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Playing the Field<3

Kherington sat in the car waiting outside of her school stadium. She could hear all the screaming that was going on outside of her window. The cold November air sent chills through her dodge avenger as she blew on her gloved covered hands. Shouts erupted from the stadium doors as a signal the game was over and also a sure sign her school had won. Kheri waited a few minutes longer for Nick to make his way to the car. After 10 minutes she started up the car just as Nickolas jumped into her passenger side, making her jump out of her seat.

"b****! Tell me why in the hell did you leave during half time? Cause girlll Chris was showing out for the rest of the half. Especially as he ran down the field. Touchdown after touchdown with those tight gray football pants that shaped his nice little a--"

"Nick really?" Kherington interrupted before he could finish.

"Nu huh boo, I don't know why you're yelling at me. You're here," nick signaled with his hand above his head, "And I need you to be here. okay?" he concluded while pointing to a place leveled with his chin.

Kheri rolled her eyes at her best friend Nick. Somedays she thought it was a good idea to have a very outspoken gay best friend, but on other days like this, not so much. But she was thankful, only two months in this small town and he took her in. Intrigued by her beauty but caught off guard how she never flaunted what she had.

"Anyways..." she dragged on, "you ready to grab some food?"

"Um DUH!" Nick screamed.

She slapped her hands over ears at her friends new octave and repeated just like him. "You're here, and I need you to be here." she giggled.

"Swerve b**** and drive!" Nick replied. "And stop acting like you don't like the way Chris' butt looks in them pants. I saw you stare."

"Not really Nick, I was actually trying to watch and learn the game."

"Sureee, so why you leave during half time?" he challenged.

"Because I couldn't understand the game. Duh! plus all the yelling made my head hurt, I needed a break."

"Girl just be like me, yell when other people do. Cheer when they do, and watch Chris' ass as he runs down the field. That pretty much takes all my headaches away." Nick said nonchalantly.

"Right!" she said laughing while pulling into Tony's Pizza Palace downtown.
Chris took a quick shower in the locker room before making his way out of the stadium. As he opened the doors to the exit he saw 3 girls waiting for him.

"Good game sexy, Kobe better watch out before you take his spot on the field." the blonde tried her best to sound seductive. Chris chuckled to himself, amused by ole girls attempt to rank him with Kobe when clearly, they shared two different sports.

"You're really great C, I know you're going to go far. If you aren't busy later, you should come by my house..." the thick girl added.

"Thanks ma, I appreciate, but nah. I got some places to be. walking away He shook his head unable to rid the feeling in his chest. Since he started freshman year, girl's have always found there way to him. f*** them and duck them was the motto, but it was tiresome now. Senior year and million colleges lined his phone. He had more friends than he could count, but no one was a true friend. He shook the lonely feeling away ready to head to the pizza joint everyone headed to on Friday nights after his wins. Chris made his way to his car threw his bag in the back. As he started the car, his phone went off. Opening the screen, he saw a text from his boy Shad.

b****es are EVERYWHERE! Get your ass here ASAP.

"Time to f*** a b**** who aint go no morals." Chris whispered to himself, slowly dragging his right hand down his face.


am glad she is in the clear for now, i hope tit stays that way. Chris is actually being nice to the new girl. kudos
run it

so she has cancer? tumors? ohh this is a twist
hey chris and his flirtatous self he was acting nice
im glad he wasnt being a douche
i like her bestie he mad cool
run it!

Run it

Chapter One. Cont.

Kheri tapped her converse against the examining table as the nurse collected her blood sample.

"You're pretty still for all this poking going on." the nurse smiled

"Pretty use to it I guess" Kheri said while slouching her shoulders as the nurse cleaned her arm up.

"Well I pray you'll no longer have to get use to it. Maybe its your last visit." She said while walking out with the blood samples.

A few minutes later after complete silence, the doctor walked in shaking her mother's hand and then hers.

"So how you feeling today Kheri?" he asked

"I'm good, nervous is all." she said while looking down

"Your cheeks have gained their color back. Pretty rosy and it says you've gained 10 pounds since your last visit. All of these are great signs" Dr. Ransom smiled sweetly.

"This happened last time, all great signs but no positive outcome. Just more treatments. So, I'm not getting my hopes up until the coast is clear doc."

"Well lay back and let me examine you." the doctor picked her shirt up and checked her back for bruising. "Any new nose bleeds?"

"No, my last one was a month ago."

"Good. Good. You can get up now. Let me check with the nurse on your labs so we can what our next step is." he said while walking out the room.

"Everything is gonna be fine baby. Have faith" her mom said while holding her eldest childs hands in hers.

"Yeah, its gonna be fwine sissy. You not gonna get sick no mores." Charlie added, nodding his head up and down.

Kheri smiled sweetly at her family, this would be a long ways coming. 2 years fighting and she was getting tired. There was a knock on the door as the doctor let himself back in. He sat down at his desk and turned his chair around to his patient who had an eager look upon her face. He opened the file and read the numbers on the paper. He slowly looked up and met Kheri's eyes.

"Congratulations, you're in remission Miss Johnson." he smiled big

Kheri's eyes bulged out of her head and tears welled up in the brims. Charlie jumped out of his mom's lap and into his sister's.
Tears couldn't stop from Kheri and her mom's eyes. The doctor watched the scene unfold happily.

"You still have to come back in 5 months for check ups, but if you feel the slightest of pain and discomfort. If you start to experience any of the symptoms again, come back immediately Kheri." the doctor said sternly

"I will I promise"


Kheri was at an all time high as she walked into the Chicken and waffle diner looking for Nick. She pulled the phone up to her ear.

"Where you at b****?" she said into the phone.

"Where is this new found spiciness you're giving me? I love it!" he giggled into the phone. "I'm in the corner booth."

"okay, be right the---" before she knew it, her small body smacked right into something hard in front of her. Her phone came crashing down to the floor. She quickly fell to her knees to retrieve her phone to inspect if it cracked while constantly saying her sorry's to the feet of the stranger she violated.

"No no, it's my bad ma. I wasn't looking. Your phone okay?" the stranger asked.

She clicked the screen on to reveal a shattered screen. She collected it in her hand and stood up to come face to face with Chris. Her breath got caught in her throat.

"You're the girl from the pizza place last night right?"

"yes" she said lowly

"That was pretty f***ed up on shawty's part. If it happens again I'll shut that s*** down real quick." he smiled

Her cheeks reddened as she pulled her bangs behind her ear and looked down.

"Did I mess your phone up?" he asked

"Um, the screen is just cracked." she said while fidgeting with her sleeve.

"Let me buy you a new one. Its the least I can do."

"No its fine really"

"I'm having a hard time believing that cause I know I would be mad as hell if my s*** broke." they both laughed

"Just give me your number and I'll call you on my free day. I can scoop you up and go get you a new one. Deal? I won't take no for a answer so just agree." he said sweetly while raising his eyebrows.

Kheri bit the inside of her cheek as Chris studied her. Captivated by her beauty. She stood at about 5'3", short golden hair, caramel skin, and exotic eyes. He found himself licking his lips at the thought of kissing her red lipsticked lips.

"Okay sure, it's 979-575-1379" she recited to him. He jotted it down in his phone and gave her a wink.

"Be looking for my call. Make sure to answer it ma" he said while walking out the diner.

Kheri smiled to herself as she thought about the interaction that took place only a few minutes ago as she walked over to Nick who she knew watched the whole thing. She sat down and tried to cover her blushed cheeks before looking into Nick's eyes.

"b****! Spill it!" Nick said anxiously.

"Chris.. f*** off" lol made my day!

Chapter One. Cont...

Kheri curled into a ball as her body sunk into her bed. She slowly pulled the fluffy purple blanket over her body and over her head. The night's events played back in her head. She never asked to be here, not being able to understand what people got out of messing with the new kid when she definitely kept to herself, she just shut her eyes tight. She gave up the want to understand the cruel people and grew sleepy. Her phone lay on the night stand to her left where it went off. Lazily, she reached out of the cover and grabbed the white iphone.

*You better not be dwelling on tonight. Simple mistake I think. Well hopefully.. night boo. Meet me at the chicken and waffle place for lunch tomorrow, my treat!*

Kheri smiled at the screen, Nick always popped up in a great time. she clicked the screen off after sending her reply and laid it by her head. Before she knew it, sleep came knocking on her door.

4 hours later

"Khewi wake up.." a tiny voice said while tugging at his sisters foot. "please khewi, its scawy out dere."

Kheri rolled over and without opening her eyes, she pulled the blanket up signaling her little brother to lay next to her. He did as suspected and she wrapped her arms around him to comfort him as thunder and lightening danced around the sky.

"Go back to sleep Charlie, its just God taking pictures of the new angels." kheri said softly to the tiny person who finally relaxed under his sister.

The two snuggled for a few minutes before they succumbed to sleep.
Kheri jumped out of bed when she realized what time it was. She quickly glanced at her bed for Charlie, not sure if him coming in her room last night was a dream or not. When she pulled her covers back all the way she saw his tiny body curled in a ball with his thumb in his mouth. She crawled on the bed softly and without warning started. Charlie's eyes popped open and the yells started coming.

"Earth wake earth wake!" he screamed frantically.

Kheri laughed and plopped down on the bed next to her baby brother. He quieted down after realizing what his sister did and poked his bottom lip out.

"You're a meanie!" he said with his arms crossed.

"You know I'm just playing love. Go get dressed and see if mom is up. We have to go see Dr. Ransom today" she said while popping his butt out the room.

"Oh god again?!" Charlie exclaimed while throwing his little arms in the air.

Kheri laughed to herself as she grabbed her toothbrush and other products she needed to get her day started. After finishing up she headed downstairs to see her mom and little brother eating cereal at the table.

"I thought we were grabbing breakfast?"

"We're running late baby, just grab a poptart and lets go" her mother replied.

The family headed out to the car and on their way to the regional hospital. Kheri could feel eyes on her so she looked up to the rear view mirror to see Charlie eyeballing her poptart. She smirked and broke it in half then handed it to him.

"Here piggy"

"Thank you vewy much" he replied.

After 20 minutes, the small family made their way inside the facility.

"WELCOME TO AUSTIN'S FINEST ONCOLOGY CENTER" Kheri read the banner abover her head as she silently said a prayer.

I never knew what was so funny about making fun of the new kid...its highkey stupid! But I hope she feels better and shake it off...and Chris...f*** off!

awww Kheri, I'm calling her that, seems like such a sweet girl. But I;m sure there's a story. I wonder why she had to move. Chris is the typical popular jock, but I can tell he wants more than just some random hookup or dudes being his friend just because he's popular. Run it!!

chris seems soft af but when he with others he be a lil bully
kinda what everyone exceptin him to do
im interested in her story and why she had to move
run it girl!

Run it

Chapter One.

Chris walked into the pizza place with all eyes on him. He threw his arms in the air as everybody erupted into cheers at his presence. Shad walked up to his boy and dapped him up.

"I swear, this year we're going all the way like last. Two championship rings before college, s***. You know I'm getting lucky tonight." Shad said to Chris

"Me and you both nigga" Chris replied, "f*** 'em and duck 'em." he said under his breath.

The two made their way to the corner booth that seated the rest of his team and a few of the school's cheerleaders. Chris sat by Taylor, the squads head cheerleader. His team laughed to themselves when they saw the exchange because Taylor didn't get the head cheerleading title off of skill..

"So you rolling out with me tonight or what?" Chris whispered in her ear.

"Don't I always?" Taylor said biting her bottom lip.

The pizza's were brought out and the table only grew louder as everyone tried to hold their own conversations over the sound of smacking lips. Suddenly the talking ceased when pans and glasses came clashing down on the table behind them. Chris peered over the booth at the people seated there to find the school's gay guy and the new chick covered in pizza sauce and coke. Everyone died laughing at the scene.
Kherington looked around embarrassed as her cheeks flushed red. She saw hundred of tiny eyes peeking over there booths and menus at them. Her eyes welled up with tears and they threatened to fall but she quickly blinked them away as Nick grabbed her purse and hand and exited the pizza joint.

"I said I was sorry." the waitress said while bending over holding her stomach from trying to control her laughter.

A car engine revved outside and the sound of a car pulling off was heard.
Shad wiped at his eyes, "That girl was covered in pepperoni. I wouldn't mind eating it off of her, probably taste better on her than the pizza." The table laughed at his wit and Chris smirked while shaking his head.

"Calm that s*** down, shorty was about to cry her ass off." he said

"Nigga stop acting like you care. You stay clowning the new kids anyways," Aubrey laughed

"You right" Chris smirked
"Wipe your tears and stop worrying about them. I'll call you tomorrow, love you b****!" Nick said through Kheri's window before walking off to his front door.

"Easier said than done..." She whispered.

Kheri turned the radio up a little to let the melody of Standing on Fire by Ayrius fill her car and mind. His voice always put her at ease. She pulled up to her house and slowly got out of the car, trying to make sure she didn't get any sauce on her interior. She pulled at her key chain, grabbing the key to let herself in. Befor eshe could make it up stairs quietly, the entry way light was flicked on. Kheri turned on her heels to face her mother standing there with her hand over her mouth.

"What happened baby? She said while rushing over to her food covered daughter.

Kheri put her arm up over her body to shield her mom away from grabbing at her garments, "Nothing ma. Just some mishap at the pizza place."

"Them kids being mean to you?"

"Nah ma. I'm just the new girl remember... stuff like this happens to you when you're forced to move over 800 miles from the place you grew up at to this small town your senior year." Kheri said lowly.

"You know why we had to move. I only decided this for your own good."

"But I told you I just wanted to spend my senior year with my friends. With people who actually cared about me."

"You did make a friend here though Kheri, don't make me the bad guy. I only did this so y--" her mother said before being interrupted.

"Just stop mom, I know I know. I'm going upstairs to bed and to shower. Talk to you tomorrow." Kheri said while heading upstairs.

"Don't forget your appointment is at 10:30 tomorrow, we'll grab breakfast before okay sweetie. I love you." Her mother yelled upstairs.

"I love you too..." she replied while closing her bathroom door.

@tweetybird92- aw thanks! that's makes me smile:)

@KRcbreezy- Thanks too! And it will explain in the next add coming up in a few minutes.

I reall appreciate all the feedback. Thanks so much again!

Run it!!

yeah me too im feeling this
you should run it!
i wanna know more about them
is she a freshman? and hes a senior
cuz she said two months ago...
run it!

i love your intro, it was really good i cant wait for more
run it