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New CB Photo #2

New Official Chris Brown
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i would f*** the s*** out him, xpeacially in this pic, i know it might sound nasty, cuz i love cb as a big brother, but got dam!!!!!!!
i'ma cute lil b****
hit mii myspace up at (look me up)

OmG DiZ Is bA bEsT pIqq EbEr!!!
I ThInK U lOoK gRaTE!
I LOvE U WIDd All mY CorAzOn - hEaRt

"tE qUiErO chRiS"

i love you..

hey it me your lil sis jasmine from the n.o. i just wanted to tell u that i was at your n.o. concert i nearly died but keep it to gether my big brother is the best i wish he really was:)

this is one off my favorites
cuzz he look so hot here
it's crazy

omg so damn hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Elisa I luv chris brown so hot!

omg I want you I would cuddle you all night long damnit your so sexii! <3

Elisa I luv chris brown so hot!

i cant say anything because you look super super fine and this is the sexiest picture yet omg omg omg omg omg aah you look so fine i love you so much and a question for the ladies from a scale from one to ten what would you give him i would give him an infinity that cant top nothing holla back at cha gurl

that is a damn sexy picture!



&hearts;&hearts;PRiNzCESz JuJu&hearts;&hearts;