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Di Song Sell Off

I gotta tell u. I discovered one o Chris Brown's greatest songs of all time on youtube (Not the video, just the lyrics) Does the following lyrics sound familiar to anybody?

********Here we are all alone in this room
*******and girl i know where to start and what we gonna do
******i'll take my time we'll be all night girl
*****so get ready babe I got plans for me and you
****it ain't my first time but babygirl we can pretend,
***hey lets bump and grind girl tonight we'll never end all night.*****

I don't think the songs done but I'm liking what I'm hearing.
Does anybody out there feel me?


girl u know u late!!!!! er body heard dat

__11111 Chris 11111
___1111 Brown 111

girl u is late as a mug. its take you down
I’m the epitome of this demonstration
I got the remedy
Ya feelin me
So why is you haten my anatomy? :()

its take you down
Ro is the biz...what more is there to say?!?

ive heard of da song, but iaint heard it yet. ima listen 2 it now. sho do shound hott


you late as ever that been on youtube and it's hot

its called " take u down "..full song aint released but it will b on his new album