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New CB Photo #3

Official New Chris Brown photo
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ooooooh boy you sexy

I Hope you come to South Africa again but this time for a show.
Your pics and all you cds is cool i hope i can sing with you some time. Struggling artist trying to get noticed you know.
Peace out home boy


Misty-B The website of Chris Breezy is cool keep it up Chris

this pic is so cute
omg....dem arms!!!
ur body is awesome
n ive ALWAYS HAV & ALWAYS WILL love tht smile!

Chloe Flavinney

Chris has sexy body which matches wit his cute smile

Chloe Flavinney

Chris has sexy body which matches wit his cute smile


Zara <3

It's so good to see somebody this genuinely happy about what they do and just having fun! I love you Chris Brown. Happy 19th birthday

hey chris...happy birthday!! i love u and hope u have a great day!!! wish u tha best!! hugs and kisses from kristina!! lol...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! <333

kriStina+chriS= LOVE <33

hi only I passed chris in order that one wanted it happy anniversary
everything of good one and that this day is very happy and runs as you have planned it that I want you also more and more years of life
everything of good one above all ... great luck in your professional and loving life and great judgement also above all pk 19 years are not 19 days ... and much peace love and greet also and that you are always this boy I amaze that you are
kisses and it takes care