attention on, and if she can’t understand that I think it is far from time for he to go ahead and resign” I felt bad then. I didn’t want to be the reason anyone lost their job I mean it wasn’t even clear what me and trey had. “And it wouldn’t be your fault any decision that I make is mine and not influenced by any outside comments” he said with a stern face that soon turned into a smile. “Want to try my cat fish” I said awkwardly trying to lighten the mood.


I knocked on Simone’s hotel door and waited for her to open. “Just a second” I heard he shout out and truly I was only going to give her a second “Tremaine, hi how are you, come in” I followed behind her into her room and stood close to the door “Simone what is up why the sudden invite” “I just wanted two old friends to get together you know, come have a seat” she placed herself on the couch and then began to move the pillows around making a spot for me. “I don’t have time for this” I said starting to open the door back “Tremaine wait, please” “WHAT” “WHY HER” “what” “you have never taken so much interest into a client as you do her. s*** let me take that back after I was your little test subject you haven’t treated anyone like this” why was she bringing up the past. “I’m doing my job Simone” “are you, or are you treating her just like you treated me” “why does it matter” “because” “BECAUSE WHAT” “I STILL LOVE YOU TREMAINE, and you got me driving other chicks up to you as if it is ok and you giving them that look that you once gave me and I’m supposed to be ok with that” “if you can’t handle it Simone maybe this isn’t the job for you” I said opening the door fully and stepping out. “Oh really, so you just going to give up on this, on a job I helped you build” I was now standing in front of my car trying to get in only to have her rush in front of me. “You swore on our sons life you would forever take care of his mommy, who is his mommy trey” “Simone” “WHO” “I can’t fight with you right now, especially with you bringing up our son like that, that was a low blow Simone even for you” I pushed her out of my way then climbed into my truck. I looked at Simone as tears now flowed from her eyes she knows I hate to see her cry, she was probably the only women I would ever want to stop from crying just because I never wanted to see her hurt. “Simone” “No trey, don’t say good bye if you don’t mean it” “I am just working I have not grown feelings for this girl” “so could there be…” “I don’t want to talk about this right now” quickly her eyes dried up, too quickly. “Ok so I will see you later” “Yea later” I said backing up as she rushed into her hotel room as if nothing had just happened. “Oh I need a drink”


I couldn’t tell you the time but I knew it was late and trey hadn’t come back yet. So I decided to take a quick shower and lay it down. As soon as I had gotten half way clean I heard the front door slam and then a few things drop as if an unwanted guest was entering. I quickly grabbed my robe and turned the water off trying to hear the person again. “OWWW” I heard his voice say “trey” I yelled from the behind the bathroom door, but got no response. “Oh s***” I said running around the small bathroom trying to find a weapon. All I could find was a back scrubber but I was going to use it, wrapping my hair up tight I slowly got to the door and started bouncing around like Tyson. “Y’all messing with the wrong one tonight” with force I kicked the door opened and karate kicked into the room to see the figure still lying on the floor next to the broken table. I moved slowly toward it to hear him moan in pain again. Just as I was about to swing on the figure I heard him say my name “Trey what the hell” I threw down the scrubber and rushed to flip trey over to see he was clear drunk and cut up. “Trey what the hell dude” “I’m sorry Tonya” “Toni” I corrected “yea I’m sorry” “f***, come on dude” I lifted trey with the little strength I had and walked him to the bathroom, as he stumbled the whole way. “Trey when you sober up I am going to kill you”

I leaned him against the counter taking off his jacket and throwing it on the closed toilet seat. “Man you truly got hammered” I said taking a cloth and wetting it wiping away the few cut marks on his face. “I really f***ed up tonight” “shh its ok” “noooo please let me finish I f***ed up, I went to sims house” “Simone’s hotel room” “yea I shouldn’t have gone” “trey it is ok come on” I walked him back out to the room and sat him on the bed “where are your sweats” he never said anything just quickly dropped his back to the bed scaring the s*** out of me. “Trey TREY” “please stop yelling at me gorgeous, my head really hurts” taking a big sigh I said a small prayer for strength and walked toward him. “Sit up for me please” I spoke as if I was talking to a child and slowly he sat up. I moved in between his legs and began taking off his shirt. Once fully off I reached for the buckle on his pants only to have him grab my hand and stare me down hard in my face. “You are beautiful” “Trey” before I could finish he pulled me down to him kissing me long and hard, with so much passion behind it.

I don’t know how but soon I ended up underneath him and he had his hands roaming my body. I had to stop this, but it was hard I was starting to feel that pressure, he was bringing about my disorder and I was starting to lose the battle. “Trey…trey please stop” “let me feel you please” he said slipping his hands to my thighs trying to get them open but I had to stop this. “No” I yelled and pushed his drunken body off of me. “I’m not about to have sex with you in this state trey” “why does everyone keep yelling at me, what am I doing wrong” he spoke as if he was a heart broken child and it touched my heart. Slowly I moved next to him and pressed my back against the head board pulling his head into my lap. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to yell, just please go to sleep” and before I knew it, he was in a heavy snore.

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I was lying on my stomach as trey was in the shower washing off the beach water; I slowly began to fall asleep when I heard the shower water shut off. Originally I wasn’t going to make anything out of this but when I heard trey call my name I knew my slumber would soon be over. “Toni” “what” “can you grab that lotion out of my bag and come here please” “why can’t you grab it” I answered back with much attitude.

“you just love being difficult don’t you” I heard the humor in his voice, which made me roll my eyes and turn toward the bathroom door to cuss him out, but my voice got caught in my throat when trey walked out in nothing but a towel. “Tre-Trey” “Yes Ms. Carter” he said with a sly grin to his face as he slowly walked toward his duffle bag. Beads of water dripping off of his body into his towel that covered him, I soon felt my legs begin to quiver. “Next time you will just do as I say I assume” Trey spoke but honestly he was better off talking to himself I was too into that deep increase on the side of his stomach to answer him right now.

“Toni, Toni” he slightly yelled “yes” “are you alright” “huh” I shook myself out of a daze to see just Trey’s head sticking out of the bathroom door. “Can you hand me that lotion out of my bag” quickly I jumped up to grab it “yea here” “eager to help Ms. Carter” “yea and I didn’t want you to come out of there you know dripping, I mean with just a towel on” “aint no towel in here Ms. Cater” “huh” I felt my eyes buck. That’s when he burst into laughter and shut the door behind him leaving the scent of his body wash in the air. “God” I mumbled

As we both laid in the bed him at the bottom and me at the top with my feet sitting on his back we both felt beyond sleepy but couldn’t get our eyes to shut. “Toni is it true that you have never been in love with some one before” “yes” I mumbled not to sure where the conversation was headed. “The only things I have ever loved was sex my mother and best friend” “and your father” “Trey I couldn’t tell you who that man was if he was standing in front of me” slowly trey rose from the bed and allowed his back to hit the bottom bed post but left my feet on his thigh slowly messaging the heel to the balls of my toes. “Sex is how you cope with every aspect of life” “pretty much I mean it has gotten to a point where I can control it, but sometimes it is like a heavyweight sitting on my lower half and I need a release”. In the dark with just the moon coming through the door I could still see Trey’s dark eyes staring a hole into me, digging.

“Have you felt that need to release lately Toni” tighter he clutched my foot pressing his thumb into my heel and sliding it up causing my pussy to jump, how? “No… Well I mean only when you uhmm mmm when you tease me” “why don’t you tell me things like this Toni, you are supposed to tell me when you feel that rush” deeper his voice had become and he quickened his thumb strokes on my foot. I can’t explain the feeling but it was like he was touching me in other places, I felt it on my clit but he was nowhere near it. “Trey” “tell me when you feel it Toni”. I needed to grab something, anything the bed sheets, pillow something. “TREY!!!” “That’s it Toni, let it out” “I I…I “ “RELEASE” and as if he controlled my insides my body began to shake. My breathing was at its peak and I felt the beads of sweat beginning to cloud on my fore head, then I let go.

“Why…Why” “take your time” he spoke softly placing my foot underneath the covers “why would you do that” “I want to get to know the things you love Toni, and since your mother has passed and your best friend is behind bars that only leaves sex” “wait…what I don’t” “shh Ms. Carter it is late, please do not over think this we have plenty of time to get into explanations, now go to sleep” “I’m not really tired” “well then maybe I can offer you a back rub until you fall asleep” “NOOOOOOOOOO goodnight” I said propping up my pillow and pulling the covers over my body causing trey to laugh at me.

The sun was the first thing I had woken to this morning Trey was no longer in the bed but once again outside the doors with his phone. “Why are you making this hard” I knew who he was talking to just by the sound of his voice, b**** “I’m not about to play circles or 21 questions with you I’m grown Simone” that’s right tell her ass to take hike. “Yes…I said yes didn’t I” yes what? “I will have a driver pick you up around 8 be ready” what, why ughh. I stood to my feet and made my way to the door just before he ended his call. “Morning Ms. Carter” “Morning” “hungry” he said pointing to the plate that was set on the small table outside “sure” I said awkwardly then took my place at the table. “So what are the plans today” “well you and I are taking a trip into town just to hang for a bit, and then I’m going to see Simone” I quickly choked on my drink. “What” i muttered

“I’m sorry. If you don’t want me to I won’t go, but I swear it will be the only time I am away from you." “No it’s not that” I said gathering my thoughts he told the truth. “No man has ever admitted to me that he was going to see another woman so, fluently” “I have no reason to lie to you Toni” he wore a serious face that read many things but unlike him I couldn’t make them out. “Now quickly eat up we have much to do” “I really don’t have much of an appetite” I said pushing my plate only to have him push it back toward me “eat” “if I eat anymore I will be big as a house” “you think your fat Ms. Carter” “Well I mean” “eat” he said more stern standing to his feet and making is way back into the room “besides fat always makes food taste better” quickly my head shot toward the clear window but he was already gone into the bathroom.

The rest of the day I hadn’t seen trey after that quick conversation we had, he allowed me to get some shut eye saying he had work to take care of. It was now about 12:45 and I was upset that I had taken that nap now I will be up all night. Growing tired and restless just lying on the bed I went toward the doors and saw Trey standing by the water on his phone in deep conversation. Slipping off my shoes I took a deep breath and made my way to him. “I understand that, please don’t I cannot deal with this right now, I working Simone” why was he talking to her… or better question why was I jealous.

As soon as I had gotten close enough for him to see me out of his blind spot he gave a small smile than pulled me into him with his left arm. “Allow me to call you back on a MUCH later date” I don’t know what it was maybe the chilling breeze; yea let’s blame it on that but in a reaction my arms snaked around his waist as I pulled myself closer causing him to look down toward me. “Good bye Simone”. As he hung up he made a heavy sigh than wrapped his other arm around me. “I don’t think doctors hold their patients like this” “I know, but right now I really just need this” “Want to talk about it” he carefully without breaking out grasp sat me down on the sand with him. “Who is the doctor here Ms. Carter” “Well I’m no expert here but I know when someone needs a shoulder so spill” he looked toward me than back out to the water.

“Have you ever been in love Toni, with a person that you would give anything to be with” I had to take a second and think about that question “do you mean as in a friend because I love my best friend Kayla with everything” he lightly chuckled at my comment then bit his bottom lip “No I mean like in a relationship Ms. Carter” “Oh in that case than no” “then it will be hard for you to understand but, when you give someone every part of you than you do your own self you balance your life to work with theirs you break your old habit of f***ing up and turn to start a family and then it doesn’t work out for whatever reason god has intended, it seriously hurts” “Is she trying to get back into your life” “In a way I feel that she is, but I don’t know if I truly don’t want her to or afraid we do decide to try it again and it doesn’t work”. My heart sunk.

“Well your right I don’t know anything about this topic but I do know that sometimes people break up and they truly needed to separate themselves from each other and some people break up because that was just the right words at that time” I lifted my head from his chest and made sure to give him heavy eye contact. “If you feel a certain way about someone Trey, fight for it” “his eyes glistened than became dark once more. “I will” silence broke out between us as we shared a deep stare off; beginning to feel uncomfortable I cleared my throat and broke out of his grasp. “Now enough of this sadness we are in Barbados let’s do something crazy” a sly smirk appeared on his face and I returned it slipping off my top, and unbuckling my pants. Trey began to clear his throat and try to make eye contact with everything beside me but I knew he could not contain himself much longer.

Once I was in my bra and panties I stood to my feet and looked back to him, “how about a late night swim Mr. Neverson” that was when trey’s once awkward face became relaxed “Let’s” he said slipping his pants off and standing stock still in his boxers. God why did I decide to do this, “Last one in sleeps at the bottom” “But we had already decided that I” before I could finish trey jetted toward the water.

We ran and splashed in the ocean like little kids thankful that this was a private beach or else we would have many complaints about the nose. “Why did we do this that was so stupid” I said in heavy laughter shivering from how cold the water was “I believe I won Ms. Carter” “you cheated” “I would never cheat” he was now wearing a deep expression on his face very sensual and it pulled me in. Before I could stop myself I was standing inches in front of him, allowing trey to wrap his arms around me and pull me closer to his toned body. “What do you want Ms. Carter tell me” I didn't truly know the answer to that but I had a hunch he would pull something out of me “Tell me” he demanded grabbing my legs and wrapping them around his waist “a kiss but I know it would be out of the question” trey than came closer to my face I knew for sure he was going to kiss my lips but instead he kissed my cheek and left a trail to my neck on my spot “Yes today it is out of the question, but soon Ms. Carter it will not be” and with that he kissed my spot once more I think just to hear me moan than placed me back down on my wobbly legs. “Come it is late we have a long day tomorrow” he spoke grabbing my hand and leading me to the shore. He most defiantly has me wide open.

I rode by myself to Barbados, I guess Trey had already made his flight in, I couldn’t say I was upset with that, it gave me a chance to breath before I got around him. I don’t know what it was that he did to my body, but it was like electric shocks pulsed through me every time. I hope being with him will help the issues and not make it any worse.

As I grabbed my only suitcase off of the conveyor belt I looked around the small airport for trey or a sign of some sort, but got nothing. “Lord please don’t let this be a setup” as I continued out of the doors a young lady about my age quickly stepped out of the car with a sign that read “Toni” god she was gorgeous, a caramel tone, with a short mahogany bob that made her face pop she had strong cheek bones and big pouty lips, she had to be about 5’9 5’10 at the most with a petite build. All of a sudden my confidence had sunk, maybe I truly didn’t have anything to worry about with trey, since almost all of his workers were drop dead gorgeous, and I well I’m an addict. “Hello Ms. Carter my name is Simone, I was sent to pick you up by Mr. Neverson” she had a perky accent that would normally drive me crazy but for some reason it fit her perfectly. “Do you have all of your things gathered Ms. Carter” “Yes and please just call me Toni” “alright, right this way Toni”

As we pulled up to the beach house Simone stopped the car right in front of the door and stared me down as if I was supposed to know what happens next. “What” I asked as she continued to look at me, “This is your stop Toni” “You’re not coming in with me” “I was only ordered to pick you up and drop you off” I could hear the bitterness in her voice, she liked trey too. “Will I see you on this trip at any other point of time” I asked trying to see if I could get more information out of her. “Unfortunately I am afraid not I believe Mr. Neverson wants a one on one session with only… you” her voice trailed off as Trey’s tall figure began to make its way toward our car. As he opened to the door for me the once gloom look that sat on Simone’s face was now replaced with a Barbie like smile as if she rehearses that on a regular. “Good evening Mr. Neverson, I brought you a gift” I guess she was trying to make a joke but neither I or him laughed, pitiful “Thank you Simone enjoy your trip” trey spoke pulling me out of the car and helping me with my bag.

We waited until she drove off to make any sudden movements “You know she really likes you” “I know” he grabbed the handle on my bag and walked toward the door. “you know she likes you and you hired her, isn’t that mixing too may emotions in the work place” “Toni didn’t you just get here, already so eager to be in the know” “well I kind of figured if I’m going to be staying with you I could at least learn as much about you as you are trying to learn from me, you know to make it more comfortable” when he opened the door is when I felt my heart drop.

It was beautiful, but in the form of a studio, “Where is my room” “right here” he said throwing my luggage on the bed carefully, “Ok that is great, uhmm where is your room” “right here” “TREY” “chill Toni like I have already told you a million times I will not try anything on you that you do not wish or desire” I looked from him to the bed to the door than back to him. “I have the top so that means…” “I will take the bottom Toni” he laughed as if this s*** was a joke to him. “Yea keep joking let’s see who is laughing tonight when I kick you straight off the bed” “a wild sleeper huh, I have learned another trait of you without even trying” “But for some reason I can’t get anything from you” I sat next to my luggage on the bed while he stood by the bed post. “Alright I was going to wait until we had a fresh start in the morning but what is it that you would like to know Toni” I thought for a second then my mind flashed to all of the pretty woman I happen to see around his work place.

“Why do you hire so many woman” he stopped before he spoke than placed a smirk to his face, “I am a man Toni and I like what I like, I couldn’t see myself asking another man to pour me coffee when the damn coffee maker is right to the side of my vision, Plus it looks good when I am doing a business deal with a male client they get all happy from the ladies and the press thinks I support women’s rights in the work place” “How many of them have you had sex with” I asked this time his face shrunk he took a seat next to me on the bed “Only one” “Your joking all of those women and you only had one in your bed” “Yup” “which one was it the blonde… she is always super thirsty to see you, no or is it the one by your office she be too quick to stand up and get your door. I knew it” “It was none of those Toni” I was shocked

“I was once in a serious relationship with a young lady, 7 years of my life was devoted to her we built a business together and had a child, but unfortunately my child didn’t make it, and from there everything had changed” I felt like s*** once he told me that “Trey I am so sorry, maybe I shouldn’t have brought it up” “No it is ok, I ask you personal questions so I guess it is only right for me to inform you as well” “After the break up did you guys stay in touch I mean you had a business together I would think so…right” I said now completely facing him. A small smile reached his face again “Yea we still talk; in fact I gave her specific orders to have a nice trip” So it’s Simone.

I've been waiting on you to get back to this story! I love it!
Run it!!!

I remeber this story i was wondering wer u had went run it

i am loving this story so far!!! i love it cus its different and unpredictable. i will admit i am a lil sad its not Chris lol but its okay Trey is fine toolol

ok so the part in the letter where he says " i know you are looking at this letter with that smug look you give when u are confused" my mouth dropped cus even i was confused like whaaaattt lol but where everybody at they missin out this is GOOD.
cant wait for the next add runnnnn it!



I stomped my way through the office pissed, angry upset s*** please give me another adjective cause that was what I was feeling. Who did he think he was dealing with, I was a patient with a natural problem not some play thing that did stupid experiments like get pinned up on the wall and travel the globe with my doctor. Walking straight pass the blonde I usually speak too before making my way upstairs I slammed on the elevator numbers and felt the smoke leave my ears. “Good morning Ms. Carter I think you are a slight bit early” the receptionist from the upstairs office tried to warm me but by god if she didn’t move she would feel my raft.

Pushing through his door I caught him mid bite into his food. “Eager as always Ms. Carter” “Are you f***ing kidding me what the hell is this” I spat throwing the papers to him having one of the envelopes land in his plate. Gracefully as if he wasn’t fazed he knocked the paper over and continued on his eating. “That is an offer to help you on a deeper intimate level” “I don’t get you” I threw myself to the couch and laid flat on my back watching the ceiling. “Can you really help me” “Yes, I do believe I can” “but” “but you have to allow me to try new things with you, I need to actually learn you Toni, your are the first of any patients that I’ve had that I feel actually has a story behind her problem not just an outbreak of wanting attention” I took my eyes off of the ceiling and placed them on his serious almost mocking face.
“So why do we have to leave the country, why not work here but have longer hours” “You’re comfortable with me yes, but honestly how comfortable are you in my office” it took me a minute to understand I loved his office, it was nice the skyline behind his desk was breath taking and the dark wood that graced my surroundings made it easy to talk to him, why did we have to leave. “I am not trying to take advantage of you Toni that is why I gave you the choice of making your decision on your own, but I honestly feel leaving is what is best” the look in his eyes spoke something I couldn’t read and that pissed me off being that it was like he could read me like a book. “I wouldn’t do anything you were not 100 percent comfortable with Toni, do you trust that” he stood to his feet and made his way toward me. Today he wore dark black jeans with a black v neck shirt; he was casual but still wearing black. Stepping in front of me he got down on both of his knees and grabbed the edge of my thighs, causing my breath to stiffen. “Do you trust me Ms. Carter” I don’t know if it was the fact that I did trust him or the fact that when his arms are on me I would tell him anything he wanted to hear if he asked, but whatever it was made me nod yes to him. “So does that mean you are making this trip” I felt his hands rub up and down my thigh in small mini circles, what his touch was bringing to my body it was almost toxic. “Yes” I damn near moaned out while a satisfied small reached his ears. “Good now I don’t want any counseling today I want you to get ready pack your things do what you need to do we leave in two days ok” he spoke as if he was my father or a dominant, and I was going the whole time. If I didn’t catch myself I am sure I would have spit out a yes sir.
I guess I was going to Barbados with my doctor.

I rode by myself to Barbados, I guess Trey had already made his flight in, I couldn’t say I was upset with that, it gave me a chance to breath before I got around him. I don’t know what it was that he did to my body, but it was like electric shocks pulsed through me every time. I hope being with him, will help the issue and not make it any worse.

<b>The best way for a teacher to learn from its student to become the student, and allow you to teach me, Ms. Carter I feel you have more potential than you let off and I want to be the one to bring that out of you. Your past from this point on is what I want to find out, and your presence is what will get me the answers that I need. In this envelope is a ticket to my beach house in Barbados. I want you to be my house guest, I know by now you are looking at this letter with that smug look you always give me when you are confused, but this is an all-expense paid trip. Think of it as a vacation away from hell, while getting the cure that you need.

Toni, you told me earlier in our appointments that you trusted me; well this is your chance to prove that to me, join me and by the end of the trip if you feel no change, if honestly you can say to yourself you were better off staying cooped up in my office dealing with a stupid timer that cuts us off every time we get to the good stuff, well then Toni I will reimburse you all of the money you put into my practice and resign as your counselor. Do not think too hard of this, please it is as simple as it gets. Any other questions you may have can and will be answered tomorrow, along with your answer, which, I am hoping will be a yes.

Dr. Tremaine Neverson</b>

Visions of yesterday’s meeting clouded my thoughts, I’ve heard about sexologist participating with their patients, but that was when they had arousal problems. I was perfectly fine when it came to the turn on part, so why was he choosing that method to handle my problem. I feel as if he is naturally making it worse than it originally is, fine ass doctor grinding into my behind forcing me to say what he wants me to say, damn. “Good morning Toni how are we today” “Fine I guess” I watched as he grabbed his chair and placed it in front of me like always but, this time he didn’t stare me down like normal. “Toni I want to try something with you, something I feel will only be for your benefit” “will it be anything like yesterday” my mouth had gotten ahead of me, but it was too late to take it back now. His soft lips curled into a smile before he licked his lips to continue. “Did you not like the exercise we practiced the other day” “No I loved it but I thought, you do things of that sort with patients who have problems with their sexuality not ones who are thinking of ways to have sex with everyone in this office” once more my trap was speeding off without my consent. “Toni for me to know you and your problem I need to know how you function sexually, so on occasions I might try certain things with you, but is not to pressure you it is to learn you” I had to chuckle at his try at playing me, who did I look like “So do you tell that to all of your female patients or is this a new phase” “As amusing as you may find it Ms. Carter, you are the first client I have chosen this specific practice on” “and why is that” “Once more, if I give you all of my secrets I don’t think I would have you as a client anymore Ms. Carter”. A bright grin graced his face while he picked up his notepad a flipped through a few of the pages.

“Your first time was with a complete stranger how, do you feel about that” I hated when he did that, we would be going well in a deep conversation and here he comes to make it very much serious and almost intimidating. “Well at the time it was cool because it was along with my best friend so I didn’t feel out of the loop or like a hoe” “so Kayla, your best friend was a virgin to” “I mean that is what she told me at the time, it wasn’t until later that the truth came out” “so your best friend kept secrets from you, put you in crazy situations and encouraged you to be proud of that, tell me where is Kayla, like as in life wise” I froze for a second to gather myself before tears formed in my eyes. “She is in jail, for life” “for life, that is pretty serious, may I ask why” a slow tear fell down my face as I took my eyes back to my comfort zone, the skyline behind his head.

“Once we had gotten to FAMU we were living the life, everyone on campus seemed to love us, Kayla even more than me. But I can assume you know why; well one night at a party there was a football player, captain to be exact. He wanted me so bad but I didn’t like him he was a complete jerk to me, so Kayla who was head over heels for him, took him well I allowed her too” “She didn’t see a problem in taking a guy who once liked you” “no, because I told her I was cool with it, no use in wasting a good guy” I slightly chuckled but nothing was funny. “Well once I gave him to Kayla they were going strong for months a perfect couple in my eyes that was until she began to lose serious weight, my Kayla didn’t look like the Kayla I once knew…

“K we are going to the hospital you look horrible you can’t keep anything down and you are pale” Kayla tried to fight me but it was all in vain being that she had little to no strength in her body, once we got to the hospital I remember them carrying her away so I knew it had to be serious. So being a good friend I called up Chance, that was her football boyfriend and told him to meet me at the hospital.

“So during this process you had no clue on what might have been going on” “no, not until the doctors allowed our party to come see her” at this point tears were pouring out of my eyes, Trey handed me a box of tissues to wipe what I could away but it wasn’t truly stopping them from running. “when we walked into the room she was crying her heart out I walked to her trying to touch her have her look at me tell us what was wrong but all she did was skip pass my eyes and land her attention on Chance…

“I’m going to kill you” Kayla screamed while snatching cords and IV’s out of her skin, I tried to hold her back but her anger pushed her adrenaline to a point that I could do nothing. Running out to the hallway I yelled for a nurse of doctor to help me constrain her but it was too late.

“What happened” “I shouldn’t have left the room” “Toni what happened next” “she had taken a small blade that the doctors used to cut the IV cords and slice Chance’s neck, killing him slowly, “Why did she want to kill him what made her that angry to a point where she would want to harm a person that much” small birds in the distance flew off of the buildings I watched in the background the sun was still bright but hid behind huge buildings, it truly was a beautiful view. “Did you organize your room like this specifically” I could tell trey was taken aback by my comment but went along with it. “Yes, I wanted my clients to see the scenery and become calm comfortable relaxed” “It is defiantly a fine choice the way you fixed this room” “Toni” I heard the slight urgency in his voice which brought me back to reality. “He had given her full blown aids and there was nothing the doctors could do about it, the courts seemed to not even care though murder is murder, they locked her up faster than you could say damn. Now she is dying behind bars all because she served her own justice… Chance was supposed to be mine, I was supposed to be the one dying” “Toni you can’t control how things work out sometimes you just have to believe it is all for a specific reason” “Trey do you believe in God” once again I felt that I had taken him off guard with my question. “Well I am not supposed to mix religion in my practices but yes Toni, I do, and I believe there is a reason you are here today and Kayla is where she is, and whatever that reason may be we must live with it” why was he such a beautiful man. “Toni I want to try something with you I never tried before, I want you to take this envelope home with you and read it over, and when you get here tomorrow give me your answer” “why don’t we go over it right now” and before any other speaking could be done the timer went off “Cause I believe our time here is up, read it and tell me your answer tomorrow” “Ok” standing to my feet I handed him back the box of tissues he had once handed me then placed a huge smile to my face, just to ensure him that I was ok, as he returned a smile I gathered my things then left his office.