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Heres a Question..ABOUT.. "This Site" & "CBWeb's Site".. No Hating Straight Curiosity!!

In a way it does have to do with Chris Brown.. morely his websites..

Why does ChrisBrownWeb have more and exclusive photos, news and information on CB than his Official Site?!?!..

Not hating on the site.. its a mean site just curious thats all..


ohhhh aiight.. i just figured since it was his site and all.. that his record company would atleast put up exclusive photos like backstage s*** yah know.. they put up 2 from the walmart shoot or something.. but i mean on this other site they have ALL his magazine shoots and everything.. i feel like this site is getting left out and it suckz.. i like to find out how his gigs and watnot go and where hez going.. but we never get any OFFICIAL news..

and i didnt realise this was made by CB himself.. thats pretty dope and i can understand why we wouldnt get much updates due to him being busy.. but aint he got like peeps for that?!?!?.. lmao

Yah Gurl..Harlem-Styze..

because they are actual ppl that are in the streets and go to his shows and stuff whereas this is run by the record company so its only official news
Ro is the biz...what more is there to say?!?

datz a good question. during interviews, nd sruf chris talks more about this site cuz he made it. hiz fanz made da otha one. he just dont have da time to get on and update dat much.


this site does get the publicity but not the attention yah feel me?!?!?!>.

Yah Gurl..Harlem-Styze..