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New CB Photo #3

Official New Chris Brown photo
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i love you!!!

I LOVE HIS JERSEY its awesome

then I do not know how to say I love you, hear your music every day, I want you to come here for the world to make a show more needs to be located in Espirito Santo in Brazil, then that is what I wanted to tell you I love him very much and never stop loving you ~♥~

Nice Smile

Da sk8tr girl (Im not hatin im just tellin da truth)

OmG this is my fav pick so sexywish you were mine

i lack word 2 write but 4 me u ar God sent coz the way u dance sing am nt sure somebody can b like u I LOVE U CHRIS

this is cool..
lovin' the smile
&& the clothes.!!!

Chris Brown is sooooooooo talented he looks and sounds good he is so sweet to when he talks when he makes jokes everything about him is so sweet thats why i love him i wonder i he gets tried of hearing fans tell him that they love him girls we all know that its true WE LOVE YOU CHRIS BROWN especially me DELICIOUSD ok mwah mwah mwah lots of hugs and kisses just for you i love you babe

Oh My...
Thys Maan iis Sexii ... Especially Tha Smile
Even As A Nerd Mayte
Foiiine As Hell
iiLY Chris___(l)