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can somebody please tell me..

why alot of girls on here are writing on the ASK CHRIS discussion about him being sexy..of course he's sexy..but is that suppose to be a question..noooo..that's just wasting time and fonts and stuff..

like for instance...

font: OH CHRIS BROWN YOU'RE SO FINE YOU'RE SO FINE YOU BLOW MY MIND HEY CHRIS BROWN YAYYY! (lol seriously i made that up but that's how they are..oh and i got that from bring it

but what's that has to do with how he's been doin and stuff of course he is handsome, ask some REAL questions please about like when he's comin here and there and stuff or about his tour or whatever just besides his looks ugh..that urks but that's all i have to say..


and the other stuff i hate is when they tried to play games and stuff on his section..and they act like they can't play games on here and stuff..ugh..

is that in the "Ask Chris" Section?.. Trueeeeee.. sheeee-ittt.. i thought u had to umm make a video of yourself askin?!?!.. didnt know you could write him a question lmao..

And chicks scream and ask what level of sexy he is cos they blind.. and aint seen him before..lmao.. maybe they like get memory lost and be thinking of Evan Ross... "ooOOoooo!!" naw ok..

i might write some real random ass questions in there now *thiinks*.. aint like he'll answer me

Yah Gurl..Harlem-Styze..