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Chris Brown exclusive b-side album cover
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He is Sooo Daamn HOT .. luv hiiim <33

● мrѕ. вяоωи ●
● ΡūηΚ Ċàηđŷ ●

You iz doin a realy great job keep doin wat you do! P.S We love you!

Chris,, Ya so Great !!
Wish ya Happy Bday ofcourse.. Anywayz,, YA THA BEST

Xxx Lots of Love From Europe..

chris brown is hott yeh whatever most people will agree and he is most prob overwhelmbed by all yous saying your his girl but get over most of you aint and most probley never will be..

chris dude you have a good voice i like it keep doing it and you and rhianna looked good dont take notice of what the lil chicks say on this site there just immature

hey chris i miss you alot i sent you a message on myspace Apr 20 08 and want to kiss you hug and be close hope you get my message anyways luv you been thinkin bout you so much latley
This photos on my favorites

jillian cosby

What are you looking at?? =] Cute!
OSoLuvly =]

This is so cute!!!! He is so sexy in all of his pics its overwellming

Chris's babygirl

I love this pic!! Chris is madd sexy!

OMG!!! i think SHARP jaw line and cheek bone structure loooks CRAZY. it looks so nice. this pic is nice, like-ing the jaw line!!. oxo

when u cumin 2 rich city,ky!!!! so me and me gurls can c u boi...