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Ok so I was all excited last week "wall to wall" went up 6 spots on the RnB charts so I thought ok its gaining some momentum, no such luck it dropped big time again this week. So I know there have been several post with the links to radio stations so that you can request the song, no harm in another one right?? So heres the deal when the song is played in major market cities it carries more weight in the ranking on the charts so I'm gonna post direct links so you can vote in New York, LA, and Atlanta.

New York:
Hot 97 Angie's top 4 @ 4

Hot 97 Funkmaster Flex top 8 @ 8

Power 106 Tito's top 4 @ 4 (you dont actually have to wait an hour to vote again just a little over a minute then you can click on Tito's top 4 @ 4 on the left hand side of the page and vote again)

Power 106 Miguels top 8 @ 8 (you can keep voting just wait about 30 seconds before you click on Miguels top 8 @ 8 on the left hand side of the screen)

102.7 KIIS FM JoJo's top 9 @ 9 (You can vote as many times as you want!!!!!!)

93.5 KDAY

Hot 107.9 (you can make up all the info ie zip code, e-mail, address, name it doesnt have to be legit. I use 12345 as my zip code)

**Here's some extra's if you are in a voting mood:

Houston 97.9 the box (he's #11 right now it would be great if he was #1)

Detriot Hot 102.7 (wall to wall is #29 as of now that can definitely be improved upon)

***Ok so I am very confused as to why Wall to Wall isnt on 106 and Park?!?!? The video had a very good start making it to #1 and staying there for a bit and then poof it was gone. Both times Chris was on 106 in the last couple months the video wasnt, this is a big dissapointment. We waited soooo long for a new video for him and when we finally got it it didnt get the support it needed. Kiss Kiss should be coming out soon and so far it looks like its going to be HOT so hopefully this video will have a bigger impact, but until then we need to push Wall to Wall so here is a direct link to 106 and Park and TRL. VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!!!!!!!

106 and Park:


****Hopefully this helps if yall dont mind taking 5 mins out of your busy day to request "wall to wall" in NY, LA, and ATL it would help alot. Dont forget to start requesting "kiss kiss" too we dont want a repeat of wall to wall lets start it off with a bang from the start. It serioulsy will only take about 5 mins to vote once at each station and if we all vote at least once well thats alot of requests, so start clicking and lets get it poppin. VOTE OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!! J/K



Yeah me too, i gotta admit my lazy self doesn't vote alot on 106 or trl bc the sites get messed up sometimess

yea I noticed on the Hot 97 website that wall to wall remix was on like # 5 on the Hot playlist. yea I go back and forth between VA and LA and I know they dont play it in LA as much as I think they should. It wont hurt to keep up the momentum out there in NY though right?? I just want to help out ya know I feel dissapointed when I see the song drop on the charts and I know if it was doing better on the charts we wouldnt have to work as hard to get the song played because they would be playing it every where all the time. Also I know that they major markets ilke NY and LA hold more wegiht when they play the song so I figure the more we get the song played at these stations then the better the song will do. I havent been in NY for a while so I'll take your word for how much they play the song. If thats the case then maybe we need to focus more on LA cus I know they could stand to play the song a little more out there.


They been playing wall to wall in NY like crazy when I went. They also play it time to time in VA where I live, but kiss kiss is hawtt so I know that's going to be a hit !!