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For tHe Ladi3s!!!!!!!

If yall got to spend 1 day with Chris Brown, what would yall do? And don't lie!!!!


act stupid wit my other friends all day at kings dominion or somewhere. as long as we're actin stupid and havin fun lol

~* !t'$ J@d3 Tw33tY h3R3!!! r3Pp!N 2010*~

i guess just Chill... i mean he normal.....i would want to got to an amusement park but i would just chill with the young man
ToO_DeCeNt!!!........WaIt TiL My VoIcE GrAcEs ThE AiRwAvEs

whow we would do too much it's unexplainable it's just too much we would do anything everything except 4 losing my virginity

make out, no wateva he wanna do, so dat, he can b happy, nd he will wanna c me again


whatevea he want!

wit undieing love and support
always & forever!
yo gurl Laureen!

What I would do iz let he sing all he wants have dinner,a movie kinda like a date!