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Any Male Chris Brown Fans On Here ?
I Dnt Think Ive Cum Across One As Yet ?
<3* x x


i aint seen none. when i wuz watchin duh today show today, them boiz were hatin cuz all da gurlz were goin crazy ova ma boo


yeah i do have MSN.. its

Yah Gurl..Harlem-Styze..

Ha Ha Ino Goin Way Off The Subject :P
Awww I Wana Watch The DVD i seen the Bloopers Lyk They Was Funni
An I Got The Elmo Vid On My Bebo :P Its So Cute Tha Song Knows The Words N Everythin Lmao Im So Sad Bt Cnt Help It Lmao
Have Yew Gt Msn Wud Be Nice 2 Spk 2 Ya On Ther ?

omgosh i done that too hahaha... watched all his youtube thingys.. then i was like man i wanna this this video clip lalala.. and one i watched had abit of a behind the scenez and i was like HUH?!?!>. then i got the dvd lmao.. my brothaz were all like ~.^ pulling the rock face.. but yeah then i watched his umm sweet 18th that was madddddddd... and the comment "if its not poppin, im not poppin... im not moving" cracked me the hell up cos i do that lmao!!..

but yeah we both getting side tracked.. so dudez.. boyz... guys... dont be shamed out i know u wanna holla hahaha...

Yah Gurl..Harlem-Styze..

Lmaoo Same Here Sorta Ive Lyk Since Few Months Ago Rlly Gotton Into Him Lyk
I Made The Effort 2 Lyk Find Owt Abwt His Lyf An Wat Hes Lyk Practically Wtched EVERY Youtube Vid Of Him An U Can Tell Wat Kinda Person He Is Jst By Watchin His Interviews An Stuff Thn Jst Fell In Luv Wiv His Voice Person An Lyk Everythin I Didnt Realize He Was Lyk He Was .. Well Yano Wa I Mean By Luv Him Ha Ha I L-U-V Him .. Not L-O-V-E Hiim .. Hehe Bit Yung 4 Tha Yet :P
But He Is Amazin
Jst Bring On The BOis On Here Now ! x

Yeahh!!.. that would be quite interesting to find out.. and yeah most girls are all bout his looks but i can honestly say... i... (dont hurt me!).... lmao... didnt even like CB much when he came out all my cousins were infactuated with him haha.. wasnt till i heard him sing live and was blown away now im some what a fanatical of him haha.. wouldnt get his name tatt'd on me or claim him as mine tho.. just his voice!!..
Yah Gurl..Harlem-Styze..

Aww Same Here ..Ino Many Boi Fans Rwnd Ma Area An Tha Lyk But I Avnt Cum Across Any On Here.. Wud Be Nice To Talk 2 A Boi Fan .. Lyk See Ther Oppinions On Him An Tha .. Bcoz Ya'll Know Tha Lyk Most Of The Girl Fans R Attracted 2 Him An It Makes A Great Influence On Y They Lyk Him If Ya Get Me .. So Wud Be Grd To Here Sum Oppions On Male Fans Abwt Y Chris Caught Ther Eye And Y They Lyk Him An Stuff x

yah'know Amber.. i been thinking the same thing hahaha... i know afew guys around my way that like CB but "only for his dancing" then they follow that comment with "i aint no homo" lmao.. dont need to be a homo to appreciate a good dude righhh..

but if there is any.. dont be shyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

Yah Gurl..Harlem-Styze..