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Aaliyah ((R.I.P.))

Today is the Anniversary of her death :(
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Yeah, I heard it too, Rodaa.
Rest in peace, Aaliyah.

[...In His Mind He Fantasize 'Bout Gettin' Wit' Me...]
[( Have you ever thought about being with me??
Nahh, I dont mean being with me like just being with me .
I mean it as in something that's yours.
And nobody else can take your touch.)]

THANK U I WUZ WAITIN 4 SOMEONE 2 DO THIS!! if u have a myspace the official profile wants everyone 2 put a pic of her as their default just for today or until u want 2 take it down I love Aaliyah.. my dream was to meet her but then she passed so my new dream is to continue her memory thru me. i want to like her in everyway she's the only celebrity i look up to except MJ and janet.. she's like my big sister that passed before i met her.

1/16/79- 8/25/01

~* !t'$ J@d3 Tw33tY h3R3!!! r3Pp!N 2010*~

shes my idol RIP AALIYAH aka BABYGIRL
and we got the same b day january 16 capricorns all day and she got my same nick name
thats kinda weird we got alot in common to bad i didnt get to meet her before she past away :(
TT A.K.A Br33zy Baby gurl B.k.A TH3#1 Chri$ Brown Fan all day Everyday

Awh ; [ so that's why i heard jay-z's remix to miss you

may her soul rest in peace **

R.I.P Aaliyah ~we miss u so much~~GOD BLESS~~Forever In Our Hearts~