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would you ever.........

would you ever come to 5330 woodduck lane, minnesota big lake and teach some dance moves and sing to me and give me a kiss kiss on the cheek and ride in the strech limo i really like you


1.sorry idon`t thik itz guna happen,i don`t mean to crush yo dreamz but itz just my opinin!


huh? lol

u need 2 write dat n "ask chris" cuz im pretty sure its just gurls dat write n this. and if there r n e bois dat r nt chris breezy i hope dat aint ur reel address cuz there r sum freaks our there..... n a city near u!


aint that what he done on that thingy.. where he suprised his fans that done a dance routine to "Run It'??
Yah Gurl..Harlem-Styze..