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With Chipmunk on the "Champion" Video Shoot

Chris Brown
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yo your lyrics went hard in da paint

love chipmunk.......chris's dancing is absolutley ACE!!!!!
love them so muchhhhhhhh

2 killers

Twoo fine men!(: <3<3

The True Dons! :) <3 x

watt a greattt collaboration !!!!!!!! I LOVEE THISS SONNG..!

I love that song!!

This gon be the realest s*** I ever wrote
off the record, no camera’s, forget a quote
some of my family doing good, most doing dope
I from Virginia where they hang the n-ggas by rope
I used to see my momma getting beat down!
Is that the real definition of me now?
I fell off, back on my feet now
headed to the sky, can’t even see down
award shows, I poured my heart out
and people still steady trynna point my flaws out
and I’d be lying if I said it ain’t get to me
but I’m a champion, legend, history

thats one of the best lyrics! people pull everyones flaws out your just an amazing person who has many talents and paperazzi and s*** should piss off people make mistakes were human THEY SHOULD GET OVER IT.

yummy :) x

Chipmunk Kute Budd Chris Brown Bhadder,,....