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On the "Champion" Video Shoot

Chris Brown
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hey chris
i know you probably tired of hearing this but..........
OMG!!!! YOU LOOK SOOO HANDSOME!!lol I'ma find me a boyfriend just... like you!lol

!♥♥ I LOVE

he look so sexy

so hot im lvn it all the way thru luv u chrs brown

Chrriiss browwnnn

arrr i lovee himm soo muchh

wishh too meet himmm inn perssonnn(squueaakk)

Chrisss brooowwwwnn mayy nottt beee daa meaning ov perfectioonnn

buhh he iss forr meee :D

i lovee himmm loadsss <33

i like this look. Its different and its not the usual look you see every day.

dear Chris brown,

im your biggest fan and i have dreams of u ur so cute do u have any concerts coming up