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I want those glasses

I want those glasses

omgg he iz sooo hott mo then hot smexii

boii yuuh iz fine in dat suit

My heart melts *sigh*
you will always be my second choice

Chris has to be the sexiest man alive...

DAMN!!!! he soooooooooooooooooo seeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!<3

so awesome

Yummmmm, #1 Fan right here!! Love you!!
I have every single, every album, I spent over £1000 on a signed t-shirt, ya'll know I love Breeezzyyyyy, yeahhhhh x
Chris Breezy, i'm gunna make you MY BABY DADDY!!

I love him sooooo much!! Could he get any fitter? NOOO!<3<3<3<3