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Chris Brown

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As Chris said in Copenhagen:" I Look a little goffy, don't you think?"-
I think he looks hot.


ahhhh youuuuuur gawjus.. i went 2 u concert at the 02 on the 3rd of jan.. it was the best night i my life... n i would pay to seee it again ant day and the dance to take you down is buff :) xxxxx

Awwww, he's got the cutest smile ever! x

Alana :) x

I would love to see more pictures of sexy Chris Brown on this page. THANK YOU!

Millior dollar smilee likee. I lovee it soo much. Soo cheecky and georgous. :D
I saw Chris last night, at manchester.. He was amazing. had really good seats, the spinning thing in take you down was right in front of me, sexy dancind. :)

Lovee you
Lauraa. xxx

Heeey Chris, I went to your concert on the 10th january but i was right at the back in block 210, i loved all of your grinding on the wheel going down on it. You can take me down anyday Chris Breezy Baby. I love you so much. I know all of your songs, every word to them. I especially love take you down. I have all of your CD's. I just love you so much. P.s, Loving the pic, cheeky haha, i have about 40 posters of you all in my bedroom. Thats how much i love you. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Chelsey <3

im loving that smile

i actually dont know why i started writin... dnt know wat 2 say... im just in love with dat smyl of urz... i vote it da nr#1 best smile nd da color effect just adds more beauty 2 it ol... u jus gotta love diz pic.....