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Does Any One Else Think Chris Is Back 2 His Old Self???

ummm i was wonderin' did ne body feel the same it felt like chris was back 2 beong his old nice FUNNY self on 106 he was being goffy n the whole 9 especially wen he told that adice about the long distance relationship that was hilarous"you're not in a relationship if you only met him one time"....lmao N the video was great ii thought it was right on time 4 back 2 school!!! n the video wasnt c**ky it was really funny so im happy cause for a sec i thought he was goig toward the bow wow im ish stage....thank GOD!!! gis least i dont think so...


ii neva' noticed:::gueZZ ii've been slaQin' lateLy:::iiT waz probablY streZZ geTTin' t0 him:::Bless hiz heart, lol:::

::.D0pe gYaL pHresh mAQ thA' d0pe b0iZ g0 kraZZii::>yA diQQ?<

umm when did he ever leave??

Chris Brown bring the heat. Va'z Royal Prince bring it with him

the mans' back yay ,nice to see (him) again

Im glad that is back, I thought the fame was getting to him. Hey who could blame him i mean look at him.
The wait is ova

yea i think so too... i wuz startin 2 think that way too but he really changed my mind.. i almost lost my fan spirit for him but his comedy is a winner every time!!!

~* !t'$ J@d3 Tw33tY h3R3!!! r3Pp!N 2010*~