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Chris An Kim

Chris was sayin on a radio interview that he likes Kim Kardashian on the 29/8/07 .. latest girl he liking then !


i wish yall could a told me who she wuz. i had to go on google 2 figure out who she wuz. i dont got a problem wit it. but she iz friends wit paris hilton, and i fa sho dont like paris hilton


Does she go out with Reggie Bush?

VA representa!! 2up 2down ALL DAY!! [757]

Who cares who he likes or gets with.. bad or good.. i mean.. he gonna have to learn may it be the easy way or the hard way.. mama always said "ya learn from your mistakes"
Yah Gurl..Harlem-Styze..

i wouldnt want to be with a girl like that but if he is attracted to those kind of females then oh well cause there really aint much to say

__11111 Chris 11111
___1111 Brown 111

ii'M sure he juZS liked tha' camel toe view daT he g0t on daT p0rn m0vie she made wiT' Ray-J>>
DaTZ all ladiiez, lol
Kalm down, lmfao>>>
O, and her aSS ain'T g0t SHYT on mineZ && heR mugz n0t EVEN all daT
ii mean shE kuTe, buh sHe bet noT leT daT ish g0 to ha head
waT distinguishez her frUm tha' resT? NOTHIN':::

::.D0pe gYaL pHresh mAQ thA' d0pe b0iZ g0 kraZZii::>yA diQQ?<

who is her and what she be on and what do she do?

whoz kim


dats jus wrong cus i neva thought dat chris would like a person who would do dat. dat was not even like a positive thing he says how he likes beyonce she is a positive role model and kim i really don't noe wat 2 say bout dat straight up.

Ehh . . Kim I mean she's pretty, and alot of the guys like her - baddd chris lmaoo but I suggest that he don't mess with her, bc she isn't a keeper. I agree with you jaded that she doesn't really have class - sex tapes in dha hell ? but like i was saying hopefully Chris will find his REGULAR girl. Not those crazy chicks in the industry . .

So I've heard. all I have to say to that is..... If he REALLY does like her then that shows what kind of guy he is and his level of class! Yea I know shes a nice looking girl but I really don't think theres ANYTHING PRETTY ABOUT A WOMAN WHO DEGRADES HERSELF!! SHES A WHORE STRAIGHT UP!! But if that's what Chris likes then I would hate to see who he ends up with!....WOW it's just seems like Guys really don't like girls with CLASS anymore!

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