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New CB Photo #3

Official New Chris Brown photo
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i love chris brown your my dream man...

i love chris brown your my dream man...

He has a beautiful smile and I love him!


Omg I love chris brown and his pics he looks so cute he is actually the cutest thing ever and he was born in 1989 and the exact same age as my brother and he is just 9 years apart from me...=D still cool and at school and I am a tomboy every other day and I act like chris brown and do the moon walk at specific times like him... i am such a cbf and cbl and i love his cbl muah


adoro + que tudo........

seu soriso é + q perfeito.....

sonho em um dia te v.......e sonha alto + a esperança é a ultima q morre ne........

jehh love chris

Esse teu sorriso ilumina portugal inteiro!!!!!

kiss for you

man i fknn lovee uu
every song u havee madeee i lovve soo muuchh
especaially withh uu
keeep up thee goood workk
i LOVVEEE YOUUUUU chriiss browwnn
xx biankkaaaa

when a boi! smiles. it means m,uch more........
n this boi SMILES alot!!!!.
bhut you can see there is a good meaning behind it!. aww how sweet. oxo

I'm brazillian, and I love your voice and your songs
you're so cuuute ;P

Love, amanda

U sing all the stuff that a guy would like to listen to. I feel like u r like all the guys out there, i mean not like those arrogant celebrities. Ur just so close to us! And that's probably the reason why ur the best...