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Portrait of Chris Brown.


I spent 2 hours drawing this pic. I did it for my neice but I liked how it came out, so I kept it. plus in art class, my teacher told me to draw celebs and this was the first pic I did. love it, or hate it, comment it. please.

Posted by Taiken


This picture makes him look his age and thats a plus!!

Thank you all for the comments!! I'm currently working on a new one and once I get my camera back, I'll post it. thanks again!!

Damage is my ish!!!

there b sumhin wrong, like it kinda looks like chris brown, but not really.... but it looks like a really good lookin man so its all good

be easy, be breezy, all ya'll otha ladies mad sleezy

aint s*** wrong with this picture to me...i think its great!

Thank you for the comment! everything you said is true, but I wasn't going for realistic, I was going for cartooney cause that was the assignment. I got an A on it! sweet!
I love my baby girl Aliana.

i like it!! i didn't kno this was urs at first lol it could have been just a little more realistic.. u no wit tha shadin n everythin but i believe that every1 can be the best in wut they do an i just wanna help them get there so try and use different pencil lead thickness (.5, .7, .9 etc) and use tissue to smooth it out and it'll look 10x more realistic i promise lol

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