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will chris all ways have love for his fans expecialy the pretty female fans

i noticed when iwent to see lets just say this rapper he act all snooby he would"nt even sign a picture but at the the bet awards he said he love his fans just promise one thing you will always have love for your fans because we will always have sooooooooo much love for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps: my name is deshawn you can reach me at and i am fourttten years old i"ll be leagel in 4 years so call me


the title makes me laugh. =] i mean he will always love his fans, just like he says he does. but change does happen....
Haters keep on hating, cause somebody's gotta do it" quoted by CB, himself

dont worry, he will alwayz luv us.


Yeah, I think Bow wow is probably like that.
I mean, some artists do have bad days, like any other human being, so just because they may not want to sign something that particular day, doesn't mean they're mean, they could be having a bad day.
But when a number of people are saying bad things about an artist on a consistent basis, then that leaves a lot to be said about how grateful that artist really is to their fans.
I don't think Chris would be like. Dude is super energetic and real hype, he doesn't seem very moody like some artists. Also, he was raised by an old skool Mom; I don't think that his Mom dukes would play that type of raunchy behavior from her son. Most importantly, he probably wouldn't even want to act funky to the people who helped put him where he is, that just doesn't seem like his nature. His gratefulness seems genuine to me.
Pretty or not. Besides, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What he considers pretty may not be what you consider to be pretty. Ya digg?

::.D0pe gYaL pHresh mAQ thA' d0pe b0iZ g0 kraZZii::>yA diQQ?<

he will always hav luv fo us.he may be moody sumtimes,but dat dont change a thang!

wit undieing love and support
always & forever!
yo gurl Laureen!

hah the last 3 words were funny and chris is not like that he wouldn't do that he is not that kind of person he's much more than that