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"Crawl" Video Shoot - 1

Official Chris Brown photo from Crawl Video Shoot
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that shuld bee mee rightt next to chris.. ♥

Nice outfit Chris...with them glasses on, he kinda looked like an intellectual.

Liked dat vid, kinda cool...Cassie put a bit more sugar in it,lookin' too sexy though in that outfit...they would make a bad couple too.Besides, to all you ladies, don't be biting off Cassie's head coz it ain't real after all,though it looked real enough!

love you chris brown (husband)

my husband better stay off of that chick before she get her ass kick

they look so good as a couple they are so cuit omg

They would make a C U T E ass couplee ! better than her [&&] that oldd hag diddy ! lol ! Chris . . . make it happen :]

Of course, Chris looks very handsome and Cassie also looks amazing (no homo) but I'm upset she's standing with him instead of me :(

dis a real cute pic i really love the starz on u..but u n cassie cud be a really really cute couple