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"KILLER" By Pimpess

<strong><a href="">Jordan</a> P.O.V

We were 20 minuites into class when
<a href="">Chris</a>walked in.
mrs dawson- christoper brown your late again
chris- so

i laughed in my head. mayn chris has always had this attitude. mrs dawson betta be careful or else she gone get her feelings hurt
mrs dawson- so i want you to go get a late slip
chris(sucks Teeth) mayn i aint gettin no damn late slip(comes and sits down beside me)
the enitre class is just watching them two
mrs dawson- chris i am tired of your attitude
chris- and im tired of yours. your just being extra. you know im late. just mark me down as a late. i dont need no damn late slip so get yourself writing on that chalk board and lets get a move on.
mrs dawson-alright thats it. get out of my class
chris- yo jordan i swear ima smack dis b**** one time. she always on my case damn
jordan- (laughs) i know
mrs dawson- i said get out of my class!!!!!!!!!!now!!!!!!!
chris-(laughs)..aight calm down(gets up)..peace out niggas(to the class)
mrs dawson-and dont come back wightought an apology letter
chris- pssh wateva yo(walks out)

thats chris for you. mrs dawson look like she gone blow a fuse. her face is so red right now. i feel sorry for her.but damn she know how chris is. she shouldnt be all extra around him cuz he dont put up with s***.
i looked at my gurl yamile. she looked like she wanted to burst out laughing. so did the rest of the class see this is what i love about chris. he makes school fun.

Chris P.O.V

next time ima punch that b**** in her mouth. damn i cant stand her. anywayz i didnt go to the office.i went to my nigga shanes english class. his teacher is soft so everybody who skips and aint got nothing to do comes and chill in that class.
<a href="">Shane</a>- yuuuullll...wud it do chris
i walked up to shane and company who was sitting on some desks at the back of the class
chris-(i give him dap)..nun wus good
shane- nothing juss chillin you got kicked out again
chris- yeah(laughs)
shane- i heard
brittany- we all heard(laughs) " get out of my class! Now!".
everyone started laughing
chris-(chuckles) yeah

i got tired of standing there so i told some random guy to to get off the desk so i can sit
guy- hell naw i aint gettin up. i was here first
chris- what!..(i get up in his face)..i said get your ass up off the motherf***in seat
guy-(scared) aight aight..(gets off and stands)
chris-(sits down)..why you standing here
guy- cuz
chris- i dont wanna see your face..dip!
guy-(leaving) ayo shane check your friend
brittany- ok now im not the one to feel sorry for people but damn that was mean
chris-(sucks teeth) mayn shut the f*** up. it dont concern you
she looks at shane
shane- ay mayn calm down

damn people like to piss me off. brittany was just muggin me like it was gon do something
to me.
chris- stop screwin your face cuz you look uglier
brittany- alright thats it im out. im not gonna sit here with chris while he talk smack
chris- wateva..go cry somewhere i dont want you here eaither
brittany- f*** you (wipes a tear quicky)
chris- no thanx
shane- damn chris...thats mucky dawg
chris- well...i gotta put people in their place. anywayz f*** all dat. wats poppin

Brittany P.O.V

i tried my best to hold back the waterworks. i didnt wanna look like a lil cry baby punk. i grabed my
bag and left the class. i hate him so much. he had som f***in anger management and
needs help. hes such a jackass. i dont even know how jordan could stand him ughh.
i hope he dies.f***in b****!..ugh
i walked to the washroom to go fix my self. hopefully my mascara isnt smudged. i
walked in and there was my gurl jordan
jordan- whats wrong
brittany- your stupid friend chris is a dumbass nigga. i hate him
jordan- oh my gosh...come here(opens her arms)
i hug her and tell her everything that went on. maybe she will realize what kind of person
she calls her best friend is.</strong>


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Sorry I Havent Added Ina While...I juss recently Moved and ive been through this whole drama but anywayz ima be on later with an add
<a href="">"KILLER" By Pimpess</a>
Da Pimpette & Princess




SaShA AkA --->Sunny<--- RoCkS ThE MiC RiGht!!!.........LoL SIKE!!!!!!!! BuT I Do RoCk lOl
Reppin CBH To the Fullest We Do It Big Cuz Theres No Other Way To Do It!!!

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<a href="">"KILLER" By Pimpess</a>
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SaShA AkA --->Sunny<--- RoCkS ThE MiC RiGht!!!.........LoL SIKE!!!!!!!! BuT I Do RoCk lOl
Reppin CBH To the Fullest We Do It Big Cuz Theres No Other Way To Do It!!!

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that damn..chris...playin jokes when ppl really care about him

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<strong> Yamile P.O.V

<a href="">Dru</a> and i entered the hospital and walked right up to the front desk.
yamile- wat room is chris brown in?
secretary- um lemmie check the system

im guessing she typed his name into the computer or something cuz she found the room and his information for us. she told us room 205 and he was just being checked. i was relieved that he wasnt hurt bad. i was in shock when my gurl Brittany passed me a note saying chris was in the hospital. it seemed like she was glad that he was hurt. all she said was "its karma babez" she didnt want to come to the hospital with me and dru so we left her.
Anywayz. we went up to the room and found him sitting on the bed with my gurl jordan
dru-ayo you aight mayn(gives chris dap)
chris- yeah
jordan- hi dru hi yamile
yamile- hi guys....are you sure your aight..cuz those bruises look bad(to chris)
chris- yeah im good
yamile- aww i cant belive this(hugs chris)
chris-(yells) ahhhhhh f***! my ribs
yamile- oh s***..(cover my mouth)my sorry damn
jordan & chris start cracking up
dru-wat the fu cks so damn funny
chris- mayn i was juss messing with you yamile
jordan-(giggleing)..yea he did that to me wen i came
dru-ohh(starts laughing)
yamile- oh my god damn that was so f***ing funny hahaha(sarcastic)
thats when the docter came in.
docter- alright chris..we didnt find anything broken, fractured or split.your good to go
chris- aight....see i knew there was no need in coming here
Dru- yeah....lets dip..i cant stand hospital smell

Jordan P.O.V

even though he had bruises and shyt chris was looking good. i dunno, he was just looking real cute.i think im starting to like him again. oh lawd
so we all got into dru's whip and we all went to chris house. as usual no body was home. his momma works two jobs so sometimes he wouldn see her for 2 days. we all went up to his room to chill.
chris- yall know where kisha is
everybody -naw..nope nuh uh etc
chris- aight
then all of a sudden he looked mad. i guess he wad disapointed that his gurl wasnt there with him. she didnt come with us to the hospital. she said she would come later on but she never showed.<strong/>

<a href="">"KILLER" By Pimpess</a>
Da Pimpette & Princess

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<a href="">"KILLER" By Pimpess</a>
Da Pimpette & Princess

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