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A new Chris Brown interview! ; )

R&B sensation Chris Brown has already achieved success as a singer, but has branched out into films as well, appearing in the hit teen movie, Stomp the Yard, if only for a few minutes. Adding to his film resume, he'll be starring in a movie called Phenom, a word that truly describes this teen-aged heartthrob. At 15, the Tappahannock, Va.-native released a self-titled CD with a smash hit called "Run It," and he's been running it ever since. From a hot video to a hot BET Awards performance to channeling James Brown at the Grammys and paying tribute to Michael Jackson in a performance of "Thriller" at the World Music Awards, this now-18-year-old has the world at his (dancin') feet. We caught up with him between preparation for his sophomore CD Exclusive whose first two singles "Wall to Wall" and "Kiss Kiss" featuring T-Pain, are already heating things up. Check out what Chris Breezy had to say. So, tell us all about the new CD.
Chris Brown: It comes out October 30. T-Pain's on the record, we're doing stuff with Big Boi from Outkast, we're doing stuff with It's a lot of different people and it's going to be a different feel to this album.

Tell us something about the album you haven't told anybody yet.
Well, it's going to be a new album, [and with me being 18, I'm just talking about new subjects. But at the same time, it compares to everything on the last album. It's like that was a lead-up to this album.

You just turned 18. Does it feel any different?
Nothing really different - same rules, same regulations, just different responsibilities.

But how it is growing up in this industry at this point? Now that you're 18, it's a little different than being 15 or 16?
Nothing really different - it's just having fun with it, when I'm doing the music as far as the entertainment side and then everything in general with the music business.

You seem like you do have fun. This industry can be tough and I'm sure you've been through ups and downs even though you've been successful this far. How do you keep the fun in it?
I think just by being myself. You don't have a whole bunch of dummies around you. (laughs) Keep the people that you like around you, and just be yourself.

Your mom is here (mom Joyce Hawkins travels with her son). Does she play a role in keeping you grounded?
I guess sometimes, if she just get off my heels sometimes. But she aight, yeah...

Are there any rules and regulations in the house - is there stuff that you still can't do or stuff that you still have to do?
Nah, because I live by myself (laughs).

When she comes over does she still get on you about stuff, like if your room is dirty or whatever?
No, because she got her house, I got my house (laughs). If my room is messed up, it's just going to be messed up.

You're working on some other projects as well, with some movies coming. Tell us a little about those and the characaters you're going to be playing.
This Christmas comes out the end of November, early December. I play a guy named Baby. He's the baby of the family and a singer, but he's also the comic relief. He's the young dude that talks to girls all the time, sort of like myself, but in a movie. It's like a Christmas Soul Food. With Phenom, we're still negotiating everything and its in the works, but right now I'm preparing for the tour and for this album.

Basketball seems to be one of your many interests along with singing and dancing. Did you every think of it seriously as a career?
Basketball was what I did in high school through my years and being around the neighborhood all the time. That was what I did and it was like my second love. Basketball was something that I wanted to do as well.

Are you excited about this project in a different way than you were about the first project?
For this project, I'm more excited about it. I guess I have the same anticipation. But I'm anxious, just like the first album, because people haven't heard the new stuff and I want to see what they think about it.



i love his interviews lol