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to all people that are sayin stuff bout chris!

i know a lot of ya'll r tryna say sumthin to help us learn bout the REAL chris,but a lot of us dont really care what u say(im not tryin to cauz drama or s***)but if u hav sumthin to say negative, or sumthin that might hurt out feelins,jus dont say or write it at all,cuz i know i dont wanna hear it,i dk bout any of ya'l,but that's how i feel.


that is exacly what i'm thinking allstar this is 4 everybody's opinion it is was they think just let them be them and you knew sooner or later you wasn't goin here all good things about cb so get over it

naw homie...respect those ppl, its bettter that they do cuz u know dey real..just cuz it negative dont mean u cant say it...these msg boards are to discuss cb...which means negative or positive...not just suckin up to da dude sayn he dope and shiet..just cuz it aint waht u wann hear, dont give u a reason to kick em outta hear...and if u do wann kick em out, it just proves how ignorant u are cuz u aint open to other opinions...

rite, diz iz a place dat supports charlie brown, so ya need to stop b n a fan, if u dont like him. cuz here, we onlii got mad luv 4 him