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what do u think....

Posted by Ayanda


u kno u dnt lok lkye kno damn chris brown u jus put yo pic so ppl can c yo ugly ass dnt nobody want to c u
*(<DiD U C W3N hE At3 dAt StRaWbErRy???>)*{[!!oN 106&PaRk!!]}

boi r u kiddin m3 u look nuttin lik3 cb wow wow im sp33chl3ss lol lmao lmfao lmsao ok please take this pic off...

blizzi3 3ffin b@by
ily michal
imy cali

you can not be serious if you think you can compare yoself to chris brown

WTFwere u thinkin wen u put dis BUSS HURT pic of urself on dis website. u luv disgrase urself
U NEED JESUS MAN go contact Michael Jackson for sum help if u cant make ur way to da bible or da church

Who ever did datis so f***ing wrong cause he do NOT look like ma baby!

pink is sexy

no wat were u thinkin first of all ur like 80 ok not 80 ut like 40 ummm yea thats all i have to say about that one and again no chris brown resemblence

Hell to the motha f***en no.
Why you even embaress him like that.
He gotta big ass head though!
♥Your that chris brown obsessed chick huh?
*What? W- wait, W-who told you that LIE!
♥Uh- im sorry wrong person
*Oh ..Ok.[Covers All the chris brown stickers on her clothes]