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"Crawl" Video Shoot - 3

Official photo of Chris Brown at the Crawl Video Shoot
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iLUVV THiS ! <3

Chris, loved Chris, you are simply my life.See you singing and dancing is what makes me happy.I am Brazilian, excuse my mistakes in English.You cannot imagine how great my love for you.
Can't Let You Go ♫
Come from to Brazil. It is the call of his number one fan crazed, desperate for you. Come from? We need you here. Kisses, kisses and more kisses. Love you forever.

SO Nice I Love itt !

LOVE this one ;)

dis is my idol yo since he came out in 2005 his first song LETS GO CHRIS BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey Sweetie, Why so sad?

iLove Him!!!! He is ssoooooo Sexy!!!!!..Love this pic

Sooo Sexyy ... Loveee Myy Babyyyy

Chris me encantas,esperando que vengas a chileeeeeee ! porfa