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Kiss Kiss 2

Chris Brown Kiss Kiss photo with glasses
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Chris you are the most sexiest nerd i eva seen and you probably the most tastiest one too. Love you baby foreva and always.

he is certainly the sexiest nerd
This The One And Only Maiya Get At Ya Girl Holla 1

yo chris iz da sexiiest nerd i eva seen!!

da best thang around

U luk sexi-rrrrrrrrr-weirdd---in dis pix but i like u a geek better den average chris cuz i used to weir glassez but now i were contacts

my head to the side, my words are to you,other gurls again coming through ,will i ever get through u know me you friends then juss juss a lil bit of cuddling in the bed haha

hey its thania im new to
this page and just wanted
to say that this pic is
tight and that i hope
we could be friends.

omg chris you look so fine in any clothes or style sexy baby

i love u so much chris
as soon as i first saw u on my tv in all your music videos and this christmas and stomp the yard
i get goosebumps wen i hear u on tv , your vocals just blow me away xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

baby u still look sexy rock any style

Chris Brown the best:CandyKath