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Chris - Sexii


He is soo sexii!!! LOL

Posted by Chelseababy2012


Chris u r the sexiest person that eva walked on2 this earth!!! U HAV THE BESTEST music eva made!! i hav every song of urs n luv em all!! i went 2 ya brisbane concert n HONESTLY IT WAS THE BEST CONCERT IN MI LIFE!!! the adrenlin rush 4 just seein u in front of me was amazin!! it was SOOOOO fun!! i was dancin all nite n i knew every single song that u sung! SO MUCH FUN!! n also i lost mi voice!! (but was wortth it) ILUVYOO SOOOOOOOO much i hav liked u eva since u released ur 1st song n the feelins r only gettin stronger!! ur ma fav guy,singer,dancer, just the best PERSON EVA!!! IWANNA MEET U!!! at ur nxt concert at brisbane chris ill b ther n get the meet n greet tickests so look out 4 me babe
kelli xooxoxxxxo

P.s Keep on smilin baby!!! cuz that smile is Beautiful!!! Find sum1 who really cares bout ya chris (me) lol n makes ya smile cuz dats wat ya deserve!!!

Chris Breezy's luva 4 life!!! I love CB