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Chris Brown

Official Chris Brown photo in suit
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chris you look so cute, and listen to the people that say you look nice in suits because you really look fine.
check it out,
love you,

My boo is looking so sexy!

dam he looks esp. sexy in this picture !! no doubt !!!!!

*****I LUV CHRIS BROWN******

dam hes fine!!!

dam hes fine!!!

you are one in a million, your singing your dancing your smile your style everything about you.
you look amazing once again,
your number 1 fan,Amanda Breezy (L)

LOL u look ready to be ma prom date:P

jU lOOk bOMb iN dAHt piC cHRiS..jU lOOk bOMb aLL dAh tYMe!!

Damn! Why am I too old for you? This picture is so's hurts. I can't stop listening to your New CD! YOU HIT THE LOTTERY!!!

Your workin that suit and you look SO fine in that hat-I could go on and on...

~Dizzii blonde~