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omg looked so much like him. :)

Posted by HollyClark


oh my gosh, cant believe i didnt see him at the concert, oh well at least i got to see gorgueous chris brownnnn, still cant believe when he went up in the air infront of me, singin take u down, offfftt he is a fittie and cant believe we missed the meet and greet in manchester, and i wish we could meet the real chris brown too lav u x

talk about groupie luv in dat pic

Apart of the search with chris brown site? For those who arent aware of site, u do a serch and u win "swag bucks". u bank ur bucks up 2 win chris brown merchandise

ino same leonieee :( its not fairrr.
we need to soon or my head is going to explodee! jokess :P hhaa
and noo this is my pic, i dont know the boy in the pic. he was just a FIT randomer who looked like himm!! (:
Holly x3

ur very cute !!! how old r u ? u do not look like chris brown u look like ur self if u kown what i mean lol

omg, this boy looked so much like chris brownnnnnn, offfttt he was a fittie, seen him at his concert in manchesterr, wish i could meet the real chris brown though :(
'Leonie Dunkley x