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106 nd park

did yall c hiz outfit, wat u think about it? not totally color coordinated but still cute. nd da next day they had lil mama nd trey songz, wit new joint do u like better? did yall see lil mama'z hat and shoes....whoa. ma sis hated her hat, but at least it matched. u gots to vote 4 ma boo, chris breezy, cuz hiz video iz hott!


how do u vote 4 a video?


he sho do b layerin. he wuz like dat on da tyra show i saw today 2. i guess dats y hiz shirts b so big. cuz he got sumtin under it.
but hes from da south, he shouldnt even have one shirt on.


well i havent been there sense he was there with keyshia..but it aint cold in there..he wa dressed for winter had a jacket,a hoodie, ashirt and a beeter..damn...the shoes was nice and the jacket was killa!!!!..i liked lil mama hat ,thats how we role in brooklyn /harlem; shoes,hat and belt match always!!!!I love that song i have the song/ lyrics by trey song on my page click on my name and add me!!! and g-slide yeah i think im gone put that on mah page pretty and chris breezy all day!!! that kiss kiss video is FIRE!!!! yo vote, atleast 7TIMES A DAY for that breezy video

I seen Chris da other day. He was makin me hot and i wasn't even in dat s***. But he was cute. Anybody went to 106 and Park? Is it cold in there? Cuz he was killin me wit sweatshirt ( wateva u called it) and then dat jacket, plus he had a t-shirt under there. I was like "damn, im hot as hell lookin at him wit dat s*** on." LOL
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