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Chris Brown exclusive album cover
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boy u ever thought about going to iwakuni japan to support the marines that are far away from dare family..... and ur concerts

u rok my world. yo pic is amazing its lik im lookin at a famoun painting. luv ya boo!

Ma All Tym Fav Song Wood Havta Bee With You, I No Every Word Off By Heart && Jst Cant Help But Sing It All Da Tym, I Luv Da Video Clip For Diz Too Hawt Much?????


Do se it in his eyes he like me.
That isn't the only nice picture
that he got.

wo0o0ow look at hem

i love you chris u are the best ...

Im wats hot chris know he wants me!lol!

Yaw tweek'n...sure he super sexy but its like u think liking him makes u cool!Calm it down a little.

&&//.... i can finkk off a million 2 describeee yuuuu x

wun n onlii
Sunbal xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

This should have been the cover!


chris u r so gawjuzz,i have a collection of u, u r so HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT