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New CB Photo #3

Official New Chris Brown photo
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i just want to said that im a big fan of u from mexico ... and just another thing u have the most amasing and beatiful smile that i see in my hole lifeu made a cloudie in a sunny day just with ur smile... be happy boy..!

you are so cute and fine

The Bezt Of YOu Is Ur Smile!

Gud Luck In Your Fantastic Career..

I Wish That U DOnt CHange..
Bcoz U Are So Special For Many People Like Me..

God BLess You Chris Brown!!


damn boy u so sexy

i like you i want in your concert i want talk with you you best me fan

Chris Brown u r so fine u make me hav al kind of thoughts

oh my god!!! chris i love you i love ur sweet cherry lips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How cud i hav a favorite pic if u look so DAMN CUTE in all of em. But, if i truly had 2 hav a fave it wud b dis 1 bcos ur smile is electrifying. I LUV IT SOOOOO MUUUUUCH!!!

LUV YA!!! Ur Numba 1 Fan reppin LONDON!!

I LOVE U SO DAMN MUCH CHRIS BROWN!!!!! ur soo fine and when i first saw this pic i almost fainted cuz u look so freakin hot and ur smile is so gorgeous =D ur so hott i luv all the songs and music viedoes u ever made!!! we were meant to be and i love u chris breezy<3 i'm ur future gurlfriend(and ur future wifey=D)
and ur number 1 fan!! ur soo hot and in this pic it especially shows ur smile wich IS SO DAMN HOT!! u!!

<3 I will love u Chris Breezy!!....Forever <3

xoxoxAlessia ur future wifeyxoxox <3

P.s other gurlz Chris brown, Mr. Sexi Himself is all mine so back off cuz he's going to be mine forever and ever!!!!!! <3

LUV YA BABE <3 xoxo

this pic is so cute and adorable! Probably not something a man would want to here, buts its the truth!

OSoLuvly =]