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"Crawl" Video Shoot - 3

Official photo of Chris Brown at the Crawl Video Shoot
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We are Best Friends!!! Remember that!!!

:O... OMFG chris is tha finest person to eva live....

I like this picture!:)

pretty boy love

so let's crawl til we can walk agian so we'll run until we'r strongh enough to jump then we'll flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy until there is no wins so lets crawl crawl crawl back to love yeah back to love yeah........................everybody see it's u i never thought i lose that view so we'll crawl (repeat)

Love the glasses!

If I say the only thing I can say is your songs is crazy hot,but another thing is you too.

u have grown up chris :] into a man <3

He is the biggest and the best singer, he more than most ... I love you Chris you are my biggest idol .... The dream to find you and hold you just simply is not impossible to trace the fate our steps ...

u look so sexy in this pic. ur haircut is banging. u look good in glasses. u look good in casual clothes i luv u in ur white t-shirt.