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Hair loss and smoking-related

Hair loss and smoking-related

Recently, a study found that Asian men 's hair loss and smoking , but also with the time hair loss begins , Family history are closely linked. Experts said that the current increasing number of male hair loss , but also increasingly to younger. Medical Association survey showed that 60 % of men at age 25 began before the hair loss, hair loss occurs before the age of 30 the proportion is as high as 83.9% , of which severe hair loss Youyi white collar business people as much.

Tips , hair loss is a common skin disease , in addition to genetic factors, mental stress, eating too much oily and spicy food, staying up late tend to aggravate hair loss, or cause hair loss occur earlier . If you only find hair loss within a few days , no need to panic. However , if every hair over one hundred or more, or a continued hair loss within two months , you need to go to a regular hospital dermatology clinic.

Many factors cause hair loss <a href=""><strong>indian remy lace wigs</strong></a>, hair loss can be divided into congenital , traumatic alopecia, male pattern baldness , hair and other types of periodic disturbances , including male pattern baldness and hair cyclical hair loss disorder is more common type of hair <a href=""><strong>straight lace wig</strong></a>disorder , also known as periodic telogen effluvium , which is caused by the diffuse endocrine alopecia, it mainly consists of pituitary dysfunction , hypothyroidism , diabetes, or other factors caused by oral contraceptives , in addition to some chemicals may cause hair loss, such as chemotherapy , anti- antidepressants , vitamin A overdose .

In general, people aged 15-30 lifetime fastest hair growth , grow older , hair growth rate gradually slowed down , into old age , with the aging of the skin, atrophy, decreased number of hair <a href=""><strong>indian hair lace front wigs</strong></a> follicles , hair will gradually scarce; but if a person in the young stages of hair loss increased significantly, which may be morbid . Experts suggest that if significant hair loss, they can not find obvious reasons , you should consult a doctor promptly professional advice , seek appropriate treatment sooner , the greater help for hair loss problems .