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chris brown u r the sexiet person i know. when i went 2 yo concert u gave me yo shirt. also u can dance yo azz off. u know how 2 put on a show.

I meant to spell "personality", not "personalit". Type-o. OOOPS!

Boo your are so sexy and your are extremely photogenic, all of your pictures show a wonderful side of your personalit. Your are also very entertaining. Just by looking at you pictures, videos, movies, and hearing your voice, makes me smile. I love ya!!!

whoa babi u iz sexi i can't help it


Again my man lookin so sexy as always my mani saw the movie it was the real deal in da begining he woke up with no shirt on i almost got kicked out for screaming so loud u have to go see if u don't already if u did do like me and go see it again cuz man is he worth it

this is my fav


Yo lyrics in yo music touch me. I wish I can meet somebody that will keep it real. Every day all I do is listen to yo hold CD. I feel it take a lot off my mine and let me go through the rest of the day with a positive vibe. I love who u r

Chris the lips look good enough to kiss.
sure you don't need us to tell you how good you look.
We love ya poppie! :}

omg he look real good. i woill never cheat on him