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Official Chris brown photo
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This photo is hot and the bad boy image is cool

I Must Say Chris is a perfect 10...
Very Handsome and Knows just How to
do it up!

Breezyxx <3


I wish I could be by your beside Chris, hold you, give you advice, be your friend.
Be by your side in good times and bad.
But I cain't.
I just can, support you distance.
It will. FOREVER.
You can not imagine how his smile makes me happy.
I'II still meet you Chris, hold you!
And this will be a dream come true!
It hurts see you just, for a photograph.
I always pray for you.
For you to be always the good guy, you are.
Determined and blessed.
Worker, a pride.
I ask him to takecare of your heart.
Trust God, he loves you Breezy!
And me too!


Chris Brown Lookkszx So Kutee. Im Lykiinqq Dhee OutFitt 2 Sexii...

ı like ıt swetty ı love chris brown c<3b

when I listen to nobull s*** it make me so damn horney and i see the music it make me even horner i just love this song it fill with love sex passion i just love it so damn much i wanted have sex with someone chris brown is the hottiest guy and sexy guy ever i want to have sex with chris brown and how it feel that will feel so good start kissing and start having sex with chris brown 4 real.

chris brown is so damn sexy guy in the world i mean everything about him is so sexy when is singing on stage when is singing 'take u down','sex',nobull s***,on the radio every single day his songs is so sexy fill of love and passion it turn me on every time i listen to his music it fill of love,sex, and passion it mw so damn horney include his body it really do turn me on like i want to jump on him and start kissing him and start having sex oh that will be so damn good 4 real man i will love it forever.